Days Recap: Ava Stalks EJ, Susan Warns EJ of Danger, and Ava Gets a Shock From [Spoiler] in the DiMera Crypt

Days of our Lives Peacock recap for Friday, October 28, 2022.

In today’s Days episode, it’s Halloween in Salem and Ava gets a very creepy visit from her past, while Alex helps Steph and EJ is stalked.

In the last Days recap, it was Halloween in Salem, the kids went trick-or-treating, and Gabi and Brady were jealous.

From the office, Alex gets a text from Sloan who asks if he’s up for more tricks.

She sends a photo of the handcuffs. He’s in and starts to text back when Stephanie appears. Alex finished a deal and asks her to do a PR release about it.

sloan text alex DaYS

She will but wants him to do something for her. She brings up seeing him half naked in handcuffs and he says that’s not a good HR discussion.

She agrees and says she needs his help to get her back into Sloan’s apartment. He asks if she’s asking him to commit a crime.

She asks if he can find the key. He knows where it is but it’s still stealing.

It’s a line. Steph scoffs. Sloan never should have had these materials.

It’s blackmail! The stakes have never been higher.

She thought she could spin it. Alex says he and Sloan don’t have feelings for one another but he can’t have sex with her to get the file.

Steph thanks him anyway.

steph favor alex DAYS

From her office, Paulina calls and leaves a message for Stephanie, thanking her for taking care of everything.

Sloan appears. “What the heck?” Paulina says their business is concluded.

Paulina thought that Steph took care of it.

sloan with paulina DAYS

Sure, Sloan says, by trying to buy her off with counterfeit money!

Paulina’s aghast.

steph vows help DaYS

She decides she doesn’t believe her but Sloan has no reason to lie.

It’s a terrible time to have her daughter’s exploits revealed since she’s up in the polls.

Paulina explodes.

paulina blackmail talk DAYS

She wants to talk to the client directly but Sloan refuses. In fact, they’re asking for more.

If the money’s not in this offshore account by morning, her career is over.

So his her daughter’s. She stomps out. Steph arrives and Paulina yells at her. What was she thinking?

Her foolishness means the client wants more money. Steph’s sorry. She is working on it. 

Steve wanders the hospital in a pirate costume.

Tripp arrives and learns he just missed the Halloween party.

Little Malachi told him the most impressive barf trick.

Tripp laughs. He says the kid is cool. Steve says they’re best buds.

He should stay and teach him another trick.

Tripp can tell his father wants him to stay in Salem for good.

Steve loves having his son there. Tripp loves being here but his life is in Seattle.

He’s headed there tonight and came to say goodbye. Steve says his mom will want him to say goodbye.

Tripp tells his dad that EJ ran her out of town. He doesn’t know where she is. Steve says he could have had her arrested. Steve says it’s unlike Ava to give in.

steve pirate halloween DAYS

In her room, Kayla tries to get Joey to come home to Salem, permanently.

He’s in a vampire costume as she reminds him of all the reasons he should stay.

Supervillains, paranormal activities, Dr. Rolf raises people from the dead… She brings up Wendy’s name.

vampire joey halloween DAYS

She heard him and Tripp talking about her. They’re both into her.

Joey admits they are but that isn’t a reason to keep them in Salem.

He reminds his mama that they’ll video chat and visit. She wants him to be happy. They say I love yous.

He offers to stay a few more days but she’s fine.

He jokes that she did it for attention. “Look at all these cards.” He finds a present.

She guesses it’s from Julie and it’s salt water taffy. She opens the card. It’s from Orpheus. Kayla’s smile falters. Steve arrives.

They tell him about the card and he reads it. “Congratulations, you lived to tell the tale,” Orpheus says.

He talks about being man enough to admit when he’s been bested.

They’ll never be far from his thoughts.

kayla card orpheus DAYS

Steve calls Roman and John and learns they each got the same card. Steve tries to reassure Kayla.

EJ jumps on a call at home with Belle to celebrate being rid of Ava.

He won’t go public with her crimes and tells Belle that he’s glad to have banished the woman.

ava stalks EJ days halloween

Meanwhile, Ava stalks him from the window.

She puts on a clown mask and lifts a knife as EJ looks out the window, shocked.

ava knife clown Days halloween

Suddenly, a clown walks in — the same costume. EJ throws a fit.

Chad removes his mask. “It’s just me,” he says.

EJ tells him someone’s stalking him in the same costume outside but when they look, Ava’s gone.

chad clown costume DAYS halloween

EJ asks Chad to come back and work at DiMera.

He refuses. He has a job. He doesn’t want more responsibility.

EJ agrees to let him come back to DiMera at his own pace but he doesn’t want to.

He likes PR and working with Stephanie. EJ seems surprised.

Chad says it’s not like that.

He’s not ready to date yet. EJ gets it.

They hug and EJ says he’ll give his shares back.

ej chad hug days

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Alex arrives at Sloan’s place dressed as a cop. They decide to play strip search.

She drinks wine and tells him about her horrible day.

He should get rid of Stephanie, who she calls an “incompetent lying bitch.”

He says that’s a shame but he came to play.

alex cop costume halloween days

He cuffs her and blindfolds her as they start playing.

Once she can’t see, Alex steals her keys.

She asks what he’s doing.

He claims he’s getting undressed but he goes into her files.

alex finds key halloween days

He tells her that he heard a story about his cousin tying a guy up to look for an amethyst.

She didn’t even sleep with the guy.

What a waste, he says, finding the file.

Someone comes to the door and they both wonder who the heck that is.

alex finds the file days halloween


By the hub, the creepy clown appears to Tripp. She tells him it’s her, Ava.

They go into the waiting room alone and she tells him she’s sneaking around to see him.

He invites her to Seattle with him.

She can’t and assures she’s not going back to Philly.

She’s worked too hard to turn her life around. He begs.

She agrees to it. She has something to take care of first.

clown ava tripp days halloween

Tripp arrives in Kayla’s room.

He tells Joey that Ava’s coming to stay with them.

Joey’s shocked but Tripp says she has nowhere else to go.

Kayla asks them to stay in Salem.

Back at the manse, EJ has a hard time working when he sees the clown has returned.

susan masked halloween DAYS

 He threatens the clown with a letter opener and the clown starts to dance around and squeal in a high-pitched voice. 

She takes off her mask. It’s Susan. “Mother,” he says, trying to get her to relax.

susan ej halloween DAYS

She claims she’s there because she was worried for him.

There’s danger around the corner.

susan cites danger DAYS halloween

Steph shows up at Chad’s.

He tries to offer candy and she tells him she was fired.

chad candy halloween days

Ava returns to the DiMera crypt and says bye to Jake since she’s leaving Salem.

She says it was a big decision.

susan clown days halloween

She was determined to get revenge on EJ but instead, she listened to her son and she’s letting it go.

“That was your first mistake. Listening to the wrong son,” says Charlie (Mike Manning), who seems once again, back from the dead!

charlie back dead again halloween days


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