Vivian Fakes a Heart Attack, — & Claire Gets Charlie to Confess

Monday, February 22, 2020

On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Roman, Kayla and Steve are back from their trips, Claire plays with danger, and Susan’s ready to swap places.

Steve and Kayla canoodle at the pub. They’re getting takeout so they can rush home and make love. Roman greets them. He’s back from visiting Carrie and Austin. They share that their honeymoon went well. Kayla isn’t letting Steve go again. They discuss Laura’s death and how Jennifer’s hanging in there and that Tripp’s been cleared of rape. Roman’s thrilled. He feels very sorry for how poorly he treated Tripp. Kayla’s happy his father believed in him. They talk about Allie’s rape and Roman hopes Charlie’s about to be locked up. Steve says that’s not going to happen. He details that there’s no proof and now, no recourse. Roman’s angry, knowing it’s the type of thing that makes people want to take things into their own hands. “Vigilante justice?” Kayla says. Steve knows how hard it is to take that Charlie’s gotten away with rape.

Allie tries cleaning up Nichole’s apartment once she’s put Henry down for a nap. Tripp pounds on the door and she cringes. She’s so sorry for accusing him of rape. Tripp has forgiven her.  Allie hopes she can raise Henry to be a good person.

Charlie answers Claire’s call. She wants to meet with him. He’s surprised but agrees to it. Once she dumps the call, she tells herself it’s confession time. Charlie arrives and Claire starts a recording on her cell. She says she can’t stop thinking about him and she knows he raped Allie. She thinks she can get past it. She tells him about the fires she set, that she almost took three lives. “And you knew that and you never judged me. So how can I judge you?” She cries and says she wants to give their relationship another try. Charlie’s psyched. They profess their love and Claire says she wants to take things slowly to rebuild trust. “No more secrets or lies.” He’s in. She needs him to be honest, first. Charlie thought Allie liked him and she hurt his feelings when she took off with Tripp. He found her asleep in bed and he was going to leave but she tried to call the cops and he grabbed her arms. She kept fighting him. Charlie cries. “And then it just happened.” She was hitting him and he couldn’t shut her up and then he couldn’t stop himself. He admits he raped her.

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Susan walks in on Chloe helping Brady into a chair. Chloe explains she brought the office to him since he can’t go in. She asks if Susan did anything different with her hair. Susan claims she got it styled. A call comes in and she takes off for chowder at the pub, answering it outside. She accepts Kristen’s call from prison and says she did it. “I’m about to find out if blondes do really have more fun!” She whips off a wig to show her hair is Kristen’s colour. Susan says Chloe’s all over Brady, caring for him. This angers Kristen who says they need to trade places, soon. “About those teeth.” Kristen has paid a lot to get her “those pearly whites and blue contacts.” She pulled a lot of strings to get them. Susan says to hold her horses. “The cavalry is coming!” Inside, Chloe asks if Susan seemed strange to Brady. “Always. She’s always strange.” Chloe laughs. She’s always hovering and peeking around corners and finally, she couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Brady thinks that’s fine with him.

brady and chloe townhouse days of our lives
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Back in prison, Vivian sneaks up on Kristen. “You’re trading places again, aren’t you?” She asks. Kristen admits it. She has no other choice. Vivian threatens to go to the warden unless she helps break up Kate and Jake. Kristen reluctantly agrees to do her best. Kristen needs Vivi’s help with trading places. Later, Susan arrives, touching her dentures. Kristen tells her not to speak too much. People will notice her accent. Susan wonders what happens if she gets food under the dentures. Kristen’s disgusted. “Who cares? Save it for a midnight snack.” Susan slides Marlena’s house key to Kristen and worries that the plan is too risky. Vivian pops up and Susan freaks out. “You haven’t aged a bit.” Susan knows what that means. “You’re a vampire!” She holds her fingers in the shape of a cross and Vivian snarks that she can’t be in her with this “nut job.” It’s time, so Vivian fakes a heart attack, and Kristen calls for help. Later, the women have traded places and it’s obvious that Susan has replaced Kristen. Vivian returns. They told her she had indigestion from the baloney sandwich she had. Susan asks Vivian to protect each other, they could be bunkmates. Vivi asks if she’s sure. “Maybe I could suck your blood!” Susan freaks out and calls her a vampire again.

susan and vivian prison days of our lives
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Back at the townhouse, Chloe and Brady go over some work.  She’s surprised they’ll have to compete with Gabi Chic. Talk turns to Philip and Brady thinks he does nothing but play mind games with her. Chloe denies it. Brady asks why he accused her of having feelings for him. Chloe admits Philip only said that to her after he kissed her. Chloe and Brady agree that they’re ancient history and that Philip’s being ridiculous. Brady asks if she has feelings for him. She doesn’t. Chloe tells him to stop dwelling on it. They get back to work with Chloe leaning in very close to Brady. Brady keeps bitching about Philip until it’s time to change his bandage. When Kristen arrives as Susan, she walks in on Chloe on her knees in front of Brady on the floor. “I’m back!” She yells, and then sneers.

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