Xander Crashes Nicole & Eric’s Anniversary Party and Reveals Nicole Cheated On Eric

In the Friday, July 16, 2021, full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Sami pays Xander off, the anniversary party is in full swing when it’s crashed. In case you missed out, on Thursday’s Days of our Lives episode, Eric and Nicole had sex.

John asks Marlena to go to the party. She doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He shares that Eric’s home and is having a party for the family. She squees with excitement and wonders if it means he’s back for good.

At Basic Black, Brady asks Chloe to his brother’s party. She reminds him she’s with Philip. He knows but thinks she should support Nicole. She agrees. He tells her, “It’s a date,” and then adds that he’s joking. “Let’s go, buddy.”

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At the pub, Philip tells Lucas to let someone else who can’t stand Sami to deliver Kristen’s letter to Sami. “How about Kristen?” Lucas says, “Oh yeah, what could go wrong there?” He needs somebody who doesn’t mind sticking it to that jerk. Roman walks up. “What jerk?” They lie that they were talking about Jake. Roman’s sorry she got hurt. Philip says they want to pay him back. Roman says he’ll have to take the revenge elsewhere. He’s closing for a family party since Eric’s back. Lucas and Philip turn to head upstairs but when Chloe waltzes in with Brady, Philip lets them know that Roman’s closing for a party. Brady knows. Chloe’s his date. Chloe corrects him. It’s not a date. She’s there for Nicole. She invites him to stay but Brady says he isn’t close with Eric and Nicole. Philip says he’s family. Nicole used to be his stepmother. He’d be delighted to stay.

chloe invites philip party days of our lives

In bed at home, Nicole asks if Eric is home for good. He’s not. He agreed to a three-month extension. He’s sorry. It’s to finish the extension and will be gone a few weeks. Afterward, he’ll be home for good. She kisses him and smiles, happily. She asks about “those people in Africa.” He tells her, “I’ll always care about those people in Africa.” He wants to be a good husband and father. He sings her praises. She is kind and generous and “in my opinion, you’re perfect.” They swoon at each other and make out passionately. Later they dress and canoodle. He calls her beautiful inside and out. He recalls their wedding day when he married the woman of his dreams. They kiss and rub noses and leave.

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eric and nicole snuggle days of our lives

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Belle visits EJ at DiMera Enterprises. She’s happy he’s back and tells him he looks terrific. He feels great, he admits and calls Samanther an angel. He’s glad she agreed to work for DE. She just went over Chad’s contract. EJ admits that Chad doesn’t completely trust him. Belle can identify. She and Sami have a similar relationship. She finds Sami’s recklessness maddening. He blames himself and tells Belle about how she took care of him and took her frustrations out on her family. They’re closer than ever, though, he admits. Belle asks if he’s going to the party. He hasn’t heard about any party. She fills him in.

belle ej work days of our lives

Sami barges into SPD. “I leave you alone for ten minutes?” He tells her he assaulted a police officer. She can’t wait until he blows Nicole’s marriage up. She relays the news that Eric is home and having a party. Xander needs to get out of jail now. She leaves and returns and says she hired a lawyer who was just wandering around. He’s out on bail. She took the money out of his million but she’ll replace it. She details how he’ll ruin their marriage, but suddenly, Xander’s not sure he wants to do this. He’ll get fired. Sami says at least he’ll have money to tide him over. Sami says she’s going to do this with or without him. He might as well do it. EJ calls and asks what the hell is going on. She asks if he’s angry with her. He says it depends. He just heard about Eric’s party from Belle. Sami’s sorry. She forgot. She was trying to figure out what to wear. He’ll come to pick her up. She refuses and so he tells her he’ll head over with Belle. Sami disconnects and Xander asks for all the money now, “Or the deal is off.” Sami balks at that but he convinces her it’s the only way. She hands it over.

xander arrested jail days of our lives

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John and Marlena arrive at the pub. They greet Roman and talk up how happy they are that Eric is home. EJ and Belle arrive. They go to Brady, Chloe, and Philip. EJ says, “Philip. Long time no see.” Philip mumbles, “Not long enough.” When the men start talking shop, Belle asks EJ to get drinks. Lucas returns. EJ wanted to talk to him. He asks why Lucas is there for one. Lucas just wanted to talk to his brother. EJ wants to clear the air. “A hurricane couldn’t clear the air.” EJ tells him not to stop by the house anymore. Lucas reminds him he and Sami have kids and grandkids together. EJ counters that she has a full life that no longer involves him. Lucas rolls his eyes. EJ asks what Lucas was going to give him earlier. Before he can respond, Sami strolls in.

sami kisses ej days of our lives

Lucas takes off and Eric and Nicole arrive. He missed them all so much. There are hugs all around. Nicole thanks Roman for putting this together. Marlena says, “Happy anniversary.” John knows his wife wants to know if Eric is returning for good. Nicole explains he’s wrapping things up and then he’ll be home for good. Everyone’s thrilled.

eric hug family days of our lives

Brady’s sorry he missed Eric’s wedding. He’s married to one of Brady’s favorite people in the world’ “Mine too,” Chloe says. Brady is happy Nicole didn’t have to spend the night alone. Eric goes to Sami for a hug. Nicole and EJ greet each other. EJ says they’ve come a long way since Nashville. Nic’s glad to see he’s happy now. Sami pokes Nicole, asking if she’s happy to see her husband and Chloe takes Nicole away. EJ tells Eric that his sister’s love and devotion got him through everything. Brady finds Philip and asks him to leave Chloe alone. He asks him to let her spend time with Nicole. They start talking about how much time each is spending with her. Roman says a touching speech about hoping this becomes a tradition, Marlena talks about Eric’s time overseas and how proud of him she is.  Sami checks EJ’s watch and he asks if she’s bored. She denies it. He asks if she’s expecting someone. She says no as if that is preposterous.

roman and john and malrena days of our lives

EJ encourages Sami to join the party. She’d rather be near the door in case she has to puke at listening to Nicole’s toast. Nicole tells everyone that being away from Eric was a challenge and she thanks them all for their support and friendship. She’s proud of Eric. She remembers saying that no matter what life threw at them that they’d get through it together. They say I love yous and kiss. The women swoon except Sami. Later, Eric is happy to be home surrounded by family and dear friends. He takes responsibility for being gone for so long. They kiss again and toast to the couple. In walks Xander who wonders how Eric would feel if he knew that his wife cheated on him while he was gone. Everyone looks shocked except for Sami, who smirks behind her champagne glass.

eric nicole shocked xander confessed days of our lives

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