Gabi Reacts When Abigail Asks Her to Once Again Help Seek Revenge on Gwen

Tuesday, March 23, 2020: On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Paulina gets the wrong idea about the christening again, Jack tells Jennifer about Gwen’s kidnapping, and Doug gives Julie a talking to.

From home, Lani talks to Eli on a call about the christening. She vows to tell Aunt Paulina that she wasn’t meant to be the godmother. Aunt Paulina appears at the door and wants to thank her for choosing her to be Jules’ godmother. “It’s such an honor.” Lani says they did have someone else in mind. Paulina assumes her mother was her first choice. Paulina gets it. She assumes her sister will understand. Lani tries to explain that Aunt Paulina is wrong but Paulina is too excited and can’t wait to tell her sister. Lani’s unable to tell her the truth when Paulina leaves.

At Doug’s Place, he and Julie discuss Ciara being found. They can visit her tomorrow. He’s overcome with happiness and they embrace. Julie tells Doug about Xander being passed out on their sofa before his wedding and then she repeats her joke to her husband about having the sofa fumigated. Julie misses Jennifer and tears up. She blames “that she-devil,” Gwen for Laura not being there. Julie starts ranting about Gwen and Doug thinks Jack’s right not to turn his back on his daughter. She’s had a rough life. He reminds her of their blessings. Tomorrow is Eli and Lani’s christening. “We have to choose to live in the light, not in the dark.” They make out.

On a call with Jennifer, Jack tells her the details surrounding Xander’s wedding being called off. “When will people learn not to attempt a wedding in Salem.” Jack tells her about Abigail kidnapping Gwen. Jennifer is confused and shocked about that and to hear that Abigail threatened Gwen with the same drug she used on her. When that happened, Gwen still didn’t confess to killing Laura. Jennifer says if the story is true, she doesn’t believe their daughter would have gone through with it. Jack’s not so sure. Jennifer says it’s understandable that Abigail went after Gwen. Julie and Doug show up and Jack passes Julie the phone so she can fill her in on Ciara being alive.

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Gwen finds Claire in the square and is happy to see her but Claire doesn’t feel the same. She hates on her for every nasty thing she’s done to Abigail and her family. Gwen spouts off about Abigail kidnapping her and Claire’s shocked, but she can’t feel much more since she did it to Abigail first. Claire thinks she was never her true friend. She’s been after her family from day one. Gwen never claimed to be a saint but she didn’t know this was her family until now. Gwen considered Claire a friend. Claire apologizes for “dumping” on her. She is in no position to judge. They’re friends if she promises not to go after the Deveraux family again. Gwen knows she has to make nice with Abby to have a relationship with her dad. “The gorge rises.” Claire tells her friend to apologize to everyone for what she’s done. It’s a good start. Gwen looks concerned but thinks Claire might be right.

claire hates gwen days of our lives

Jake comes in from a run to find Chad playing chess alone. “Isn’t that kind of, I don’t know, boring? Teach me the game,” he says. Chad passes. They discuss Gabi moving in. Jake says it’s no big deal. He’s over her. Kate’s his future. “I’d have to be a fool to let her go.” Chad asks if he means it. Jake does. They agree on one thing, that Kate is exceptional. Chad says if he hurts her, he’ll answer to him. He shares that it was Kate who told him he was Stefano’s son. Jake is surprised. They talk about Chad and Abby going to couples therapy. Jake’s happy to hear it. Upstairs, Abigail walks into Gabi’s room and learns she’s just moved in. Abigail’s glad because she wants Gabi to help her seek revenge on Abigail. Gabi is out. She calls Gwen useless. She wants to focus on her business. Abby says her offer is still on the table to help break Kate and Jake up. Gabi trolls her for being old and Abigail reminds Gabi that Kate’s still drop-dead gorgeous. Gabi says none of this matters. Abs will lose everything if she continues on this path. This isn’t her! Abs says she doesn’t need a lecture. Gabi has been there. She wanted Lani to pay for a while but after, it all came crashing down. And if Abby does this, then she will feel empty inside afterward just like Gabi did. Abby asks if this means they’re friends. They agree they’re “frenemies.” Abby heads downstairs and interrupts Chad and Jake’s moment. She’s surprised to see them getting along. They discuss Gabi and Abigail lies that she told her frenemy that she’s moving on from revenge. Chad brings up therapy. He realized while talking to Jake that he’s been messed up about things since he learned he’d been lied to his whole life about who his dad was. Upstairs, Jake runs into Gabi and asks her to be civil when they run into each other.

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At the pub, Kate helps Roman and tells him she misses working there sometimes. They discuss how Kate doesn’t think Sarah’s right for Rex. Roman was thinking the same thing about Kate and Jake. Kate smirks. Roman calls her vintage champagne and Jake light beer. He’s not a good fit for her. Roman thinks he is. And if Kate’s being honest, she would agree. Kate recalls that he did this to her before. When she was with Andre, Roman kissed her. They flashback and grin. “We had some fun, didn’t we?” Kate says. Roman will always have a special place in her heart but this isn’t a fling with Jake. They have a connection and he’s had her back. “Can’t blame a guy for trying,” Roman says. He hopes Jake makes her happy but if he doesn’t, “You do know where to find me.” She holds his hand.

roman wants kate days of our lives

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