Days of our Lives Spoilers August 22 – 26: Nicole and Jada Get Into it When Nicole Stakes a Claim on Eric, and Kate Wants Roman’s Forgiveness

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Monday, August 22

Days recap!

Kristen is caught by Chad on a call with Li.

Kristen asks how Chad hurt his hand.

Gabi suspicions of Li grow after she catches him with Dr. Rolf.

Gabi lashes out at Rolf for not bringing Stefan back.

Jack is devastated, thinking Gwen may have really killed Abby.

jack wonders if gwen did kill abby days of our lives

Rolf almost gives himself away as he tells Gabi she should get down on her knees and thank him for his brilliance.

Rafe begs Gwen to finally come clean about what happened the night Abby was murdered.

gwen confess days of our lives

Gwen gives Rafe her account of what happened the night Abigail died.

Sloan asks Leo to tell her what he did the night Abby died.

Leo confesses to Sloan, his lawyer.

sloan talks leo about abby death days of our lives

Stefan wakes up.

Gwen tells Rafe she left the DiMera mansion when Abby was alive, then she throws Leo under the bus.

Tuesday, August 23

Days recap!

EJ accuses Ava of trying to seduce Johnny.

ej gets slapped days of our lives

Ava tells EJ she was upset and Johnny was holding her.

EJ accuses Ava of being old enough to be Johnny’s mother and she slaps him across the face.

Stefan wants answers from Rolf.

Li and Gabi discuss Rolf’s project. She wants information and he blows her off. 

Li tells Gabi she need not worry about Rolf.

li wants clone gabi days of our lives

Kayla attempts to mediate an argument between Steve and Stephanie.

Steve tells his daughter that Orpheus sent her mother the flowers and it means he’s after her. Stephanie disagrees. She thinks her dad’s being paranoid.

stephanie trap nbc days of our lives

Steve reminds Stephanie that Orpheus almost set Kayla and Marlena on fire in coffins.

Paulina turns to John and Marlena for help. She thinks Abe has a problem.

Paulina wants Marlena and John to convince Abe to run for Governor.

John and Marlena think Paulina’s the problem, not Abe.

marlena talks paulina governor abe days of our lives


Stefan demands Rolf give him his car keys so he can find his wife.

When Stefan takes off with Rolf’s keys, Rolf texts Li “SOS.”

stefan wants answers rolf days of our lives

Stephanie shows up to her meeting but nobody is there.

Stefan and Gabi flashback to being together. Stefan flashes to saying goodbye to Gabi before he ‘died’.

Stefan winds up at the DiMera mansion and rings the doorbell.

John and Marlena welcome Stephanie home.

paulina wants abe something life days of our lives nbc

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Wednesday, August 24

Days recap!

Ava and Gabi argue about what Gabi’s new job should be at DiMera.

Gabi notes that EJ’s getting under Ava’s skin.

Rolf’s news horrifies Li.

Stefan goes looking for Gabi.

ava sees stefan days of our lives

Ava opens the door to Stefan at the mansion.

Ava thinks Stefan’s Jake. He’s confused and she faints in his arms after touching his face.

ava faints stefan arms days of our lives


EJ congratulates Abe on his new marriage.

EJ and Abe drink to Lexie.

abe talks lexie with ej days of our lives

Kayla and Marlena are visited by Orpheus, wielding a gun.

Orpheus finds the bug that the delivery guy left behind when he delivered the flowers to Kayla.

Kayla and Marlena attack Orpheus and try to escape him but his goons are at the door, waiting.

Orpheus kidnaps Marlena and Kayla.

orpheus gun marlena kayla kidnapping days of our lives

Li Shin grabs Stefan before he can reunite with Gabi.

Gabi finds Ava on the floor, unconscious while Li’s at the door.

stefan jabbed by li shin days of our lives

Steve and John crash Stephanie’s meeting.

Paulina and Stephanie are angered by John and Steve’s actions.

paulina yells john days of our lives

Thursday, August 25

Days Recap!

Nicole dreams about having hot sex with Eric.

nicole sex dream eric days of our lives nbc soapsspoilers

Eric dreams of hot sex with Nicole.

Rafe makes Nicole breakfast in bed before he goes to work and she looks guilty.

eric big kiss dream nicole days of our lives nbc soapsspoilers

Jada stops by Eric’s place. Her A/C is out. So is his.

Things get hot between Eric and Jada. They have sex.

jada eric kiss sex days of our lives nbc soapsspoilers

Gwen visits Leo, courtesy of Melinda Trask.

Leo and Gwen accuse each other of murder again.

Melinda makes a shocking announcement to Gwen and Leo.

Chad and Stephanie get reacquainted.

chad stephanie reacquainted days of our lives nbc soapsspoilers

Chad shows Stephanie his wound and then she asks him to breakfast.

Sonny walks in on Sloan and Alex making out half naked on the Kiriakis sofa.

alex sofa sex sloan days of our lives nbc soapsspoilers

Sonny yells at Sloan to get out, knowing that she’s Leo’s lawyer.

Sonny accuses Alex of being a player.

Nicole tells Chloe that she can’t stop thinking of Eric.

Alex literally bumps into Stephanie and is immediately smitten!

jada eric hot sex days of our lives nbc soapsspoilers

It’s Sloan vs Melinda. Sloan wants Melinda to let Leo go but Trask refuses.

trask vs sloan days of our lives nbc soapsspoilers


Friday, August 26

Days Recap!

Allie and Chanel have a differing opinion of Alex. Chanel wants a threesome and Allie doesn’t.

allie phone days of our lives

Paulina and Abe let Allie and Chanel know that he’s running for Governor. 

Paulina apologizes to Allie.

Alex plows into Stephanie and they get acquainted.

Alex is smitten by Stephanie.

It’s Roman’s birthday today.

roman birthday days of our lives

Roman notices Eric’s hot and sweaty and Eric tries to skirt the question as to why.

Kate asks Roman for another shot.

Kate tells Roman she’s been charged as an accessory after the fact.

Nicole is horrified to find Jada in Eric’s bedroom with no clothes on.

nicole jealous jada days

Jada admits she and Eric had sex. 

Nicole has a bad reaction to Jada’s news and the women get into it over Eric.

jada in towel days


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