Days Recap: Li Shocks EJ With a Confession, Stefan’s Thrown Under The Bus, and Wendy and Johnny Team Up Against EJ and Li

Days of our Lives Peacock recap for Wednesday, October 12, 2022.

In today’s Days episode, Li Shin shows EJ his true colors, while Paulina and Chanel discuss what to do from this point, and Alex learns that Steph and Chad didn’t have sex, while Gabi calls Stefan out on his memory.

In Tuesday’s Days recap, EJ kicks Ava out of Salem, Paulina told Chad and Steph she’s being blackmailed, and Alex confronted Stephanie for being with Chad.

stefan hates gabi to nephew Days


In Paulina’s office, she tells Chanel to have a seat. This is about her campaign.

She shows her daughter the file and Chanel gasps, learning they’re blackmailing her.

Chanel starts to cry. This could ruin her mama’s campaign.

chanel sobs over mystery days peacock

That’s the last thing Paulina cares about. She’s worried about her daughter. Sloan walks in and they get in her face.

What she calls a settlement offer, they call extortion. Paulina thinks Sloan’s a bottom feeder.

Chanel calls her scum. Sloan says the clock is ticking. Paulina has dealt with worse than her shaking her down and they all failed.

“You don’t scare me,” she says.

sloan blackmailer days peacock

Her PR firm is handling it but Sloan calls it a lawsuit waiting to happen with an unpleasant discovery process.

She looks Chanel up and down and says, “Oh, and what there is to discover.”

Chanel thinks she’s disgusting.

Paulina gives the lawyer the boot. Sloan refuses to go and pushes Paulina’s buttons.

Paulina doesn’t like her saying her daughter’s name and yells at her to get the hell out of her office.

Once the woman is gone, Paulina hugs Chanel tight. Chanel offers to pay the blackmail money but Paulina refuses.

They’ll only want more. Stephanie and Chad DiMera are on the case. 

paulina mama bear days peacock

At the Johnson’s condo, Alex thinks Steph’s a hypocrite, asking him to keep things professional when she’s been sleeping with the new guy.

“Isn’t that a violation of your precious rules?”

He saw them canoodling over a bottle of champagne. 

alex angry steph days peacock

Chad and Steph make jokes. They tell him they’re using this place as an office and that Chad went home last night and returned this morning.

Since he’s spying, he should have noticed they changed clothing.

Chad says they didn’t sleep together but calls Alex a jackass.

He “mansplains” that what happened between them was consensual.

alex talks consent days peacock

Alex asks her to tell him she’s not into him. Chad reminds Alex she has.

Alex just thought that they’d get to a point where she felt comfortable with him. He thought they could have someone special between them.

He came by to tell her he was sorry about her mother and to apologize for being a jerk at the hospital.

He thought texting was too impersonal. She thanks him. He goes and she seems affected by his words.

steph affected by alex days peacock

Sloan arrives with a settlement offer, saying they want to make it go away without destroying Miss Price’s campaign.

Stephanie says she’ll need time to get the funds together. Steph will reach out when they’re ready.

Sloan goes and Steph tells Chad she’s just buying time until they figure it out.

sloan visit steph days


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Wendy Shin shows up at the DiMera mansion. Johnny says if she’s there to sell a cable package, they’re not interested.

She walks past him, looking for Stefan DiMera. Johnny follows and threatens to call security. She tells him she’s Wendy Shin.

“Who the hell are you?” Johnny learns Li’s his older brother and she kicked ass at the DiMera Gala in Hong Kong.

He introduces himself and says he doesn’t know when his uncle will be back. She takes off.

johnny doesnt want cable days peacock

In Gabi’s office at DiMera, Stefan remembers loving Gabi. He stares at her as EJ asks what’s wrong. He says “this conniving bitch stole my job.” He wants it back. He’ll be cleaning house. Li says he’s making a mistake.

stefan calls gabi conniving days peacock

“All traitors must go,” EJ says. Li vows to help Gabi but EJ corrects him. He’s out, too. Li argues that his father is the chairman of the board. EJ tells him to look into it before he runs off cackling.

Li follows and Gabi refuses to clean out her desk.

She thinks what she said triggered a memory. He was rattled. She again asks him to look into her eyes and tell her the truth.

stefan confused gabi days peacock

He was thinking of them. “Yes,” he says. He lies that he felt a wave of nausea overcome him because of her.

She knows he’s lying. Their love is stronger than whatever Rolf has done to him.

gabi love days peacock

She yells that if he tells her where Rolf is she’ll figure it out. He refuses, vehemently.

He reminds her she’s engaged to another man. She touches his heart and says it’s pounding.

He can’t deny his feelings.

gabi yells stefan days peacock

Outside, Li vows to EJ to make his brother flip on him if he goes through with this. Li reveals to EJ that he kept Stefan alive all these years, not Kristen, who funded Rolf’s work. Kristen only came in when Rolf brainwashed Stefan.

“I had it done and I can have it undone,” Li threatens.

He’s willing to dump Gabi to retain his position at DiMera. EJ doesn’t believe it. “Try me,” Li says. The company is his life.

EJ and Li return to Gabi’s office and tell the others they came to an agreement.

Everyone files out and Li pretends that he cares that Gabi’s going to be let go. It’ll be a temporary setback.

She’s devastated and doesn’t like that he can’t step up for her.

At least she has him. She hugs him.

ej and li talk about letting gabi loose days

From the square, Wendy again tries to break into Li’s laptop and is locked out.

She wonders what he’s into that’s so bad.

Johnny jogs up and asks if she’s hacking into the DiMera Enterprises database.

She’s head of IT for DiMera in Fairbanks.

wendy laptop days peacock

He laughs and asks why she was banished there. She tells him she always tested better than her brother but since he’s a man, she couldn’t show Li up. “That sucks,” Johnny says. She’s not taking it anymore.

“Rock on,” Johnny says.

She just wants a transfer there in Salem. He calls it a snakepit there with a new CEO, weekly. She admits she’s worried about her brother. She asks how well Johnny knows Stefan.

Johnny calls it weird, saying his uncle loved Gabi until he was brought back. Wendy wants to hear all about it.

They discuss how EJ won’t become CEO at DiMera if Stefan and Gabi reunite.

Johnny reveals there’s no l love lost between him and his dad. He wants to team up to get to the truth. Doesn’t he look like a guy she can trust?

Not really, she says, thinking he’ll stab her in the back. He convinces her otherwise. They shake on it.

johnny and wendy talk stefan days

Back at the DiMera homestead, EJ tells Stefan that he’s the new CEO, not the two of them, just because Li has issues with Stefan being possibly impaired after being comatose for the last four years.

Gabi’s out and Stefan will be staying on as EJ’s number two. EJ and Li will run things.

It’s the only deal the board would approve but calls it temporary. He’ll find a way to get rid of Li and reinstall Stefan.

ej t alks being ceo days


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