Gwen Becomes Sick and Reveals She Thinks She’s Pregnant With Chad’s Baby

Thursday, April 8, 2020: On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Gwen and Abigail are forced to apologize to each other, Gabi taunts Kate, and Nicole agrees to keep quiet for Ava.

Kate and Philip take Allie out to dinner at the pub. Allie’s sorry she stole her grandma’s gun. When Philip talks about who the real killer might be, Allie gets uptight. She doesn’t want to discuss it. She runs home. Philip didn’t mean to upset her. Kate admits talking about Charlie is depressing.

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At Nicole’s, Ava tells Nicole that she told Rafe she’d be fine if Rafe dropped Charlie’s murder case. Nicole can see she wasn’t thinking straight. Rafe can’t do that. Ava asks her friend to forget what she told her about Tripp and to convince Rafe to let it go but Nicole can’t do that. Ava threatens that she will confess to the murder. She won’t let Tripp’s life be ruined. Once she’s gone, Allie arrives and complains that her grandma and Philip were talking about murder suspects. She just couldn’t listen anymore. Nicole talks about Tripp being the next suspect. Allie admits Tripp was at Charlie’s apartment the night he was killed.

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Gabi arrives at Rafe’s house to pick up sketches. Rafe shares that Trask is pressuring him to find Charlie’s killer. Gabi will do her brother a big favor and solve the case for him. She tells him Ava Vitali did it. She saw Ava sneaking out in the middle of the night. She leaves and Ava arrives with groceries to make dinner. Rafe says before she starts, he wants to know why she lied to him. Rafe knows she snuck out of the house the night Charlie was killed. Ava couldn’t sleep. She felt bad about lying to him. When he asks where she went, she reveals she was at Charlie’s. He asks if she killed him but she denies it and when pressured, she details what happened. Rafe holds her hand. She blames herself for turning him into a monster. Rafe thinks she was doing her best at the time but Ava denies it. “I gave him nothing. No attention. No affection, no praise.” Then she left him alone. Rafe realizes she knew he was dead when he told her he was going to investigate a gunshot. Why didn’t she say anything? He thinks she’s hiding something else.

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Abigal’s not sure she can make peace with Gwen. Jack can’t stand watching what the hate and anger is doing to Abigail. She gets it but compared to what she did… She trails off as Gwen arrives at Alice’s. There’s tension. Gwen knows she did truly terrible things and hurt all of them. She did the worst to Abigail. She admits to drugging her champagne and talks about sleeping with Chad. She regrets it deeply and apologizes for all of it. Abigail shrugs and calls her a pathological liar. “Talk is cheap.” Jack urges Abigail to apologize and instead, Abby recounts some of the things Gwen has done. She does admit she started the fight at the gravesite and went too far when she kidnapped her and threatened to drug her with the same drug she gave to her. Jack sighs in relief. He commends them both on their sincerity and asks them to shake on it. Gwen puts out her hand and Abigail looks around stonily. Jack asks if she wants to be consumed by rage always. She doesn’t. She needs Gwen to swear on her life that she didn’t murder her grandmother. Gwen looks from Jack to Abigail and says, “I…oh God.” She throws up all over Abigail’s legs and feet. Abigail calls that one hell of a way to avoid the truth. She takes off and Gwen apologizes. It wasn’t a stunt, she swears. Jack gets her water as Gwen looks at her phone. Jack says, “Maybe it was something you ate.” Gwen says, “Maybe I’m pregnant.”

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Gabi walks into the pub and samples Philip’s desert just as he’s offering it to Kate. Kate purses her lips. Gabi talks about needing a new Gabi Chic flagship store since somebody stole it out from underneath her. She rubs Philip’s arms to get under Kate’s skin. She calls him handsome and says you never know what might happen since they’re working together so closely. Philip likes it and kisses her just as Jake walks in, wondering what’s going on here. He tells Kate they never got the lease and the landlord is negotiating with Paulina Price. Kate curses her. Gabi laughs that her offer was an epic fail. She invites Philip to take her home. “And we can see where the night ends up.” They leave.

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At home, Abigail tells Chad about her sister puking all over her. She thinks it was a way to keep from telling the truth about Laura’s murder. Abigail refuses to have a truce with her sister.

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