Jake Suggests that Ben Give Dr. Rolf’s Serum to Ciara to Regain her Memory

Wednesday, March 24, 2020: On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Val lets Paulina down gently, the christening begins, and Ciara is disturbed by a visitor.

Abe arrives at Eli and Lani’s place to see if his grandbabies were ready for their big day. Lani says they are. Eli says his wife did it all. They discuss Paulina accidentally assuming that she was one of the godmothers. Lani sent Val to fix it. Abe is thrilled she’s taking one for the team. Abe is reminded of how sad Julie was. Lani receives a call from her mama who feels guilty that she can’t be there since her tour was booked a year in advance.

In her hotel room, Aunt Paulina looks at her reflection and thinks she looks gorgeous. Val arrives and Paulina gives her a “Fairy Godmother” t-shirt. Val’s touched and Paulina gushes about how happy she is to be a godmother and how she and Val will ensure the babies have everything they need. Val doesn’t look as though she wants to tell Paulina any of this but she reveals that Julie thought she was going to be the godmother. Paulina says she’s the baby’s namesake. Some people want it all. Val’s gentle when she tells Paulina how Julie’s Eli’s grandmother. They wanted to ask her. Paulina looks crushed and says Julie’s no spring chicken. How’s she going to be Jules’ spiritual guide? Val says they still want her. Paulina’s grateful Val told her and quickly says she’ll be alright. She can’t go. It’ll be too humiliating. Val begs but Paulina pretends she’s far too busy anyway.

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Theo finds Claire in the park. He’s suited up for the christening but wants to see Ciara. Claire reveals that she saw her yesterday and reveals how Ciara wasn’t happy to see her. She has Selective Amnesia.

Jake arrives at Ben’s. He heard they found Ciara! He notices that Ben’s not “over the moon” and Ben reveals that Ciara doesn’t want to see him. Ben reveals everything about the explosion and how Ciara doesn’t remember anything after her motorcycle accident in 2018. Jake thinks he should give Ciara the drug that Will Horton took to get his memory back. Ben says it’s not exactly FDA-approved. Jake knows. It’ll take a lot to get a hold of it but he knows Ciara’s crazy about him. He urges Ben not to give up but Ben thinks she’ll “relapse” if they tell her.

Ciara has a nightmare about Ben visiting her yesterday and wakes up wondering why Ben told her she loved him. How could she possibly? Doug and Julie arrive and receive hugs. Doug can’t wait until her mother finds out that she’s fine. Ciara tells them about Ben’s visit and how she was terrified he was going to hurt her.  She reveals that he thinks she loves him. “Isn’t that the sickest thing you’ve ever heard?” Doug and Julie avert their gaze. Doug says she doesn’t need to be afraid of Ben. He’s almost ready to explain when Julie stops him. “Remember what Kayla told us?” Ciara’s confused. They cover and leave. Outside, Doug wishes they could tell Ciara the truth. Julie says she’s very frail right now. Theo visits Ciara and he tells her about the christening. Ciara knew Lani was pregnant but was unaware she had twins. They discuss her accident and Claire getting naked with Tripp. Theo tries to defend her, but Ciara’s done. He asks Ciara to consider giving Claire another chance before he goes. Once he’s gone, Ben arrives. Ciara is disturbed but Ben isn’t going anywhere until she hears what he has to say.

ciara hot for theo days of our livse

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Back at the Inn, Paulina thinks it’s time to take off the makeup since she’s not going to the christening.

In the square, Doug and Julie talk to Claire about Ciara’s memory loss and the story about how Aunt Paulina thought she was going to be Jules’ godmother.

At the church, Val tells Eli, Lani and Abe that she told Paulina and she was so mortified that she couldn’t come today. Lani’s broken up about it. Julie and Doug arrive. Theo turns up and Paulina finally arrives and has something to tell Julie. She apologizes to Julie for making a mess of a very special day. She shouldn’t have been so presumptuous. She gives Julie the t-shirt. Julie’s obviously moved. “Are we good now?” Julie says families always have misunderstandings. There are hugs all around.

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