Days of our Lives Spoilers August 8 – 12: Chad Confronts Leo About Being the Tooth Fairy, and Jada Worries She’ll Offend Rafe and Nicole

Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, August 8 to Friday, August 12.

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Monday, August 8

Rolf reassures Kristen about their secret project. He knows it’ll be a success.

Brady distracts Chloe with a little romance.

Ava’s welcomed into her new home by EJ, who has ulterior motives.

Rafe and Shawn discuss how their case load is massive.

Shawn becomes partners with Jada at SPD.

shawn partners jada days of our lives

Jada learns that Shawn didn’t get to say goodbye to his baby and asks him to take a few days off.

Belle talks to Brady about Shawn’s situation, having to give the baby to Evan.

Li urges Gabi to blackmail Ava.

Gabi’s seduced by Li.

Kristen’s worried when Rolf says that he did the surgery on Stefan but there’s a but.

EJ shows Ava to her room. It’s the room Abigail was murdered in.

kristen sees brother after surgery days of our lives

Tuesday, August 9

There’s a surprising connection between Li and Rolf.

Kristen receives an offer from Brady. Will she take his deal?

Nicole worries about Eric going on a date with Jada.

Belle meets Jada and Shawn calls Belle his wife, which she enjoys.

Rolf thanks Li Shin for the medical facility and staff to care for Stefan.

Li accuses Rolf of holding out  on him about putting Jake’s heart in Stefan’s body.

li thinks rolf holding out on him days of our lives

Belle and Shawn start to make progress with their relationship.

Nicole compliments Eric on his new shirt and presses for information on his date.

Belle and Shawn have a date.

Jada is divorced.

Brady and Kristen seem to be headed for a custody fight.

Li wants to delay Stefan’s recovery so he can have more time to strategize but Rolf disagrees.

Nicole spies on Eric’s date and sees Eric take Jada upstairs, not realizing that it’s to show her the room she’ll be living in.

eric surprised by nicole days of ouru lives

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Wednesday, August 10

Johnny and Ava wind up in a compromising position.

Alex flirts with Chanel.

Sarah goes undercover with Xander to investigate Gwen.

Sonny makes an offer to Chad, but his plan hits a snag.

chanel tripp talk allie days of our lives

Thursday, August 11

Going undercover, Xander and Sarah try to figure out how to get Ava to flip on Gwen.

Chad has a realization about Abigail’s murder thanks to Thomas.

Leo goes to Brady and Chloe, looking for a job.

EJ overhears a conversation between Ava and Gwen that catches his interest.

Clyde and Nancy discuss Chloe’s dislike of him.

clyde grateful to nancy days of our lives

Nancy refuses to stop trying to change Chloe’s mind about Clyde.

Clyde calls Nancy a good friend to him.

Jennifer has a hard time getting Thomas to do anything.

Thomas runs away when Chad turns up at home.

Jennifer listens as Chad reveals his kid hates him.

chad says kid hates him days of our lives

Friday, August 12

Chad demands answers from Leo. Why was the man in his house? Leo denies it.

Brady urges Clyde to talk to Rafe about the stole jewelry but he can’t, and confesses to Nancy.

Clyde, Nancy, Brady, and Chloe put the clues together.

Alex eavesdrops on Sonny on a call.

Sonny and Alex clear the air between them.

Rafe and Nicole enjoy some romance at work and they take it to the square.

Nicole admits to Rafe that Eric’s dating Jada.

Rafe wonders why Nicole is so interested in Eric and Jada’s date.

leo confronted days of our lives

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