Sami’s in Custody for Charlie’s Murder

Friday, February 26, 2020

On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Sami is brought in, Tripp and Ava learn Charlie’s dead, and Lani and Eli plan a christening. 

At Marlena’s, Susan chats with Marlena on a call about how cute Rachel is. Susan calls and she says, “What fresh hell is this.” It’s Susan, who tells her the jig is up. There’s no sundae bar and her bunkmate’s breath smells like she’s a vampire. She complains about everything. Kristen tells her she’s safe and doing God’s work. She’s sorry about the sundae bar. Susan barks that Kristen lied to her. There was never a sundae bar. Kristen tells him that Chloe gave John high blood pressure and he’s in the hospital. He’ll be okay as long as she does her part by staying in prison. Ben and Claire appear and “Susan” tries to get rid of them. They refuse to go and ask her to hold Rhodes’ book to see if she can glean any psychic connection to Ciara from it. “Susan” claims she’s not feeling her powers strongly right now. She holds the book and tries to get vibes off it. Ben and Claire are confused. She’s doing it wrong. “Susan” tells them, “Bite me.” They’re shocked and she makes a quick recovery. It’s “Eat me,” from the book. Alice takes a bite of cake. She tells them they’ve rattled her and she needs to give Brady his breakfast. They thank her for trying and leave.

Lani and Eli plan the twins’ christening. Lani doesn’t want to let the kids out of her sight but Eli says it’s impractical. She can’t take the twins to Statesville to visit Kristen and Eli has to work.

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At Rafe’s, Ava recalls threatening Charlie’s life. Tripp appears. Ava was worried. Tripp’s grateful for the police protection but he knows how to take care of himself. “There’s nothing he can do to me now.” Ava reveals there was a gunshot that was heard at Charlie’s.

Allie wakes up at home and Nicole says Henry’s had a bath and is napping. Allie apologizes for sticking her with the morning routine. She didn’t get much sleep last night. She saw Claire last night. Allie tells Nicole about Charlie’s confession and that he since has deleted it. Allie tells Nic she did something last night and now she will forget about him, “Like he never existed.” Allie tells Nic that she apologized to Tripp who came by and accepted. As far as she’s concerned, “Charlie Dale is dead to me.”

Rafe finds Charlie dead with a gunshot wound to his chest in his apartment. Sami appears and he asks what she’s done now. Sami wipes her hands on the towel and says he scared her. She tells him he can put the gun down but he can’t. She’s a suspect in Charlie’s murder. He asks if she shot him. Sami says that SOB deserved to get shot. Again Rafe asks if she did it. She doesn’t say and goes on the offensive. Rafe calls Eli to tell him what’s going on.

Lani visits Kristen in Statesville. Susan tries to act like Kristen but she’s awkward. She says she’s not herself these days. They talk about the twins’ kidnapping and “Kristen” wants to do something to Vivian after she learns she was the one who kidnapped them. Lani says not to do anything. “Kristen” agrees not to since she’s only there for a month. Lani’s taken aback. She’s at least two years away from possible parole. “Kristen” says she’s taking it one month at a time. It’s how she can stand it there. Lani gives her photos of the babies and wants her to be their godmother. She cries over the photos and talks about her baby being in Italy. Lani’s confused.

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Eli arrives at Rafe’s and tells Ava and Tripp that Charlie’s dead. Ava assumes he killed himself but Eli says the police are talking to a person of interest. He learns that Tripp was home all night, as was Ava. Eli goes. Ava admits to Tripp that she’s glad Charlie is dead.

Rafe holds Sami at SPD. She says Lucas called to tell her that there would be no charges filed against Charlie and that he claimed sex with Allie was consensual. Sami’s disgusted. Rafe asks why she was in Charlie’s apartment. If she can’t give him a good reason, he’ll assume she killed him. Rafe reminds her that CSI is at Charlie’s apartment. They will find out what happened. It’s better if she talks to him. She just wants her lawyer. She recalls holding the gun and telling Charlie he got what he deserved.

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Eli arrives at Belle’s to tell Claire that Charlie’s dead from a gunshot wound. Claire thinks about Allie gunning for Charlie last night. Rafe turns up to tell them Charlie’s dead and Sami’s in custody.

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