Allie’s Jealousy Causes an Argument, Philip Doesn’t Trust Chloe — & Ben and Ciara Honeymoon

In the Tuesday, August 31, 2021, full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Allie is jealous of her brother and Chanel, Tripp confides in Ava, and Belle tries to talk Philip down from going after Chloe. If you missed out, Soaps Spoilers has you covered with this Days recap from Monday: Chad worried his marriage was over.

At her place, Allie jumps up off the sofa, upset to hear that her brother and Chanel almost had sex. Neither had a condom. Allie’s thankful. If Chanel had a baby, her brother wouldn’t stick around. He’s a love ’em and leave ’em kind of guy. Worried, she takes off, leaving Tripp wondering what the heck just happened. Later, Ava appears, in the hopes of seeing Henry. He’s with the sitter, Tripp says, and Allie’s out. Ava finds it odd that he’s in her place when she’s not even there. Tripp looks grim as he shares what just went down. Ava assumes Allie’s jealous. Tripp looks dejected. He admits Allie and Chanel kissed a second time. “She found herself attracted to an old friend.” Tripp says it doesn’t matter. She chose him, but it still bothers him. Ava urges her son to find out where he stands.

allie jealous chanel days of our lives

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At the DiMera mansion, Chanel and Johnny make out. She hopes he can tell that she’s over his sister. He may need more convincing and pulls her into another kiss. Later, he makes peanut butter and jam sandwiches and tells her about his Nonno, Stefano. “Nonno looks like a man you don’t mess with,” she comments. They banter and flirt and he suggests a swim. She has no suit but he doesn’t mind. She has more class than that, so he suggests they head to his bedroom. He came prepared. She grins. They get off the sofa and are interrupted by Allie who storms in to stop them. The siblings argue over Chanel. “If you sleep with him he’s just going to move on to the next,” she tells Chanel. Johnny’s angry. Allie reminds her bro that he used to brag about it. Johnny snipes that it was five years ago. They argue until Chanel tells them she’s out. “You happy now?” Johnny asks. Allie reminds him of hooking up with her friend in school. He dumped her and Allie was afraid she was so devastated that she’d hurt herself. Chanel’s her friend. Johnny doesn’t think that’s all there is to it and thinks she agrees.

chanel johnny making out   days of our lives

At the pub, Philip hears from Chloe, who tells him the pilot had to make an emergency landing and they’re stranded in the middle of nowhere. They’re stuck there while the jet is fixed and had to reschedule their meeting in New York. Philip knew it was a bad idea. She shares the hotel she’s staying in and Philip has a big of a hairy canary that she and Brady are there together. She tells him to chill and they disconnect.

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In the middle of nowhere, Brady turns up at Chloe’s hotel room, wet. “This is officially the trip from hell,” he tells her. He walked in on an elderly couple having sex and the man dumped his bucket of ice water on his head. Chloe laughs at the visualization. Brady wants to stay in her room since they’re booked solid. Chloe seems uncomfortable and asks if he’s being honest. He’s been open about his feelings for her. Brady jokes that he paid off the pilot to have an issue with the jet, then the desk clerk to ensure there were no rooms and the naked elderly man. Chloe asks him to be honest. He didn’t do anything to derail their trip. It’s more Philip’s style. Chloe doesn’t like that but allows him to stay with her, though she knows Philip won’t like it. Brady suggests she keep it from him. Brady thinks she should reconsider being with someone she can’t be honest with. Chloe has a hard time being honest with Philip about Brady because they were married. Brady reminds her that she wanted to be with him recently. She claims she got over him. “You made your choice,” she says, raising her voice, which is filled with emotion. Brady tries to argue but she tears up and tells him it’s enough. She stomps off to change. When she returns, he tries to sleep in the uncomfortable chair. She invites him into the bed and he separates them with a blanket and thanks her.

chloe upset brady  days of our lives

At home, Shawn finishes a call from Claire, who is having fun with her job and exploring Johannesburg. Ciara’s glad to hear that and that Theo’s doing well. She shares that she and Ben are leaving Salem. They’re going to New Orleans on a honeymoon. Shawn’s happy to hear this since it was special to their parents. Ben and Ciara kiss. He invites them to stick around. While they wait, he’ll give them a wedding present. It ties in with their wedding location. A used copy of the book of poetry their dad gave their mom on her 18th birthday. Ben and Ciara hug Shawn. It means a lot to them. Ciara thinks they can give it to a child of theirs someday. In French, Shawn tells them, “laissez les bon temps rouler,” (let the good times roll).

ben ciara honeymoon  days of our lives

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Belle finds Philip pissed off at the pub. “Your brother’s still after Chloe,” he says, angrily. Belle rolls her eyes. “You think Brad booby-trapped the plane?” She asks if he trusts Chloe. “Call the pilot,” he says. He reminds her that Brady stole him away from her in high school, too. Belle says that’s not really what happened but that doesn’t matter to Philip. He still lost her. He plans on going after her. Belle tries to talk him out of it. She asks how it’s going to look. “Like a man in love?” He grins. Belle says, “Like a total psycho.” She tries to talk him down as he shoves french fries into his mouth. He agrees to go home and try trusting Chloe. “I’m not gonna do anything stupid,” he says, shoving another fry into his mouth. They embrace and she goes home. Once she’s gone, Philip decides to take the trip to see Chloe anyway.

belle talk philip down  days of our lives

Tripp walks Ava to the square and offers to listen if he needs her. He tells her to let Rafe know what he’s missing before they hug goodbye. Tripp runs into Chanel. It’s awkward. Chanel admits she messed up their date. “How did it go?” Tripp asks. “Talk to her about that,” she says, taking off.

tripp and ava mama  days of our lives

Belle arrives home and Shawn shares that Ciara and Ben have gone on their honeymoon.

Ben and Ciara jump on Bo’s motorbike and head out of Salem.

ben ciara honeymoon bike days of our lives