Days Recap: When Tripp Assaults EJ, Li Smoothes it Over, While Stefan Defends Gabi’s Honor, and Johnny’s Caught Snooping

Days of our Lives Peacock recap for Wednesday, October 19, 2022.

In today’s Days episode, Tripp’s furious with EJ for kicking his mom out, Ava goes to Gwen for help, Stefan defends Gabi and has issues signing the divorce papers, while Wendy quizzes Gabi on her relationship with Stefan.

marlena life saved DAYS

In Tuesday’s Days recap, Kate spoke with Austin, Kristen toyed with Chloe and Marlena, and the injections saved everyone’s life, but not before Kayla flatlined momentarily.


From the manse, Johnny leaves Wendy a message to call him back as soon as she can.

Tripp shows up and they discuss the women being ill.

Johnny’s happy to hear that they’re doing better.

johnny call wendy DAYS

When Tripp asks to see his mom, Johnny says she left Salem.

He reveals the entire fraudulent story.

Tripp’s shocked she said nothing.

Johnny’s sorry. He tried to talk his father out of kicking her out. 

Ava meant a lot to him. Tripp narrows his eyes. Johnny says they were close.

Tripp thinks that means sex but Johnny clarifies.

They leaned on one another, other than the time they saw each other naked. Tripp purses his lips.

tripp assaults johnny DAYS

Johnny mentions his brother finding them in bed together and Tripp hauls off and hits him across the face.

Johnny clutches at his cheek. He explains nothing happened and Tripp feels bad.

He apologizes.

Johnny would have done the same thing in his shoes.

Tripp goes off to find his mom.

Wendy stops by Gabi’s suite at Salem Inn.

She came to ask Li for a job but since Gabi’s there and CEO, maybe she can give it to her.

Gabi admits she’s not CEO any longer. 

gabi talks vote DAYS

“That sucks,” Wendy says. She’s not happy that another entitled straight white guy is in charge. Wendy finds it exceedingly interesting that her brother’s being kept on.

She flashes to Johnny thinking there was something sketchy about them working together.

Gabi explains that Stefan’s been in a coma, so the board had issues returning him to CEO.

As Gabi fills Wendy in on her thoughts that Dr. Rolf did something to Stefan to turn him against her, she becomes upset and Wendy just becomes even more interested.

She’s bummed she isn’t going to be working for her.

She dislikes her father’s old-fashioned sexist ideas about women. It’d have been nice to work for a woman.

Gabi would have wanted to work together.

They talk about the wedding and Wendy congratulates her and tells her she deserves better — about the job. She goes.

wendy with gabi DAYS

In the DiMera office, Li balks at EJ tossing Gabi’s nameplate into the trash.

They argue over who the company belongs to and EJ talks about Li’s questionable loyalties to his brother when Stefan pokes his head in.

The men cover. Li says he only stepped in when his father expressed doubts about Stefan’s competence.

ej trash gabi name plate DAYS

EJ says they’ll prove he’s capable. Li plays along. As the men talk, Li says he has no problem lying to Gabi.

EJ doesn’t know why he doesn’t kick her to the curb. She may dress nicely but she’s “low-rent trash,” and a schemer, EJ says.

Stefan can’t take it anymore and shouts, “That’s enough!”

EJ asks what’s up.

stefan confused gabi days of our lives

Stefan seems confused as he tries to explain his outburst.

He claims he was defending Gabi on Li’s behalf. Stefan excuses himself and EJ admits he was testing his brother.

It may be time to send his brother back to Rolf for a “tune-up.”

Li gets in EJ’s face. He doesn’t appreciate him badmouthing his fiance.

EJ steps in closer to ask what he’s going to do about it.

li gets ej face gabi days

Before he can do anything, Tripp storms in and confronts EJ about what he did to his mom.

EJ acts cocky about it so Tripp hits the DiMera in the face. As EJ grabs at his bloodied nose, Li smirks, finding it amusing.

EJ hopes it was worth blowing his medical career after he’s charged with assault and battery.

Li talks EJ down. Tripp and his brother saved he and his sister’s life in Hong Kong over the summer.

He’s a good guy who lost his temper because he’s worried about his mom.

Li suggests they don’t want the publicity. EJ snaps that he’ll let it go.

He kicks Tripp out. The men discuss Li’s sister and EJ thinks hiring a coder could be a good thing for them and DiMera.

He tells him to go congratulate her on the promotion while he goes to put ice on his face.

li laughs ej hit days

Xander visits Gwen in the hospital. He couldn’t stop thinking about her.

Thinking she could have died made him realize he still loves her.

He missed the good times “and the lovemaking.”

He convinced himself Sarah was good for him and he felt obligated to reconcile with her.

xander visit gwen flowers days

He really wants Gwen back. “Oh Xander,” she swoons.

He calls her his one, true love.

She tears up and takes him back.

They kiss and she tells him she loves him.

xander kisses gwen hospital days

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When Jack appears with flowers, he catches her kissing her pillow.

She looks sheepish. He suggests he could come back.

It’s awkward. He’s there to spring her.

They joke about how she’s a grown woman and if she wants to “snog with a pillow,” as long as the pillow is consenting, it’s fine.

They laugh and he is sure she was thinking of Xander.

Jack knows Xandy cares for her but he chose Sarah. He doesn’t want to see her pining for someone who won’t return her feelings.

He invites her to come home with him.

jack interrupt flowers DAYS

At the Kiriakis manse, Xander greets the beauties in his life. Sarah and Maggie.

Sarah talks about the entire football team coming in with the flu.

He’s just come from Uncle Vic’s room, where he asked if they could move back in. He has no job and Sarah’s on probation so the pay is less.

Xandy admits he’s hoping to work for Jack. He is distracted as he flashes to Jack telling him he thinks Gwen was struck by Jennifer. 

xander wants move in DAYS

In the square, Wendy gets Johnny’s message. They have a lot to tell one another.

They walk to Julie’s Place and tell each other that they have proof EJ and Li have been in cahoots.

Wendy tells Johnny that Gabi suspects that Dr. Rolf brainwashed him. How do they track him down?

They ponder how to get clearance from DiMera.

Johnny says his dad writes passwords down because he had a brain injury and forgets.

Johnny takes off while she tries to crack her brother’s password. Before she can, Tripp appears. They hug.

They discuss his mom’s disappearance and that he’s there because his stepmom had a health scare.

wendy shares info DAYS

Stefan turns up in Gabi’s room. She thinks he’s there to gloat and babbles on and on.

He can’t get in a word in edgewise.

She thinks he’s taunting her but he reveals he’s not. He hands over divorce papers.

He didn’t sign so she asks what he’s waiting for.

She asks him to go first but he can’t seem to do it. She sees it as a sign that he doesn’t want to divorce her.

She knows he feels something. There’s something inside him that still loves her.

They lock eyes and Li arrives, wondering what’s going on.

gabi thinks stefan taunting her DAYS

Xander finds Jack at the hospital and asks if he’ll bring him on at the Spectator.

jack job xander DAYS

Meanwhile, in her room, Gwen’s shocked to see Ava.

“I need your help,” the ex-mob princess says.

ava goes gwen help DAYS

Back at the DiMera offices, EJ catches Johnny rifling through his paperwork at his desk and asks what he’s doing.

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