Days recap: Gabi’s Heartbroken When Stefan Returns His Wedding Ring, Will Says Goodbye to Allie & EJ Gets New Roommates

Days of our Lives Peacock recap for Thursday, October 6, 2022.

In today’s Days episode, Gabi is heartbroken, Ava and Johnny move back into the mansion, and Will councils his sister on whether she and her girlfriend should have a threesome with Alex.

In Wednesday’s Days recap, Kristen wanted Marlena to help her spend time with Rachel, Mike confronted Nancy and Rachel got bratty with Chloe.

bratty rachel days peacock



As Johnny sits at the square with a coffee cup in his hand, someone drops coins into it. “Hey,” he yells. 

Chanel appears, asking if he’s homeless. She offers to talk to his sister but he’s fine.

The woman ruined his coffee. He tells her about his dad’s offer to move back in.

He will only if Ava does. She doesn’t seem happy and understands that he won’t give up on Ava.

channel thinks johnny homeless Days

At home, EJ drinks as he texts Ava to see if she’s given thought to his offer.

He texts again as a reminder and looks around, anxious. Stefan finds him worried. EJ says Ava’s voting rights were restored and he needs her and Johnny on their side.

stefan ej kick gabi out days

He invited them to move back in but they’re taking their time thinking about it. Then they can kick Gabi’s “very perfect and sexy ass out.” It bothers Stefan when EJ says this.

He thinks his brother was almost challenging him to agree. EJ doesn’t think this is up for debate.

EJ despises her but thinks she’s a “stunningly beautiful woman with a killer bod.” Stefan is physically repused when he thinks of being with her. EJ finds that strange.

Stefan can’t believe he was in love with the woman. EJ wonders then why he still wears his wedding band.

Stefan’s not sure. He calls it an adjustment, being resurrected after four years. He hasn’t given it thought. EJ apologizes. Maybe he has subconscious feelings for her.

Before Stefan “died,” they were soulmates. Stefan doesn’t feel it so EJ says then why not take the ring off. Stefan takes a drink.

ej text ava offer days

As Gabi and Ava work in Gabi’s office at DiMera, Ava’s phone goes off.

Gabi’s surprised she’s ignoring it. “It’s just EJ,” Ava muses. Gabi can’t believe she’s ignoring his texts.

“You want a horse head in your bed?” Ava says he just wants her to move back into the manse.

Gabi doesn’t think she should, considering how he thought she was nuts. Ava shrugs. EJ apologized.

gabi worried ava move Days

Gabi’s so exasperated that she grabs Ava’s phone and tries to respond but Ava won’t let her.

EJ will find a way to massage her votes out of her. Ava thinks she’s above that and wants to move back in just to prove Gabi wrong.

When Ava reveals he offered to move Johnny back in, Gabi changes her tune and rushes her to tell him she’s moving back in. Ava is tempted. The amenities are amazing with the cook, and servants.

“A movie theatre,” Gabi says. Ava starts to reconsider. Gabi thinks she prefers EJ over his son. Sins of the father and all that. “Son’s a hottie but the father’s so naughty,” she says. Ava laughs.

She comments about Stefan’s return. Gabi gets uptight about it and thinks Dr. Rolf did something to Stefan’s brain to make him hate her. Ava’s sorry.

She asks why it matters though since she’s engaged to Li. Gabi loves Li but Stefan’s return feels incomplete.

ava sorry gabi soulmate lost Days

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At SPD, Rafe stops Jada’s work. She has plans with him tonight and he hopes it’s not going to make her boyfriend jealous.

He calls it a reward for getting two perps into jail.

She tries to minimize what she did but he says, “Blabety blah blah.” He won’t take no for an answer.

She agrees. Eric’s working late anyway. Rafe thinks they can surprise them with dinner.

rafe blabety blabety days

At home, Eric’s on a call, upset. He thanks the caller and says he’s praying for them.

After he disconnects, Nicole appears. He lets her know his mom’s illness is progressing.

He tells her it’s similar to the one his dad had that Orpheus gave him.

Nicole’s sorry. The orchid is extinct now and there’s nothing they can do.

eric worries mom dying days

Rex returned and they visited Dr. Rolf as a last resort, but he can’t help.

Nicole worries Marlena, Kate and Kayla may die. Nicole tells him to go be with his mom.

She’ll go with him. Eric says John thinks it’s best they stay away tonight so his mom can rest.

She comforts him and he hugs her when Rafe and Jada walk in. It’s a little awkward.

eric wants family days

They explain that she’s calming him down since his mom is so ill. Rafe’s sorry.

Jada asks what’s up but he’s finally controlled his emotions and doesn’t want to get into it.

Nicole appreciates the surprise. Eric lost his appetite and he and Jada take off together.

Rafe thinks Eric looked so sad. Nic is glad he has Jada. Rafe and Nicole kiss and talk about sex on the table they’re sitting at.

eric caught days

Will arrives at Allie’s to say goodbye. He’s going back to L.A. for work. Allie’s surprised since their grandmothers are sick. He doesn’t have any options.

She worries about his relationship with Sonny but he knows that it can withstand the long distance thing. They talk about Allie’s problems with Chanel because of Johnny.

Will reminds his sis that she chose her. Allie thinks she overreacted and they made up but she shows Will the note that Chanel made her. “She wrote a note with PS, glad we made up,” at the end.

That it was a PS worries Allie. Will calls her insecure. She knows. She is attracted to men and knows Chanel is. Still, Will reminds her again that Chanel chose her.

Allie can’t get past that she married Johnny. She’s confused. He asks if she’s missing guys. She thinks of Tripp sometimes but loves Chanel and wants to make her happy.

She’s been thinking of having a threesome with Alex Kiriakis. Will’s surprised. Allie admits she was appalled but can tell Chanel was into it. Allie doesn’t want her to miss out.

will surprised about threesome days

They can do it together and she could still be with a guy. She asks if her brother’s ever had one. Will grins, uncomfortable. He can’t discuss it without Sonny present.

He’s private. Allie asks if he thinks it’s immoral. “No. Of course not, as long as everyone is consenting.” She needs to do it because she wants it, not Chanel.

She agrees. She’s still confused. Will takes off. Chanel returns to Allie drinking red wine.

She reveals she was with Johnny, talking about the possibility of him moving into the manse with Ava, the mob princess.

allie talks threesome days

She doesn’t think it’s a good idea and wants Allie’s opinion.

Chanel drinks some wine and almost spits it out when Allie suggests they have a threesome with Alex. 

In Eric’s room, he brings up what she saw, him hugging Nicole.

eric sad with jada days

Jada’s glad Nic was able to calm him down but she wants to be that calming source for him. He touches her chin and thanks her. They kiss and start making out.

jada eric have sex. Days peacock


Ava runs into Johnny outside Salem Inn. He lets her know he’s moving into the mansion again.

A friend made him see he wanted this. Ava admits she too talked to someone who harangued her into it. 

Back in Gabi’s office, she’s on a call yelling at someone to find Dr. Rolf. Stefan arrives.

stefan visit gabi office days

She was just thinking of him. He tells her he was reminded again that he’s still wearing her ring.

He gives it back. He doesn’t want more reminders of her or their marriage.

He takes off, leaving her heartbroken.

gabi heartbroke days

Johnny arrives at the DiMera mansion and tells his dad he’s moving in. With Ava.

Ava appears behind him, smirking.

johnny move back manse days


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