Steve Forgives Ava, While Victor Reacts to Justin & Bonnie’s Engagement With a Food Fight

In the Thursday, August 26, 2021, full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Steve gives Ava advice, Nicole tells Rafe she can’t see him anymore, and Gabi and Jake go at it on Philip’s desk. If you missed out, Soaps Spoilers has you covered with this Days recap from Wednesday: Roman made Nicole cry, while Ava read Rafe the riot act.

Nicole shows up on Rafe’s doorstep. He invites her in for breakfast and as they eat, she calls his eggs “interesting.” She admits Gabi told her to stop by, that she was on his mind and that he’d want to see her. Rafe is surprised. She wants to be there for Nicole and help her through her divorce but Gabi’s making trouble for trouble, trying to convince Ava that he doesn’t want to be with her. “Because I want to be with you.” He admits he and Ava fought over her. Nic is sorry. She admits Ava may be right. Nic thinks she may be leaning on him too much. Ava’s insecure, especially with men. Rafe thinks she’ll have to get used to it. Nicole disagrees. She can’t see him for a while.

nicole rafe no bear days of our lives

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Gabi sits and taunts Ava at the square. “I just love saying I told ya so.” Ava gets up and tosses her trash out while telling Gabi that the sight of her makes her sick. Gabi says not to worry. Once Rafe starts up with Nicole, he’ll drop Ava in the “gutter where you belong.” Gabi saunters off and Ava warns she’d better be careful of who she turns her back on. She talks to herself as she tries to text Rafe. Steve pops by, hearing her say, “I was stupid enough to expect a man to understand a woman.” He asks who she’s texting. She tells him it was Rafe. He thinks she should think twice before sending that. She deletes it, knowing he’s right. Steve asks how things are going and she reveals they had a big fight. She encourages him to gloat. Steve thinks he was out of line to tell Rafe that dating her would be the biggest mistake of his life. “I owe you an apology.” Steve warned Justin against Bonnie, but he was wrong about her. Bonnie has changed. He didn’t see that until now because he couldn’t see past the grudge for her. It’s time he did that for Ava. Ava’s grateful that he’d have an open mind about her. He respects that she wants to be a better person for their son. Ava wants their son to be happy for her. Ava decides to get Rafe’s favorite muffin and go apologize. Steve asks her to remember Nicole is her friend. Ava knows. She’s her best friend. And she trusts Rafe.

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At Titan, Philip doesn’t listen to his mother’s advice and hires Jake. Jake flashes to talking with Gabi about taking over the company. “I promise, you won’t regret it,” he says to his new boss. Gabi appears and congratulates her man. Philip leaves and she locks the door. She’s ready to find something to ensure they can take over the company. They rifle through PhillyK’s things. Jake’s surprised he collects baseball cards. Gabi snipes that it’s not helping. She can’t find a thing. He tells her that not everything is as easy as pressing Ava’s buttons. Gabi shrugs. She needs that woman out of her brother’s life. Jake thinks she should be respectful of Ava’s past. He’s heard stories. She’s ruthless, brutal. “Steer clear of her.” That only causes to piss Gabs off more. If this is the case, she’d better stay away from Gabi’s brother. Later, when they can’t find dirt on Philip, they start making out on his desk.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Bonnie and Justin sit on the sofa, covered in food. The entire room is in shambles, with furniture overturned and food everywhere. “That went well,” she says to Justin, uneasily. Victor had a food fight with Bonnie when he found out about her becoming engaged to Justin. Justin still wants to marry her. She laughs and admits she has to pinch herself to believe this is real. “As real as that cream cheese on your neck,” he says, licking it off. They kiss. He wants to make love but they have things to do. Justin missed a call from Sonny. He calls back and learns his best man can’t make the wedding. Later, they put the room back to rights as best they can and talk, about Kayla being her maid-of-honor and he calls Steve. When he’s gone, Bonnie busies herself writing her new married name out on a pad of paper. She looks up and sees Adrienne’s photo. She did her wrong in so many ways and will spend her life to make up for it. She sees something that upsets her. “Oh my God. I can’t believe it. You’re alive!”

victor food fight days of our lives

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At Basic Black, Brady stands, hands on his hips, and reminds Chloe he’s her boss. He mocks Philip’s insecurity. Chloe asks if he’s demanding that she go away with her. He’s not. He reminds her again that she gets to see her family if they go away for business. If she and Philip are solid, why is there a problem with this? Philip appears and questions them. Chloe kisses Philip and Philip says he’s still trying to get their companies to collaborate. He hands Brady a package and then learns they’re heading to New York. Philip doesn’t like it. Why can’t Nicole go? Chloe says she took the week off. He trusts Chloe but not Brady. Chloe says if it makes him uncomfortable, she won’t go. Philip can’t let her do that. Brady returns and Chloe goes to call Parker while Philip warns Brady not to do anything inappropirate with his girlfriend or he’ll kill him.

brady wants chloe new york days of our lives

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At Rafe’s, he tells Nicole she can’t sideline his friendship with her. She’s trying to give them a time-out. She brought her divorce on herself and her other friends will support her — Chloe and Ava. Rafe finally agrees to it. She wants to hold on to Duke the bear for a while longer. They embrace just as Ava walks in.

Justin meets Steve at the pub and asks for a favor. “You better brace yourself.”

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