Sami is Blackmailed, Brady Reacts to Chloe’s Confession — & Abigail Hears Gwen’s Life-Changing News

Tuesday, April 13, 2020: On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Susan makes a big reveal, Brady is shocked at what Chloe has to say, and Paulina is shocked to hear her kid got married.

Paulina wonders what the heck Xander’s doing with her daughter. Paulina tries to cover her kid’s body. “It’s a little late for that,” Xander says. Paulina thought she was lying in a ditch. “I was lying in Xavier’s bed,” Chanel says. Eli asks, “Who is Xavier?” He looks at Xander, who looks confused and turns toward the door as if he’s not quite sure, either. “Do you know this slab of beef?” Paulina asks Eli. Eli does and asks Xander if he thinks she’s a little young. “Hold on. How young?” Xander says. Chanel tells them that “Xavier, I mean, Xander and her married last night. Xander sighs. Chanel says Paulina told her not to come home until she could support herself. “Your new son-in-law is a wealthy man.” Paulina can’t believe she married some random loser in the street. Xander admits he was heartbroken and inebriated. “You big old dumb piece of scrap metal.” She doesn’t care that he’s built like a Greek God. “Is that an eight pack?” Xander kicks them out to get working on his marriage to “Michelle.” Chanel corrects him. Later, Eli rushes after Paulina who worries about what kind of man Xander is. Eli tries to think of a response that won’t make things worse. Inside, Xander has dressed. Chanel is sorry about her mom who is “a bit extra.” Xander asks, “Extra what?” She asks just how old he is. When she tries to order food, he tells her to dial it back and order cereal. He’s not exactly rich.

xander married chanel on days of our lives

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Gwen stops by Jack’s to tell him she thinks she’s pregnant with Chad’s kid. Jack’s surprised since it has been three months and she didn’t know. How does she feel about this. Gwen’s shocked. Once upon a time, she wanted revenge on them but now she knows Laura’s to blame for Jack abandoning her. Jack’s been great to her and she wants to put things in the past. She wants to be Jack’s daughter. Jack says she is, but she’s also Abby’s sister. Gwen cries that it’ll be hard to build a relationship with her if she’s pregnant with her husband’s child. Gwen goes to the washroom to take the pregnancy test.

gwen pregnant chad baby days of our lives

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Chloe runs into Brady while leaving Basic Black. She has something to tell him. She has feelings for him. He knows. Susan told him. Chloe’s disheartened at Susan’s big mouth. Is that why he’s working at home? He wanted to avoid awkwardness since he’s with Kristen. “Well, maybe you shouldn’t be.” Brady’s shocked. Chloe felt signs from him. The way he looks at her and reacts to her. She reminds him of a few instances when there was a spark between them. Brady stammers. She asks him to give them a chance. He won’t regret it. She asks him to tell her he feels nothing when she touches him. Brady starts to stammer again. He has to go.

chloe reveals brady she likes him days of our lives

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“Susan” (Kristen) confronts Sami for sneaking Lucas out of the house. “Are you cheatin’ on by bro… Are you cheatin’ on my beloved son EJ?” She demands. Sami lies that Lucas dropped his wallet but “Susan” heard the whole conversation during the walk of shame. She threatens to tell EJ what a “Lyin’ dirty hussy you are.” Sami begs Susan to keep her mouth shut. She’ll do anything. “Susan” likes the idea of that. She’ll keep Sami’s secret if she keeps hers. She’s urged to swear on her kids’ lives. “Susan” says her name isn’t Susan. She takes out her Susan teeth and the wig and says, “It’s Kristen DiMera.” Sami’s rocked to her core. Kristen says it’s been going on for over a month. Sami’s horrified that Susan’s in prison. Kristen explains that Susan went willingly. Sami asks why she’s doing this. Kristen tells her Chloe cares about Brady. Sami asks if she thinks Brady has feelings for Chloe. Kristen says she isn’t sure, but now, she has a partner in crime. Sami says, “Hold on, Thelma. There is no way I’m getting on that crazy train.” Sami reminds Kristen that she kidnapped her and forced her to shoot her mother, and that isn’t even half of it. She reminds her of what Kristen did to her twin brother Eric. Kristen blackmails her. She’ll tell EJ that Sami cheated on him. Sami vows to help her keep Brady and Chloe apart. Kristen thinks her scheming is “one of the best in the biz.”

susan kristen days of our lives

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At home, Chad finds that Abigail is obsessed with Gwen. He vows not to let her come between them again and begs her to begin a truce with her sister. Abigail calls Jack to arrange a meet between her and her sister and Jack ignores her call because Gwen learns she’s pregnant for sure. Later, Jack and Gwen are talking about how it would be if Abigail found out she was pregnant with her husband’s child, just as Abigail walks in.

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