Julie’s Mistake Has Her Flashing Back to Stealing a Mink 57 Years Ago, While The Poll Results Are in and An Arrest is Made

Days of our Lives Peacock recap for Tuesday, November 8, 2022. Today is the 57th anniversary of Days of our Lives’ first airdate. Happy anniversary!

In today’s Days episode, Julie makes a mistake that has her flashing back to 57 years ago when she stole a mink from Bartlett’s department store, Sloan learns that Alex stole her files, and Paulina agrees to give Leo an advance to pay Sloan. Meanwhile, the poll results are in and there’s an arrest made.

In the last Days recap, Chloe and Stefan talked about going away together, Xander revealed himself as an evil clown to Susan, who saw him as a sadsack, and Tony and Anna returned only for Anna to be roped into Wendy and Johnny’s scheme. 

xander clown mask days

Doug and Julie are happy to have performed their civic duty by voting today.

Doug’s reward is a leisurely lunch. They check out the menu and Shawn appears.

Julie pokes him about voting. He’s there to see Julie. He tells her it’s awkward. 

julie shocked shoplifting DAYS

He needs to look in her shopping bag because she’s been accused of shoplifting. Julie stares, flummoxed.

She finds it offensive but she lets him have at it.

He lifts out a mink stole and she tells Doug to show Shawn the receipt.

julie stole mink DAYS

He doesn’t have it.

He thought she paid for it. She realizes her mistake and she and Shawn return to Saxons and she purchases the coat.

julie saxons mink DAYS

They return to the table and she says she can’t believe the clerk thought she meant to steal it.

Doug says, “It wouldn’t be the first time,” and chuckles. Julie lifts a finger. “Doug.”

He apologizes but is smiling. Julie tells Shawn that the first time it happened was at Bartlett’s department store.

Shawn grins. He’s not judging her. She admits the first time it was a mink stole.

doug has no receipt DAYS

Real fur in those days, she’s sad to say.

She tells them that Uncle Tom and Mickey came to her rescue.

julie shoplifted bartletts days

She flashes back to sitting with the clerk at Bartlett’s and him on the phone with Tom about the theft.

Tom said he’d be down at the store right away.

tom on call bartletts julie stole DAYS

They disconnected and Mickey walked in.

Tom asked him to go with him, explaining that Julie was caught shoplifting.

mickey tom talk julie stealing mink DAYS

Mickey thought her parents should be notified but Tom says she called herself Julie Horton, not Olsen.

She’s in trouble. He won’t tell Mom. Mickey calls her parents.

Tom appears to Alice, who asks if they should have an accordion player or pianist at the wedding ceremony.

alice talks tom accordion player days

The men share their opinion.

Anything Tony and Marie want is fine.

alice tom talk ceremony DAYS

Doug tells Julie that must have been over 50 years ago.

“Yeah, it was 57 years ago to this very day.” Julie grins widely.

They look at Alice and Tom’s plaque.

alice tom plaque horton town square DAYS


Stephanie arrives at Brady’s pub and removes the Vote for Paulina sign and attempts to cover the Timmons for Governor one.

Chad catches her. She just wants to do all she can to ensure Paulina wins.

Chad will take her out when that happens but she has plans tonight with Alex.

Chad worries that going out with him will make him think he has a shot.

Stephanie says that’s the point. Maybe she’s ready. She changed her opinion of Alex. She’s having an open mind. Chad laughs.

Alex must be thrilled. Steph says it’s his doing. She helped her want to open up again after her ex.

Since he’s not interested — he interrupts. Who said that? She reminds him he did. She overheard him telling Alex.

Chad’s sorry. She tells him not to be. He needs to explain. He says he didn’t know how to respond when Alex asked if he had feelings for her. 

Chad says there’s an attraction between them and a part of him wants to pursue it but he’s grieving Abigail and isn’t ready to start seeing anyone seriously.

He’s not sure when or if he will be and he doesn’t want her sitting around waiting. She appreciates his honesty.

Alex isn’t his first choice but he supports her since that’s what friends do. “Friends,” she repeats. 

chad wants take steph outo days


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Abe hugs Paulina in her office.

She’s got butterflies and doesn’t know how he does this.

He thinks she’s been lucky not to have the intense scrutiny that he’s had over the years.

She grimaces. “You have no idea.” He tells her he’s up in his polls, which she’s thrilled to hear. She calls Leo in.

abe talks scrutiny DAYS

“Mary, get in here!” Leo appears and she apologizes.

Mary’s been her assistant for years. Leo loves her and calls her a bit divaish.

She’s not sure she likes that but he clarifies it’s a good thing. He says she can call him whatever she wants. Abe asks why Sloan contacted her.

She lies that the woman wanted a job. Abe seems satisfied and goes. Paulina asks what’s up. Leo says she has interviews.

Paulina will ignore Sloan who can go kick rocks. They call her trash. Paulina agrees to give Leo an advance to pay Sloan a little so she gets off his back.

She needs a shredder to take care of something. She searches for the combination for the safe but has to run to her interview. She’ll get him the money later.

leo not maaarry DAYS

He lets her know she’s up in the polls. She’s had calls. One from Tammy, and Governor Mitchell and three from “that biatch Sloan Peterson.” He purses his lips. 

Sonny and Alex do Cobra Pose on yoga mats in the Kiriakis living room.

They go into Downward Dog.

Alex really likes the feeling though Sonny collapses in a heap. 

sonny alex cobra pose yoga DAYS

Sloan barges in and shoves Alex, making him fall as she calls him a sneaky son-of-a-bitch.

He acts innocent but she knows he took the file. She hits his chest a few times.

She thought they were friends. Why would he betray her?

sloan calls alex sneaky DAYS


She knows that he tied her up and took it and his aunt probably took it “with that stupid trick-or-treating little brat.”

Sonny gapes. He got Aunt Maggie involved?

Alex denies it. Sloan tells Alex to say goodbye to the best sex he’s ever had and stomps out. Sonny asks if this is true. Alex shrugs.

Not the best sex but definitely top ten. Sonny calls him an idiot and Alex admits he took the file.

He swears Sonny to keep it quiet but it was for Sonny and he doesn’t know what’s in the file.

He hated seeing Stephanie upset and the benefit is that she’s warmed to him. He thinks the universe has rewarded him for backing off.

Sonny doesn’t think it’s the universe but he’s glad for his brother.

alex duplicitous sloan DAYS

Allie arrives home to Chanel picking up toys. She and Henry built Brady’s pub, “Where gwampa Woman works,” she says, mimicking Henry’s voice.

They giggle and talk turns to the questions that Chanel will be answering when her mother becomes Governor.

chanel interview DAYS

Allie’s psyched that her girlfriend will be famous. She looks at the questions and Chanel says they’re too personal to tell a stranger.

Allie’s curious about some of them herself. She asks if Chanel wants marriage.

allie says chanel famous DAYS

She’s in no rush but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t see them marrying someday. Allie says same.

They both want to take it slow. They talk about kids. Allie admits having a sibling can be good.

Chanel knows it was lonely growing up and could only imagine if Lani was around then. She says yes to kids.

Allie laughs at how they were partying in London and now they are talking long-term goals. They laugh and share a kiss.

chanel allie kiss days anniversary

Sloan struts into Paulina’s office but Leo says she’s not there. He’ll have her money by tomorrow.

She says her associates can be there in ten minutes. Leo gets scared and rifles through Paulina’s drawer, finding her combo to the safe.

Once he’s in, he digs into her attache and tells Sloan Miss Price was going to give him the money anyway. Sloan sees the Price file in the safe and grins to herself.

sloan struts DAYS

Back at the Horton Town Square, Shawn has had dinner with Doug and Julie. Doug jokes that Shawn wanted to be sure they didn’t dine and dash.

They laugh. Abe turns up, happy to see them all. They think the election looks good but he admits if Paulina wins, he’ll step down as mayor if he does win to move to the capitol. Paulina appears. She’s not sure she’ll win.

Phyllis who owns Salem Inn told her she didn’t vote for her and neither id others in the square.

Chad and Steph arrive. She needs to talk and asks everyone to go vote. Shawn takes off to vote.

abe with shawn doug julie DAYS

Sonny does the Downward Dog back at the Kiriakis manse just as Leo approaches.

He thinks it’s Alex and asks if he’s doing it right. “Looks good to me. Doggie style looks good on you,” he says.

Sonny scrambles to get up and says it’s Downward Dog.

sonny downward dog DAYS

Leo needs him to get dressed. He’s taking him to dinner to celebrate his new job.

Sonny didn’t think he was serious. He’s grateful that because of him identifying Clyde as the attacker that his butt was kept out of jail. 

Later, Alex is ready for his date with Steph. He sees Sonny all dressed up. Sonny’s reluctant but admits he’s going out with Leo Starak.

Alex rips off his glasses. Why! He’s been cooped up since he was released from the hospital. It’s just a meal. Alex isn’t so sure.

alex shocked date days

Later in the night, Paulina and Abe talk to Lani on a call about the big day.

They disconnect later and Abe tells everyone they just called the race. “I won.”

Everyone cheers and hugs the mayor. Soon, Steph tells them that Paulina did it. She’s governor! They all embrace happily.

abe wins mayor days

Back at the square with Paulina, Steph and Chad at his side, Abe says a speech about becoming mayor.

abe mayor again days

He regrets that though he’s grateful, he’ll step down and hand the reigns to his deputy mayor because his wife was elected governor.

He’ll be moving to the state capitol. Paulina gets on the mic.

She’s blessed to take on this role and thanks her support team. She calls up Chanel and tells everyone there’s nothing like family.

Sonny arrives and they toddle off to dinner while Alex comes for Steph. They leave for The Bistro.

paulina with chanel days

Back at Alice and Tom’s, Julie looks at photos of the family, and Doug calls her over.

He’s got a cake with the number 57 candle lit on top.

julie 57 years DAYS

He wishes her a happy anniversary of her life of crime. They laugh and kiss.

doug julie kiss anniversary days

At Brady’s pub, Sloan drinks a martini and looks at the news of Paulina’s big win.

She says she should enjoy it while she can.

sloan martini DAYS

Shawn appears at the square with a warrant for Chanel’s arrest for suspicion of murder.

Allie thinks there has to be a mistake and Chanel stares at her mother in shock.

shawn arrest chanel DAYS

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