Days Recap: With EJ’s Unwitting Help, Ava Convinces Xander to Kidnap Susan, While Sarah Faces Giant Roaches in her Motel

Days of our Lives Peacock recap for Tuesday, November 1, 2022.

In today’s Days episode, EJ and Susan share a moment, Susan assures Johnny that he has a new love coming into his life, and Ava, with EJ’s help, convinces Xander to kidnap Susan.

In the last Days recap, as Halloween in Salem wound down, Alex stole from Sloan, Maggie went trick-or-treating with Holly, and because of Victor’s abuse, Xander and Sarah moved out of the house.  

Sarah sniffs around the No-tell-motel that she and Xander moved into while on a call with Maggie.

Maggie tries to persuade her not to live in the dive. Sarah says she can’t move back home.

Maggie assures her she can handle Victor but Sarah says it’s fine. She looks in the bathroom and recoils in disgust.

sarah sniffs motel DAYS

She keeps searching and after she disconnects from her mom, she looks under the bed and screams.

She jumps on the bed and when Xander shows up, she yells at him to look under the bed.

sarah on bed cockroach DAYS

He does and finds a cockroach.

Disgusted, she calls it gigantic.

They leave the door open to get rid of the smell and Ava in a blonde wig lurks outside.

ava lurking motel days

They talk about Xander’s job prospects being bleak and he says he can always turn to a life of crime. Outside, Ava grins.

ava blonde lurking DAYS

Xander whispers that he could smuggle a few diamonds and then whisk her away.

She reminds him he’s not that kind of guy anymore. He decides to find a respectable and high-paying job.

They kiss and he takes off. Ava strolls on after him.

sarah talks desperation DAYS

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie asks Alex about what was in the file that he had her take out of Sloan’s house.

He won’t give details but admits it saved lives.

maggie alex cuddle DAYS

She leaves and Chad appears to ask Alex to get Stephanie reinstated with Paulina.

Alex says that he already has. The way Chad’s acting makes Alex wonder if the DiMera has feelings for Stephanie. The questions get under Chad’s skin.

He says what did or didn’t happen between him and Steph is none of Alex’s business.

Besides, she’s not into him. 

chad alex talk steph DAYS

On a call with Sloan from her office, Paulina vows to meet the lawyer to pay her off. “No tricks,” she says.

They disconnect and she asks the lord to give her strength. Steph appears with the file.

Paulina starts yelling that she didn’t neutralize Sloan and now she has to pay her off.

Steph says she doesn’t need to do that. She shows Paulina the file and when Paulina asks how she got it, Steph is sketchy with details.

Paulina asks her to thank them. Paulina says it’s time to squash Miss Peterson like the roach she is.

Steph has ideas on how to stop Sloan when she comes for them.

Steph is still worried since unfounded rumors snowball into more. Still, Paulina has the proof and thinks her baby girl is in the clear.

paulina pays sloan DAYS

From the DiMera mansion, Johnny talks with Wendy. She’s grateful that she has a place to stay.

They start getting into plotting when EJ saunters in. Johnny quickly tells her he’ll call back.

EJ knows that he’s plotting against him. Is he seeking revenge on Ava’s behalf?

Susan rushes in and tells EJ off. “You don’t have a lick of proof,” she says.

johnny laughs dad DAYS

They tell Johnny about the clown with the knife stalking EJ. Johnny says it’s not him.

He’s not a homicidal maniac. Susan believes him.

EJ reminds her she touched his photo and said she couldn’t get a read on his intentions. Susan blames her powers.

Sometimes there’s static. EJ believes Johnny. He’s glad his mama’s there. He goes off to the office.

Susan asks if Johnny’s being honest. He says he’d never dress up to scare his dad.

He lets his grandma know that he and Ava got close when she lived here.

ej doesn't think johnny bonding DAYS

“Don’t tell me you did a little hanky panky?” Susan doesn’t care about the age difference.

Elvis was a decade older than his Priscilla and they had their problems.

She knows Ava’s a mafia princess and she doesn’t want him to be led into a life of crime like her brother Thomas, who was dragged into the tug race of the seedy underworld.

Johnny assures his grandma that won’t happen.

susan talks about thomas brother DAYS

Ava’s gone. Susan asks if he’ll reconcile with Chanel. “Oh right. She swings both ways. She swung right into your sister’s arms.”

Johnny sighs. “Grandma!”

Susan’s positive her grandson will find someone else to share his big heart with.

She touches his heart and says, “In fact…” She giggles as she sees something.

He asks what and she senses He’s going to find love right around the corner.

susan love around corner johnny DAYS


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Chanel arrives home with breakfast. She needs to discuss something with her.

She thought she’d be more comfortable if it was just the two of them.

“Wait. Are you gonna ask me to have a threesome?” She says she and Allie are hot but she’s not into women.

Except for that one time she had a crush on Sailor Moon.

wendy worries threesome DAYS

Chanel says she wasn’t going to ask her for a threesome.

Why would she even think that? Wendy explains that she heard Allie talking about them hooking up with some guy. Chanel says it was one time. Chanel wants to talk about what’s going on between her and Johnny. Wendy says they’re friends.

Chanel won’t tolerate her using him. Wendy promises she’s not.

They’re working together to find out what her brother and his dad are doing behind their backs.

“He’s not into me that way anyway.” Chanel says she and Allie are protective.

Wendy knows she was once married to Johnny. Chanel feels bad about hurting him and now he lost Ava.

chanael wants johnny friends wendy DAYS

Chanel has to get back to the bakery. They talk about how Johnny gets this eager puppy look on his face and burst out laughing when Johnny shows up. Chanel goes and Wendy quickly changes and asks if she looks okay. Johnny fixes her collar and tells her she looks great. They lock eyes and he grins and looks away.

wendy long hair with johnny

Back at the No-tell-motel, Sarah looks up how to get rid of roaches.

Maggie arrives with lemon bars. Sarah attacks them, and Maggie notices the stench. No wonder she has her door open.

Sarah puts up a wedding photo and says someone scratched ‘I hope you die’ into the wood of the side table.

Maggie wants to take her home. Sarah says no and tells her mom about Xander joking about stealing diamonds.

Maggie gets out her checkbook. She needs a pen and grabs a book and smashes the side of the table, killing a cockroach.

Sarah thanks her mom for the check and promises to pay her back. Maggie says not to rush. 

maggie lemon squares DAYS

At the square, Xander reads the want ads and marks up the ones he doesn’t like, while Ava in her disguise, sits behind him.

“Patriotic donkey? What the hell is that?” Ava says to forget the want ads.

She has a job for him. He looks at her. “Ava Vitali?” She tells him EJ ran her out of town.

She’s being discrete. Xandy asks what she did.

xander not nerd days

She refuses to say and asks for his help in kidnapping EJ’s mommy.

Xander loathes EJ but cant snatch up his mom. Ava says you can unless you like living in the roach motel.

She overheard him talking about smuggling diamonds. Her errand is easier and more lucrative.

He tells her to go to hell when EJ walks up with a bag from Sweet Bits. “Who are you talking to?”

Xander reminds him that he was once his caregiver. EJ snorts that a child could have done it.

xander with ava square DAYS

Even so, Xander asks him to return the favor and give him a job.

He has information EJ might find interesting.

Ava worries. EJ calls Xander disloyal and pond scum.

He goes on to call him a loser and a bum. Ava smirks and EJ says he’s stupid to be outwitted by Philip Kiriakis.

ej snipes at xander DAYS

Xander ruffles at that. EJ suggests he become his hedge trimmer.

He chuckles as he takes off and Ava asks if he’s reconsidered her offer. Xander looks like he’s out for blood but says EJ’s a tool but kidnapping is a lot. She says, “Like you haven’t done worse.”

He knows but that was before. She shrugs. It’s babysitting.

xander vs ej square days

Once EJ pays the ransom, they let Susan go.

Xander likes the sound of millions but wonders how to keep it secret from his lovely wife.

“Tell her you won the lottery,” she says. He’s in. “Let’s bleed that bastard dry.”

Ava grins like the cat who caught the canary.

xander with ava snatch susan days

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Alex thinks Chad’s marking his territory.

Steph eavesdrops as Chad reminds Alex that his wife just died. He doesn’t want to move on with anyone, let alone Steph.

“Eventually,” Alex says.

Chad yells that there never will be anything going on between him and Stephanie.

Steph looks hurt as she eavesdrops. She interrupts.

Chad says he was there to talk to Victor about saving her job.

Steph says she was hired back this morning.

She asks for a minute alone with Alex before they get to work, causing Alex to perk up.

Chad leaves and Steph thanks Alex for helping her. She invites him to dinner as repayment.

He asks if it’s crossing the line. She’s making an exception.

steph upset eavesdrops DAYS

Chanel finds her mama at work and learns the nightmare is in the past.

They peruse the file and hug, grateful.

chanel nightmare over days

EJ returns home to find Susan sampling the Halloween candy, and not enjoying it.

He gives her the bag from Sweet Bits.

A chocolate croissant. She’s overjoyed and hugs him.

ej with mama croissant days

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