Half of Salem Wants Charlie Dead — & Threats Are Made

Wednesday, February 24, 2020

On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Tripp has a nasty run-in with his brother, Claire sneaks out of the house, and Ava lets Rafe know she wants to be a better person.

At Rafe’s, he and Nicole discuss Ava moving in. Rafe set out cookies. “Yeah, I was hungry,” Rafe says. Nic asks to take some home for Holly. Rafe says they’ve established he can’t say no to her so she can go ahead. Nicole’s grateful for Rafe listening to her talk and vent about Eric. They hold hands, both telling the other that they’re there for each other. Ava arrives and Rafe tells her to make herself at home. Ava wants them to be honest with each other. She tells him to admit he thinks she’s a horrible person. He laughs uncomfortably. She tells him she wants to lead a better life. She wants to be worthy of Tripp’s love.

Steve and Tripp have dinner at the square. Tripp shares that Allie apologized for accusing him of rape. Tripp says he went through a “tough time” when he was accused, but she was a victim and she’s working hard to get her life back. He hopes she does. Tripp talks about spending time with Henry and admits he wants to be there for the kid.

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Marlena drops off cheesecake to Allie at Nicole’s place. As well, Marlena is checking up on her. She says John left to work on a case. Allie tells Marlena about Tripp’s visit and how sweet he was with Henry. “He’s a good guy.”

John spots Charlie at the square and tells him to stay away from his granddaughter. Charlie tells him to keep Claire away from him. He shares how Claire got him to confess, but that he deleted the proof. John says he’s going to jail anyway. If he even thinks of going near his granddaughters, “You’re a dead man.” Charlie says to let go, so John does, but warns, “Walk away.”

At Hope’s, Belle calls Shawn and then tells her kid about Charlie, “I meant it. That monster doesn’t deserve to live.” Claire cries. Shawn texts that he’s on his way. Claire goes up to bed. Belle tells Shawn everything that happened with Charlie and Shawn wants to go arrest him. Belle says the recording has been deleted. There’s nothing they can do except file a restraining order. Shawn’s so sorry he wasn’t there for them.

Charlie appears at Steve and Tripp’s table at the square. He overhears that Tripp wants to be there for Henry. “Like hell you will,” he sneers. Steve gets up and says, “You mess with my family, you mess with me.” Tripp tries to get his dad away but Steve says, “He should know that if the authorities don’t take care of him, I will.”  Charlie reminds Steve there’s no proof that he did anything wrong. They sling more insults and Charlie goes.

Marlena rushes to the park to see John. He tells her about running into Charlie.

john and marlena bench days of our lives
Marlena grills John about his disappearing act. Little does she know he was threatening Charlie’s life. XJ Johnson/JPI

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Claire arrives at Allie’s. She snuck out. She tells Allie she tricked Charlie into confessing and that he deleted it. Claire wants to make Charlie pay. She wonders if it’s over. “Not necessarily,” Allie says, thinking it’s time she took Charlie down herself. Meanwhile, as Nicole moves to unlock her door, Charlie appears behind her. He wants to see his mother. Nicole refuses him. She warns that he’d better stay away from her. Charlie whines about Ava sending him overseas to start things in motion and then cries about Tripp wanting to steal his son. He calls Ava crazy and himself the devoted son. He cries and won’t let Tripp raise his son. Charlie would rather see Tripp dead than anywhere near his son. “You know what? That’s not a bad idea,” he says. Nicole grows cold at the thought. She leaves and inside, Allie reminds Claire that she took her grandma Kate’s gun and almost…She trails off. Claire said she never used it on Tripp. Allie gets an evil look on her face and says, “Maybe I will now.”

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Marlena and John arrive at Hope’s to tell Belle and Shawn about John’s run-in with Charlie. Each detail what happened. John’s all worked up. He doesn’t want to wait for the SPD to watch Charlie. He’d rather just kill him. Marlena calms him down. They leave and Belle notes that Claire’s gone.

Nicole returns to Rafe’s and reluctantly shares what happened with Charlie. Rafe gets a call from Shawn and goes to take it. Ava makes sure Nicole’s okay. “I brought Charlie into this world. Maybe it’s time I take him out.”

At home, Marlena checks John’s blood pressure. It’s up. She wants him to relax and goes to make him tea. John sneaks out…

Later that night…

Charlie paces his apartment. “They’re all out to get me,” he says. He won’t let them get him. He opens the door and puts his hands up. “Don’t shoot!”

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