Days of our Lives Spoilers January 3-7 Include 2022 Previews: Sami Wants Lucas to Leave Salem With Her, Ava Tortures Rafe & Nicole

Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, January 3 to Friday, January 7.

Coming up! Maggie enlists Abigail’s help to find Sarah, while Xander questions Rex about his last interaction with Sarah. Meanwhile, Jack and Jennifer leave Salem together, and Rafe confronts Ava.

Monday, January 3

Allie, Tripp, Chanel and Johnny celebrate New Year’s Eve together.
Steve and Kayla join John and Marlena for New Year’s Eve festivities.
Sami suggests to Lucas that they leave town to rebuild their relationship.

lucas sami reunite days of our lives

Tuesday, January 4

Xander and Jack patch up their friendship.
Nicole makes an upsetting discovery. Duke the bear was cut into pieces.
Rafe rushes to Nicole’s side about the teddy bear.
Rafe confronts Ava about the bear. She denies cutting it up.

xander tells jack about sarah leaving him days of our lives soaps spoilers

Wednesday, January 5

Nicole is frosty with EJ when he tries to make amends.
Kate presses Chad for the truth.
Chad reveals he and Lucas set EJ up and that Lucas kidnapped Sami.

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Thursday, January 6

Johnny shares his good news with Marlena and John. He’s married.
Johnny and Marlena and John discuss his movie. He calls it dead and buried.
Jennifer and Gwen discuss what Laura did to Gwen all those years ago.
Jenn and Jack leave Salem.
Xander and Abigail work together to trace  Sarah’s whereabouts.

chanel date johnny days of our lives

Friday, January 7

Anna and Tony return from Europe in time to join the festivities at the DiMera mansion.
Johnny makes a stunning announcement.
Susan arrives at Marlena’s with a new premonition.

susan wants out of prison days of our lives

Days’ 2022 previews!

Johnny and Chanel return from Italy married and shortly after, everything comes crashing down and it sends the couple in two different directions. Chanel turns to Allie for comfort. Afterward, Johnny takes an interest in Gabi and Jake and Gabi take note and realize they can use this to their advantage. Johnny now has shares to DiMera, which could fit into their takeover plans.

Abigail offers to help Maggie track Sarah down. Gwen doesn’t react well and assumes Abby’s just trying to come between her and Xander to get back at her for what she did to her sister. This causes a clash between them. Meanwhile, Xander realizes Gwen may be his soulmate. He proposes marriage.

After the exorcism, everyone is happy that Marlena’s back to normal. She’s filled with remorse for all that the devil made her do, though some memories are hazy. She apologizes to everyone.

Brady hire Steve to find Kristen, thinking she possibly had something to do with what Philip did to him. Kayla helps and they go on an old school adventure. Meanwhile, Brady and Chloe agree to be friends, though their closeness is still there. Chloe will need someone to turn to when her mother Nancy Wesley (Patrika Darbo) shows up unexpectedly and has shocking news about her relationship to Chloe’s dad, Craig.

sally spectra patrika darbo young and restless
Jill Johnson/JPI

EJ continues to maintain his innocence in Sami’s kidnapping, and Belle decides to represent him. The dramatics in court could throw the case.

Chad has crucial information but it’s unknown if he’ll come forward. Kate learns that he has this big secret and has the ability to possibly turn Chad toward the dark side.

Paulina has a brush with death that causes Lani to soften toward her. A man from Paulina’s past shows up and throws as monkey wrench into that and their world.

Ava keeps her knowledge of Rafe cheating on her with Nicole to herself and uses it to torture the pair. By the time Rafe figures it out, it may be too late for him.

paulina feels bad theo days of our lives

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