Xander Signs Divorce Papers, Paulina Gives Alex a Pep Talk, and Stefan’s Deprogramming Seems to Backfire

Days of our Lives recap for Tuesday, January 31, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Rolf attempts to deprogram a resistant Stefan and Sarah pressures Xander to sign their divorce papers, and everyone and their brother gives pep talks. 

In the last Days recap, Rolf arrived to deprogram Stefan, Xander made Leo an offer he couldn’t refuse, Jack threw Gwen out and fired her from The Spectator and Sarah decided it’s time for divorce.

From the Johnson condo, Stephanie listens to Alex “the jackass'” voicemail asking to make amends.

She ignores it and starts writing a speech for Kayla’s memorial. She writes about not saying goodbye and Steve arrives.

steph listens to alex voicemail Days recaps soapsspoilers

Joe and Tripp are at the hospital to discuss donating Kayla’s body to science.

Thanks to Kristen, they can’t even do what she wanted.

Stephanie and Steve talk about how he calls her  Little Sweetness.

Steph says she wants to help people as her mama did.

He assures her she does. They embrace. She tells him he should have some pie. 

steve hugs steph DAYS recaps

Paulina arrives at the Kiriakis mansion to find Justin. She wants to hire him.

Alex is lifting weights shirtless and tells her Justin’s the best but he’s not there.

Paulina squints at him and tells him to put his “man toys” away and put on a shirt. She’s going to tell him off.

paulina the queen Days recaps soapsspoilers

She goes ahead and does that and he says he’s beating himself up enough. He knows what he did was wrong.

He doesn’t expect her to know what it’s like to make such a monumental mistake. Paulina does know.

She tells him about giving up Lani and how terrible that was for everyone involved.

Alex is sorry. She goes on to say they forgave her. This gives Alex hope.

Paulina suggests he go see her in person to apologize so she can look in his eyes.

paulina tells alex a story DAYS recaps

Chad arrives at the Horton homestead and hugs Jack. They’ve missed him. Jack is clearly upset.

He cut Gwen out of his life permanently. He didn’t think she’d leave. “And now I’ve lost both of my daughters,” he says, glum.

They talk about missing Abigail.

jack hugs chad Days recaps soapsspoilers

Jack calls him strong and they discuss going skating with Stephanie.

Jack knows he deserves more days and he doesn’t want to overstep, but he hopes he finds love again.

Abby would want that too. Chad can’t think of that now. His wife has his heart.

chad talks to jack about abby Days recaps soapsspoilers

Jack brings up Stephanie but Chad tries to tell him nothing is going on. “There might have been,” but he wasn’t ready and put a stop to it.

Jack thinks Stephanie is willing to wait until Chad’s ready but Chad says no. She moved on with Alex.

Besides, if Chad made a move now, it wouldn’t be fair to anyone.

Jack says there will never be the right time to take the next step.

He thinks Chad has to take it and it won’t mean he loves Abby any less. He gets emotional so Chad hugs his father-in-law.

chad and jack talk about abby DAYS recaps

At the Horton square, Leo’s shocked that Gwen sacrificed everything in her life for Xandy, who is in love with his wife.

He caresses his still red neck from when Xander choked him and talks about how nice it is to look at the Scot and listen to his accent. 

leo and gwen talk about her sordid past Days recaps soapsspoilers

Gwen says when she first came to town, she did some sordid things and he forgave her.

Now she can’t seem to break the pattern of disappointing Jack.

She thinks he’s better off without her because she loves him. She also cares about Xander.

Leo encourages her to go against Xander so she can have her dad in her life.

Gwen says it’s too painful for her to see Xander in prison.

gwen loves xander Days recaps soapsspoilers

She tells herself to let him go, that they’re just friends but she can’t let him go.

She’s still in love with him even if he doesn’t love her back. Leo thinks that Xander still loves her and he thinks the hottie is ready to let go of Sarah.

Leo says to go over there now. He’ll get them a room at Salem Inn while she claims her prize.

leo tells gwen to get her man days of our lives recaps

At Xander’s no-tell-motel, Sarah begs Xander to sign the divorce papers.

He wants to explain what she saw with Gwen the other night. She thinks she knows but he explains exactly what happened and how unromantic it was.

He asks why she came the other night. She refuses to say.

He prods her and she admits she was going to give him another chance.

Xander says there’s no reason not to give him another chance if it’s just about Gwen.

Sarah doesn’t believe him and thinks he has a connection with Gwen and that he still loves her.

xander begs sarah Days recaps soapsspoilers

He doesn’t dispute this. Sarah talks about all of his lies. She reminds him of his misdeeds and says he’s not the man she fell in love with and she doesn’t want to be married to him anymore. She begs him to sign.

He reminds her she was drawn to him as a bad boy. She admits it’s true.

She did like that and she thought she could soften his edges.

They get close and she lectures him on how he’s not good enough for her.

It pisses him off. She says to sign the papers. HE does so and she goes, though she doesn’t look happy.

He sits on the bed, head in his hands.

xander and sarah divorce days of our lives recaps


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In the DiMera secret room, Rolf turns up to deprogram Stefan.

Stefan says there’s no lab there anyway. Just a lot of cobwebs, wine and psychosis.

Rolf stashed some lab things in the tunnels and goes off to get them while Stefan tells Gabi he hates her.

She thinks he’ll thank her for deprogramming him. He promises he won’t. Their life wasn’t all flowers and love.

rolf and gabi ready to deprogram stefan days recaps

She says they were wonderful before and the feelings he has can’t stay buried forever.

Stefan asks why she can’t let the feelings resurface on their own.

Rolf appears with his lab and admits there are always risks. Stefan freaks out.

Rolf explains there are possible hitches such as amnesia, aphasia, and death.

rolf and stefan talk about the deprogramming DAYS recaps

Stefan and Gabi yell, “What?” Dr. Rolf asks if she changed her mind.

She’s worried. Stefan starts yelling and questioning Rolf’s sanity.

She likes the odds. “Just do it, Rolf.” She gags Stefan after he calls her a “selfish bitch.”

stefan deprogrammed days of our lives recaps

They start things off. Rolf gets into the deprogramming.

It seems to be going well at first and Stefan remembers loving Gabi and then the equipment starts to go haywire.

Stefan shakes and shudders and Rolf has to shut it down.

Gabi fusses over Stephan who comes to and looks at her. “Gabi?”

stefan recognizes gabi days recaps

Leo bumps right into Sarah in the Horton Square. Her divorce papers fall and he comments on it.

She tells him off and takes off. “Go Gwennie,” Leo says to himself.

Gwen arrives at Xander’s no-tell-motel, and when Xander answers the door, he takes Gwen in a searing kiss.

xaander and gwen kiss days of our lives recaps


Chad arrives on Steph’s doorstep with a devilish grin.

chad goes to see stephanie days of our lives recaps

Steve is stopped at Brady’s pub by Jack who embraces him, sorry for his loss.

steve hugs jack at  brady pub days of our lives recaps


Alex stops at Horton square for flowers for Stephanie to give her with a letter he wrote at home.

alex buys flowers stephanie days of our lives recaps

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