Stefan Drugs EJ, Eric Catches Nicole as she Collapses, and Sloan Takes Li and Rolf on as Clients and Chloe’s Missing

Days of our Lives recap for Tuesday, February 7, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Stefan realizes his plot against EJ went awry, Nicole’s still feeling the effects of being drugged, and Eric comes to Nicole’s aid.

In the last Days recap, Kate, Kayla and Marlena met Nick Fallon in the Great Beyond, Alex and Steph cleared the air, and Doug and Julie mourned Marlena with Chad.

At SPD, Jada holds Gabi back from entering the interrogation room where her brother is getting a statement from Dr. Rolf.

She needs to get Rolf to continue deprogramming Stefan.

Rafe gives Rolf some pop and he says, “Citric acid upsets my stomach.”

rolf doesn't drink pop Days of our lives recaps Soapsspoilers

Rolf’s annoyed. He has important work to do. Rafe says he can leave as soon as he flips on his partners in crime.

Rafe talks about the toxin and Rolf says he did all he could to save the three women.

Rafe brings up Kristen and Li’s names and asks for intel on them but Rolf claims he doesn’t know anything about the brainwashing of Stefan or anything else.

rafe interrogates rolf Days of our lives recaps Soapsspoilers

Rafe’s patience wears thin. Rafe says if he wants Trask on his side, he’ll need to give up information.

If he gives him enough about Li to put him away, he may earn his get-out-of-jail card. Gabi appears.

She needs Rolf to complete the deprogramming. She tells him to buy new equipment from

She stares and Rafe kicks her out so Rolf will feel comfortable signing the statement.

Jada tells her she’ll call as soon as Rolf’s released. Gabi relents a little, though she says she can’t relax until she gets her love back.

gabi interrupts rafe and rolf Days of our lives recaps Soapsspoilers

In the square, Li yells at someone on a call about not keeping Rolf from coming to Salem.

They tell him to calm down but he’s about to lose everything. Sloan strolls by and overhears and offers Li her services as a lawyer.

She heard all about him. Arrested at his own wedding. “Only in Salem,” she quips. She thinks he should hire him.

She thinks since Gabi hasn’t sent him divorce papers, she’s having second thoughts.

He tells Sloan about Gabi trying to get to his burner phone. He can’t force Gabi to stay married.

“Sure you can,” she says. He just needs the right lawyer. She already has a plan. Li hires her.

sloan offers services Days of our lives recaps Soapsspoilers


When Sloan leaves the square, Gabi turns up and rubs Li’s nose in the fact that Stefan’s in love with her again. She admits there’s an issue but she’ll get that figured out.

gabi taunts Li DAYS recaps

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Brady finds Eric drinking beer in the afternoon at the pub. Eric invites him to join but Brady reminds him he’s sober and so was Eric.

Eric’s pissed but Brady’s concerned.

Eric dumps half the beer down his gullet and insists he’s fine.

eric drinking Days of our lives recaps Soapsspoilers

“Nothing says fine like solo day drinking.” Eric reminds Brady he lost his mom. “She was your mom too,” he says.

Brady knows. He fights tears and says they need to lean on each other.

The men hug and talk about how Rachel’s mad at Chloe, blaming her for Kristen going away. Eric’s sorry.

Talk turns to his women. He and Jada try to avoid each other and he and Nicole are working on it.

Brady believes he still has feelings for Nic and thinks he always will. Eric’s got Sloan.

eric hugs brady Days of our lives recaps Soapsspoilers

Brady thinks he’s trying to prove he’s not pining for the love of his life.

Anna comes in and hugs Eric. She can’t believe Marlena’s gone. Carrie’s heartbroken and poor Roman lost so much.

Eric says he’s not there so she’ll come back later.

She tells both men that she’s there for them and talks about the mess with Chloe. Brady hasn’t heard.

anna hug eric Days of our lives recaps Soapsspoilers

Anna says she came to dump Stefan and Vivian Alamain called and told them Stefan was being held captive in the secret room by Gabi.

“What?” Brady says. Anna details how Rolf was deprogramming him. Eric thought Rolf was MIA. Anna says she found him.

“Say what you want about Gabi but she knows how to get things done.” Brady asks if it means Chloe’s done with Stefan.

She explains she’s not sure and Brady takes off to find Chloe. Anna sees Kate’s urn and gasps. “Is that Kate?”

Eric says Roman likes having her nearby. He goes and Anna talks to Kate’s urn about feeling useless.

She says, “Thank you. And you’re right.” There is something she can do. She leaves.

anna tells eric and brady about rolf deprogramming stefan Days of our lives recaps Soapsspoilers

In the DiMera mansion, Stefan feels bad about how they treated Gabi and isn’t sure either of them should be CEO of DiMera.

EJ’s confused. Stefan says she was successful as CEO.

EJ’s baffled and asks what the hell is wrong with his brother.

EJ talks about drinking with Nicole who usually can hold her liquor.

He talks about how the champagne hit her hard.

ej at dimera mansion Days of our lives recaps Soapsspoilers

She appears and tells EJ that she’s still having issues because of the alcohol. She doesn’t know why.

She’s still having headaches and nausea. Stefan’s sorry she’s feeling this way.

He goes to get Cook to make her tea and toast.  

It’s all she can keep down. She’s sorry she hit on EJ yesterday but EJ’s not concerned.

nicole feels ill Days of our lives recaps Soapsspoilers

He hugs her. Stefan returns with toast and tells them that after what Rolf did to him, he’s in love with Chloe and Gabi. It’s a mess.

Nicole leaves the room with some toast and EJ tells his brother the stock price could take a hit if they made changes right now at DiMera.

He thinks they should stay co-CEOs. Stefan reluctantly agrees. When EJ’s back is turned, Stefan drugs EJ’s tea and they drink to being co-CEOs.

ej and stefan drink and ej's tea is drugged DAYS recaps

Anna follows Brady to Salem Inn where he’s knocking on Chloe’s door to no avail.

Anna gets an idea and says she’ll be right back. She returns with a key card. He’s not sure he should do this but Anna convinces him.

They head inside. He wonders why she’s with him. She says she has nothing better to do.

She offers to record their happy reunion. Chloe wonders where all of her things are.

He checks the drawers. Nothing is there. She’s gone.

anna and brady in chloe's room DAYS recaps

Nicole sits on a park bench feeling like poop. She moves to stand and gets dizzy.

She almost falls when Eric rushes up and grabs her. He offers to take her home. She can smell beer on his breath and refuses.

He’ll call her a cab but she can call one herself. She looks for her phone and says she must have left it at home.

In EJ’s bed, she gloats before she stomps off.

nicole collapses on eric DAYS recaps

Sloan arrives at SPD and stops Rolf from signing the statement. She tells him she’s his lawyer. He grins and starts to chuckle.

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