Nicole Shows Sami ‘proof’ That She Didn’t Sleep With Xander

In the Monday, June 7, 2020, full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Xander tries to save Jack’s reputation, Roman doesn’t like Eric being so out of touch with Nicole, and Kayla voices an opinion about Gwen. In case you missed out, in Friday’s episode, Jan fell into a coma.

After dinner at Steve and Kayla’s, Jack admits he needs to go soon because he’s invited Xander and Gwen to move in with them. They have fairly large personalities, which means he needs to keep the peace. Kayla packs Jack a piece of pie and says she’s sorry that Gwen had a miscarriage. Still, Kay doesn’t trust her. She’s told too many lies. They discuss Abigail feeling bad about the way she handled Gwen’s pregnancy. They hope she comes home soon. Jack is still holding out hope that they’ll work through everything. Steve and Kayla don’t look convinced that it’ll happen but Jack believes Gwen’s days of lying are over. He goes and Steve tells Kay about seeing Ava with Rafe and fills her in on Ava’s apology for everything. Kayla hopes Rafe can see through her games. Kayla isn’t convinced that Ava’s a new woman. Steve hears her. She asks if he’s interested in a little pie. He wants something sweeter than pie.

jack dines with stayla days of our lives

At Alice’s, Gwen calls Xander a “stupid knob,” when he asks why she has so many opioids in a baggie. “You’re dealing drugs, aren’t you?” Gwen denies it. Xander can’t let Jack’s reputation be destroyed. He’s afraid her drug-dealing days are over. Gwen would never deal drugs because she knows what it’s like to live with an addict. “Your mom?” Xandy says. Gwen reveals they had nothing. Her money went to her coke addict. Xander calls it quite the tale of woe but he has trouble believing it since she’s such a liar.

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Roman refreshes Nicole’s wine at the pub as they discuss Eric being gone for so long. Roman doesn’t think it’s right. Rafe interrupts. The trio discusses Jan’s coma and Roman suggests they keep her in restraints. “That’s not a bad idea,” Rafe says. Roman goes to get Rafe beer and takes off. Rafe assures Nicole that just because he and Ava are an item doesn’t mean they’re not friends anymore. He asks why she’s considering working with Xander and she clams up. Rafe says nothing she could tell him would change their friendship. Nicole calls her relationship complicated with him. Ava appears and tells them about her run-in with Sami and admits she was quite nice today. Ava invites Nicole to join them but she declines. She goes and Ava talks about being a crummy mother when Rafe tells her Jan Spears killed Charlie. Rafe comforts her and they kiss. She questions what’s up with Nicole and Rafe says something is going on with her and Xander. Ava keeps quiet.

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Sami walks by Salem Inn and thinks about Nicole cheating on her brother. She mutters that Nicole’s going down for cheating on her brother. Ava appears and threatens Sami to leave Nicole alone. Ava throws her own long-distance relationship in her face. Doesn’t she miss her husband? Sami lashes out that she hasn’t taken responsibility for her son being a rapist. Ava does take responsibility and she’s truly sorry for what he did to Allie. Sami says she’s made a lot of mistakes in her life too. “More than my fair share.” What Charlie did to Allie was awful but something beautiful came from it. “My grandson, Henry.” Ava smiles. “Our sweet little Henry.” They laugh about spoiling him and discuss Tripp and Allie getting together. They’re glad they had a talk, but Ava asks Sami to let Nicole be since she’s been through enough. She goes and Sami shrugs. She can’t do that.

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At Allie’s, she and Chanel are excited that “Sweet Bits” is going to be awesome. They hug and share a moment staring into each other’s eyes when Tripp shows up. He tells them that Jan Spears killed Charlie. Allie’s surprised. Claire didn’t say anything when she called to tell her she was alright. Chanel asks, “Honey, are you okay?” Allie is. It’s the third time that Jan has fallen into a coma. “Third time is the charm,” Tripp says. Chanel and Allie tell him about opening a bakery together. Tripp’s happy. Chanel takes off to prepare. Tripp and Allie hold hands and talk about things being over with Charlie, finally. They drink to Sweet Bits. He’s supportive of the bakery. They kiss and after a minute, she’s afraid and pulls away. Tripp’s apologetic.

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Jack returns home and finds Gwen and Xander fighting over the envelope. Gwen explains that they were fighting over the remote and she grabbed Xander’s envelope. Jack says his grandkids aren’t as bad. Xander calls Gwen a liar. Jack gets a text from The Spectator and takes off to make a call. Xander threatens to tell Jack she’s selling drugs but Gwen admits she’s being forced. He asks for details. If she tells him the truth and it doesn’t put Jack in jeopardy, he’ll keep quiet. She admits she’s being blackmailed and that Jack will be hurt most if he finds out. Jack returns and Xander apologizes for the fighting. He apologizes to Gwen and she does the same.

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Sami sees Nicole outside Salem Inn. She sniffs wine on her and asks if Xander’s waiting for her inside Salem Inn. Sami spoke with the manager and he said she didn’t get her own room there. She urges Nic to admit, “You cheated on my brother with Xander.” Nicole says she got the room with her corporate credit card and the receipt is in her purse. Sami wants to see it so Nicole opens her purse and whips out a receipt. Sami is shocked to read it but she vows that she’ll still keep an eye on her anyway. She leaves and Nicole mutters about making a dummy receipt.

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