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Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, September 27 to Friday, October 1.

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Monday, September 27

Ciara tries to assuage Ben’s fears about having a baby.
Allie informs Tripp of her family’s shocking past.
Johnny turns to Tony for help with his movie.
Doug struggles to communicate with Eli.

Tuesday, September 28

Philip surprises Chloe with another romantic gesture.
Brady grows suspicious of Jake’s motives.
Gwen suggests Justin and Xander can help each other out.
EJ realizes Nicole has feelings for Rafe.

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Wednesday, September 29

Brady tries to discourage Nicole from going out with EJ.
Xander and Gwen scheme to get Xander out of his predicament.
Abigail tells Jack she doesn’t think Gwen’s story adds up.
Ava and Philip conspire to bring down Gabi and Jake.

Thursday, September 30

Marlena has a disturbing dream.
John gives Johnny disappointing news.
EJ and Lucas have a tense encounter.
Allie talks to Chanel about Tripp.

Friday, October 1

Ben shares his concerns with Tripp.
Ciara confides in Allie.
John receives a dire warning.
Chad is surprised when Abigail seriously contemplates Johnny’s offer.
Johnny attempts to “woo” Chanel.

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