Kristen Dons a Sarah Mask & Makes Out With Rex Without His Consent

Thursday, March 18, 2020: On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Kristen shows Sarah how she’ll dump Xander with a mask, Ciara kicks Claire out of her room, and Rex listens to Brady’s advice and calls Sarah to meet since he’s not over her.

At the hospital, Kayla tells Ben that Ciara needs time to heal. Ben cries. “How much time?” Kayla doesn’t know and tells him to hang in there. In Ciara’s room, she takes one look at Claire and calls her the bitch who almost slept with her boyfriend, Tripp. Claire’s confused. Ciara says she saw them practically naked on the couch. Claire’s confused. She tells Ciara she loves her and so does Ben. Ciara’s horrified and kicks her out. Claire goes to Kayla and Ben to tell them that Ciara yelled at her about things that happened a long time ago. Kayla stops Ben from visiting. She goes to see how Ciara is while Claire tells Ben that Ciara doesn’t seem to remember anything that happened after she found her and Tripp together. They commiserate. Back in her room, Kayla heard about what happened with Claire. She asks why Ciara’s upset. Ciara talks about having issues with consenting to sex with Tripp because she was attacked by Chase. She walked in on Tripp and Claire half-naked together. Kayla knows it’s upsetting. She asks Ciara what the last thing she recalls is. “The accident. When I crashed my bike. That’s why I’m here, right?” She remembers being on Route 17 and hitting a sharp turn and losing control. Kayla goes to tell Claire and Ben that Ciara thinks she’s in the hospital after her motorcycle accident. Ben’s stressed. “That was years ago.” Claire’s jaw drops open and Ben can’t believe that she doesn’t remember them together.

claire upset ciara hates her days of our lives

It’s Brady’s first day back at Basic Black, and Chloe worries it’s too much. he says what’s too much is Susan Banks hovering. He could use a breather from her. He leans in to see what she’s looking at on her computer and Chloe looks uncomfortable. She remembers telling Susan telling her that she was falling for him. Brady can tell something’s on her mind and questions her. Rex arrives. He’s there to see his dad and asks Chloe to lunch. She says she and Brady are knee-deep in work. Rex tells them it’s Sarah’s wedding day. They all bash Xander and Rex knows he screwed up with Sarah but he isn’t over her. He lied, cheated, and doesn’t think she’d take a chance on him again. Brady thinks he should talk to her before it’s too late.

rex wants sarah back days of our lives

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From Alice’s, Xander calls the hospital to search for Sarah. He gets nowhere. Jack appears to ask why he hasn’t changed for the wedding. Xandy’s worried Sarah’s in trouble. He’s called everyone. Bonnie calls and tells Xander that Sarah’s not there.

xander calls sarah days of our lives

Kristen arrives at the warehouse she’s keeping Sarah in, dressed in Sarah’s wedding gown. “What the hell?” Sarah yells. Kristen lets Sarah know that it’s her wedding day. Sarah calls this extreme, “Even for you.” Kristen says Brady will never know and besides, she gave her the idea. She’ll break up with Xander in person. She whips out a Sarah mask. “I made it myself,” she says. Sarah says this isn’t going to work. Kristen thinks it will. She fooled Brady for months with the Nicole mask. Kristen says she’ll dump him in the middle of the wedding. She thinks Xander will buy it when she says she can’t forgive what he did to her. Sarah looks devastated. Kristen tells her the mask has a mechanism that will alter her voice. Sarah still says it won’t work. “I learned at the knee of Stefano DiMera. I don’t think so.” Kristen is ready to text Xander when Rex calls. Kristen puts on the Sarah mask and goes to take Rex’s call while Sarah screams. Rex asks “Sarah” to meet him at the Brady pub. She’s on her way. “Score,” she says to herself. She goes back to Sarah, ripping off the mask and Sarah begs her not to do this. Kristen takes her engagement ring and kisses Sarah’s cheek and goes.

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Xander arrives at Basic Black looking for Sarah. Brady and Chloe haven’t seen her and Brady thinks Sarah doesn’t want to be found. Xander looks hurt. He asks if they’ve talked to her. Chloe talked to her about her dress and Brady says she called and the line went dead. Brady thinks Xander should cancel the caterer. Xander takes off.

Kristen as Sarah struts into the pub. Rex is there to see her. “And to tell me not to marry Xander,” “Sarah” finished. Rex didn’t know until he got to town that she was marrying him. He believes they still belong together. He asks her not to marry Xander. “Fine,” “Sarah” says. “I won’t.” She lies that she’s having doubts about Xander and claims she can’t get over his betrayal. She agrees to meet him in his room soon and when he goes up, she pats herself on the back for being a genius and then makes a call Xander, pretending to be Susan. Xander learns Sarah’s with her “Rex-hubby” and they’re having an intimate conversation at the pub. Xander seethes and says that’s not possible. “Susan” tells him she saw them go up to the bedroom and that he should step on it. She disconnects and knows she has to make this fast. She gets Rex in his room and kisses him and tells him she wants him. They kiss and she looks disgusted but keeps going until they’re almost nude in bed and Xander walks in on them.

kristen in sarah mask raping rex days of our lives

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