Xander and Gwen Blackmail Jack to Takeover The Spectator, Alex and Allie Have Sex, Sarah Takes Rex to Bed & Chanel and Johnny Almost Kiss

Days of our Lives recap for Thursday, February 9, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Chanel and Johnny catch drunken Allie and Alex in a compromising position and hell broke loose as Allie took Alex to bed and Chanel almost kissed Johnny again. Meanwhile, Gwen and Xander took Jack down a few pegs.

In the last Days recap, Joey played cupid for Tripp and Wendy, Allie and Alex consoled each other over their romantic woes as Chad talked to his kids about dating Stephanie and learned they were happy about it. Meanwhile, Chanel and Johnny walked in on Allie and Alex together drinking.

Alex and Allie are drunk at Small Bar when Chanel and Johnny appear and see Alex with a portion of lime in his mouth and Allie taking it from him with her mouth. “What the hell?” Chanel says.

They try to explain they’re not kissing. Chanel starts yelling at him to check himself and check for underwear.

Allie and Alex break into drunken laughter. Chanel says she always finds them together and Allie points out that she’s with Johnny. As usual.

alex and allie drink tequila days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

They laugh when Johnny asks how much they’ve had to drink. Allie asks why he’s there with her girlfriend.

He says his plans were changed and he ran into Chanel. This isn’t a date. Allie thinks it is. She assumes they’ll reminisce about their Italian wedding.

Chanel tells her to stop it. She’s using this as an excuse to be with Alex. Allie doesn’t need one. They have fun together. Chanel asks her to come home with her and sober up so they can set things straight.

Allie thinks the word “straight” is an interesting choice of words. She’s killing her buzz and unless they want to join them for a shot…Chanel takes Johnny and goes, leaving Allie feeling sad and drinking more.

Alex asks her to swallow her pride and go to Chanel but she just wants to swallow more tequila. 

At the Brady’s pub, Tripp assumes Joey asked Wendy to come out with him. Wendy admits it’s true. He sees how much he’s hurting over what happened with his mom. Tripp says he also is playing cupid. He’s seeing someone and knows he likes Wendy. Tripp isn’t looking to take someone else’s girl though and since she’s with Johnny, he knows she’s off limits. They talk about her non-date with Johnny and Tripp urges her to call him and go.

tripp and wendy days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

At Salem Inn, Leo talks about ordering room service as Gwen scrolls on her cell phone. He becomes annoyed. They’re supposed to have a fun night of sugar, gossip and crap TV. She thinks he’s waiting for Xander to call. She reluctantly admits she is. Leo asks her to get out of bed and rips her phone from her hands. Leo knows she has these expectations and is only going to get hurt. He’s been there. She’s playing the long game. She asks if he’s talking about Xander’s manhood. He says he’s not but when he lived there he did get a few glimpses. Leo looks upward and says, “Whew.” Leo gives her a pep talk. He says he’s probably working out.

leo and gwen at salem inn days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

A body like that and he must work out 6  or 7 times a day. Leo texts someone and Gwen complains. She whines that Xander will take her to bed but not in his heart which belongs to Sarah. Leo encourages her to try but she has. “Tis better to have loved and lost…something…something. Shakespeare said that.” Gwen corrects him. “Actually Tennyson said that. He had no idea and yet he was a theatre queen in high school. He realizes he spent most of his time trying to turn all the boys who didn’t know they were gay yet. He hugs her. She’ll be okay.

leo hugs gwen days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Jack bumps into Xander in the park and tries to walk away. “Is this it?” Xander asks.  Is their friendship over?

Jack’s not sure they were. He’s showing his true colors. Xander claims he was desperate but Jack doesn’t want excuses.

He infected Gwen and took advantage of her. She was trying to better herself and  Xander pulled her into his muck. Xander’s sorry.

xander yells at jack days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Jack says it’s unforgivable now because he knows better. He always reverts to the same selfish loser he’s always been.

Xander begs him to at least give Gwen another chance. He’s disowned her.

Xander asks if that’s the kind of man he wants to be. That’s how Victor treated her.

“Toe the line or you’re out.” Gwen was never going to be Abigail, the golden girl.

Jack asks him not to bring her into this but Xander says Gwen tried to change herself to make Jack proud.

She needed his love but instead, she got his judgment.

Xandy says Jack talks a lot about the man he is but what kind of man is Jack?

Xander decided he doesn’t want to be friends with someone like him.

jack angry xander calls loser days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Sarah finds Rex at the Kiriakis mansion. She hugs him, sorry about his mom.

Rex has a letter from his brother for Victor. “It’s a letter from Philip.”

He’s in a hospital getting help for framing Brady for murder.

gwen hugs rex days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

She agrees to keep it quiet even from Xander since they’re divorced.

After she’s filled him in on the gory details of their split, Rex is sorry and shocked. She says he did warn her.

Rex shrugs and says he was a terrible partner to her.

He was happy she forgave him for cheating on her and asks if he’ll forgive Xander too. She says it’s done.

rex lets sarah hit a pillow  days recaps

Papers are filed with the court. And Xander’s sleeping with Gwen.

They talk about how dedicated of a doctor she is and he has a way for her to let the pain out.

He holds a pillow for her and she hits it as she yells about hating Gwen and Xander.

It only makes her angrier but she decides something else will and they start making out.

rex  sarah kissing days recaps

As Leo’s hugging Gwen in their suite at Salem Inn, Xander arrives. He tells her about his run-in with Jack and told him what he thought of the ultimatum.

Xander can’t stand how he treats her.

Leo lays on his bed as Xander bemoans all that Jack took from her. He wishes he could help.

Leo says neither of them has to take this laying down. Though he admits if they want to lie down they can.

gwen and xandy  days recaps

The thought gets him hot and bothered and he says he knows a way to put Jack in his place.

Throw his sins back in his face. Leo talks about Jennifer being the hit-and-run driver and how Gwen took the high road and didn’t tattle for Jack’s sake.

Maybe now they can “make that sanctimonious bastard pay.”

leo offers a suggestion for xander and gwen days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers



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In the park, Chanel and Johnny talk about how irrational and frustrating Allie is. Johnny thinks she gets it from their mom.

He loves her but it’s hard to have a relationship with her sometimes. Johnny thinks his sister’s stupid to have let her go.

They wander into the pub where Wendy gives Johnny the eye and he looks uncomfortable. She can see he changed plans.

chanel and johnny the pub days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

She takes him aside and gives him a piece of her mind. He claims he’s trying to be a good friend like she is for Tripp. She reminds him she wasn’t married to Tripp. Johnny can see it looks sketchy.

She doesn’t like thrillers but she doesn’t like them so they went for a drink. Tripp tells them to go ahead with the movie but Wendy thinks there’s something going on between them.

Johnny says they’re friends but Wendy clarifies it looks complicated and messy. She likes him but doesn’t think they have a chance if something is lingering between him and Chanel.

“So that’s it. You wanna break it off?” She doesn’t want to hurt him but doesn’t want to get hurt.

Chanel and Johnny go and Tripp’s sorry and offers to bet there for her.

wendy dumps johnny days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

At Paulina’s place, Johnny and Chanel pour some wine.

It’s the same wine they had the night on the Amalfi coast.

Johnny realizes they’re doing what his sister accused them of. Reminiscing.

johnny pours wine chanel days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Chanel doesn’t care. She can feel the breeze of the Mediterranean drinking it.

He jokes that she’s laying it on thick and they continue to reminisce.

They almost kiss and Johnny turns away. They can’t do this. She agrees.

chanel johnny almost kiss  days recaps

Allie can’t get the key into her lock at home so Alex helps. Henry’s with the babysitter at her place who has a five-year-old. “Isn’t she swell,” Allie says.

She invites him to stay and they relax on the sofa. She thanks him for tonight.

He asks to crash in the office and she asks him to crash in her bed, “Underwear optional.”

She tries to seduce him and starts taking his clothes off. He breathes heavily and they start kissing. Loud.

ALEX AND ALLIE SEX  days recaps

Off comes his shirt and Alex gets on top of her and kisses her neck.

Gwen finds Jack at the Horton house. She guesses he wants his key to the house back. He does. He asks if that’s all and Xander wanders in.

He says no, they also want to take The Spectator from Jack. If he doesn’t sign it over to them, Gwen will send Jennifer to prison for running her over. Jack looks aghast.

gwen and jack takeover spectator  days recaps

Back at Salem Inn, Leo takes a note on his phone, calling himself Lady Whistleblower, and talking about the change of ownership at The Spectator.

“Check back soon to have your appetites indulged.

No gossip is too debauched, No one in Salem will be spared.”


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