Jan Threatens Claire With a Gun After Dr. Snyder Makes a Big Reveal

In the Friday, May 21, 2020, full episode recap of  Days of our Lives, Ben and Claire decide to forget about their kiss, Chad says goodbye to Abby, and Gwen’s blackmailed.

Thursday’s Days episode had Shawn and Belle staging a fight in order to draw Jan out.

Ben and Claire share a kiss and the kiss deepens. Things get passionate and they start taking their clothes off. Claire’s jacket comes off and Ben’s shirt, and then he stops. “We can’t do this!” He knows Ciara doesn’t want him but she’s still his wife. Claire reminds him she’s in South Africa with Theo. Ben can’t betray her. He still loves her. Claire knows. He knows the divorce papers were a kick in the stomach. She calls herself a jerk and says out of nowhere she threw himself at her. “No, not out of nowhere,” he says. “We had feelings for one another, we spent so much time together the last few months. We got close.” She felt that way but didn’t know he did. She apologizes again and he says it’s okay. He blames himself for showing up there as a mess. They agree to split the blame and decide not to let this screw up their friendship. Ben realizes he can’t fight the divorce. He’s probably postponing the inevitable. He goes.

ben claire kissing passionately days

At home, Chad cries. He loves his wife’s strength, compassion. He wants to help her work through this. She shakes her head. This isn’t about them, it’s about her being overwhelmed. Chad will fight for her, for them. She loves him for saying so but she has to figure this out on her own. She asks him to let her do this, to let her go. Chad agrees to it. Abigail told the kids she was going to spend time with her mom and that they’d video chat daily. She can’t go for too long because of the kids, she says, but needs to do this so she can be a better mother. They profess their love and share a kiss. Abigail leaves and Chad answers the landline. Jack’s calling. Chad explains Abigail left town and minutes later, Jack arrives. The men argue when Jack reveals that Gwen admitted Abby didn’t push her down the stairs. Jack says she feels guilty. Chad doesn’t care. Abby knows this and she feels bad for yelling at Gwen before the fall. She’s overwhelmed and Chad blames himself. Jack realizes Abby needs time to get through it. He needs to go check on Gwen since she’s on Julie’s bad side but gets a text. He has to go to work. Chad offers to check on Gwen. He’s been on Julie’s bad side and knows what it’s like.

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At the hospital, Dr. Snyder tells Gwen he’s not comfortable with letting her blame her sister for losing her baby when she lost the baby before that. Gwen’s shocked. He read it in the news. Gwen reminds him about the Hippocratic oath but he may have a duty to tell. He’s tired of patients using him like this. She asks who he’s talking about. “That psychopath, Jan Spears.” He says Jan woke up weeks before April 1. Snyder asks if it’s important that her father loves her. She says it is. He asks what would happen to his forgiveness if he knew when she actually miscarried. “We’re gonna take our doctor/patient relationship to the next level.”

At the square, Jan kisses Shawn. He pushes her away and asks what she thinks she’s doing. He flashes to faking the fight with Belle, earlier and quickly covers and tells Jan they should find a way to be alone. He’s going to get a room at Salem Inn. He tells her it’s over between him and Belle.

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From outside the pub, Belle calls John and tells him she’s on her way to the hospital to see him. Belle turns up in the waiting room and John hugs her. She’s surprised he’s just going to sit there and wait for Brady to wake up. He shrugs. He has nothing else to do. “What a dad,” she says, admiring him. She tells him about the recording being admissible to her case and that she and Shawn have a plan. Back in a patent room, Snyder lets Gwen know he knows her baby daddy is rich. He moves in and Gwen worries he’s going to violate her. He’s not. He wants her to work for him. He gives her an address and tells her she’ll be his personal courier. Once a week she’ll drop a package at that address. Gwen doesn’t like it but Snyder threatens to talk to Jack if she refuses him.

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Jan sits at the square, daydreaming about Shawn half nude in bed, with baseball uniform pants on. “Batter up,” he says. Jan’s about to get into bed with him when Dr. Snyder appears out of nowhere and grabs her hair. He knows she faked her coma. He reveals she forgot about surveillance footage. She calls it an invasion of her privacy. She can argue that with the detective and his lawyer wife. Jan gasps. She asks him to describe her. He calls her attractive and Jan says, “No. No she’s not.” She’s about to turn the tables on Shawn.

At the Salem Inn, Shawn calls Belle to tell her that he almost blew it when Jan kissed him. John eavesdrops and groans, “Oh God,” when Belle says, “She kissed you?” Belle thinks they should slow this down but Shawn will do what it takes to get to the truth.

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Ben arrives home and sees someone. “You?”

At Alice’s Gwen opens the package and sees drugs. “I’m a bloody drug mule,” she exclaims as Chad walks in.

Jan calls Shawn from his house and tells him she got held up. She lifts a gun to Claire.

jan gun on claire days

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