In Tears, Sonny Throws Leo Out, Sarah Finds Xander and Gwen in a Compromising Position & Stephanie Grieve Kate and Kayla

Days of our Lives recap for Monday, January 16, 2023.

In the last Days recap, Stephanie pressed Alex for answers, Sloan ambushed Chanel, and Leo and Gwen sought legal advice from Sloan.

In today’s Days episode, Sonny learns the truth from Will and throws Leo out, Justin and Bonnie counsel Sarah to wait to file for divorce, Chad comforts Stephanie over Kayla’s death and Sarah gets the wrong idea when she finds Xander and Gwen together.

Justin and Bonnie run into Sarah outside the Brady Pub and invite her to join them for dinner.

Sarah tells them she’s been working non-stop on the cure for Marlena. She says without the orchid, there’s not much they can do.

Sarah changes the subject by asking for Justin’s help with something – she wants to divorce Xander and she needs Justin’s help.

The trio takes a table in the Pub and Justin says he’ll be happy to help Sarah divorce Xander. He’ll even do it pro bono.

sarah bonnie justin outside bradys pub days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Bonnie chimes in with her thoughts – she thinks divorce might not be the best idea.

Justin assures her there’s no conflict of interest in representing his cousin’s wife in a divorce because Xander has shown no family loyalty.

Bonnie doesn’t think there should be a divorce. She thinks Sarah should give Xander a second chance.

Sarah is surprised Bonnie of all people thinks she should work things out with Xander.

Bonnie reminds them what she did to Adrienne was just as bad, yet Justin found it in his heart to forgive her.

Sarah reminds her Xander kidnapping Bonnie and Susan led to Susan’s death. Sarah’s not sure she can get past that.

sarah wants justin help divorce xander Days recap soapsspoilers

Bonnie says Susan’s death was not Xander’s fault.

Sarah wonders if Bonnie has delayed Stockholm syndrome, but Bonnie says she saw a documentary about that, and this isn’t it.

Justin surprises Sarah when he says Bonnie may have a point. Sarah should take time to think about things before ending her marriage.

He admits Xander has only a nodding acquaintance with the truth, but he’s also made Sarah happy.

Justin encourages Sarah to let the dust settle before making a decision and Bonnie suggests doing couples’ therapy.

Sarah’s not sure she can trust Xander again. What would be the point if he ends up in prison anyway, she wonders. She leaves.

bonnie wants sarah give xander another chance Days recap soapsspoilersPeacock

Justin and Bonnie share a slice of cake after Sarah has gone. 

Bonnie remarks she feels bad for Sarah. 

Bonnie can see Sarah still loves Xander. She wonders if there’s still hope for them.

Justin marvels at his wife’s ability to forgive. 

Bonnie reminds him she’s been in Xander’s shoes. She feels for him.

Justin tells her she’s proven to him once again she’s one of the best people he knows.

bonnie drinks at the pub Days recaps soapsspoilers

Gwen knocks at Xander’s motel room door. He answers the door, drunk as a skunk and reeking of booze.

He tells her he’s in the middle of a major crisis.

“I just ran out of Scotch,” he cries.

Gwen comes in and surveys the messy room.

Xander tells her Sarah wants a divorce.

xander drunk at no-tell-motel Days recap soapsspoilers

He adds he’s probably going back to prison, but Gwen interjects it won’t happen if she has anything to say about it.

Gwen tells Xander about Rafe’s deal to keep her out of prison and meeting with Sloan. 

But she’s not going to take the deal, she tells him.

“Are you daft?” Xander asks. “Take the damn deal!”

Gwen assures him she won’t sell him out to the cops and nothing he says will change her mind.

Xander tells Gwen since he’s probably going back to prison, now is the time to collect if she wants anything from him.

Gwen admits there is something she wants – for Xander to stop being so bloody defeatist and pull himself together!

Xander thinks it’s pointless since Sarah’s divorcing him and he’s going back to prison.

xander finds more booze Days recap soapsspoilers

Gwen tells him to shut up and start fighting for himself and his marriage.

She smacks the bottle out of his hand and pushes him into the bathroom for a shower.

They emerge from the bathroom, Xander fully dressed and soaking wet. He admits he feels a bit more alert.

Gwen rifles through the dresser drawers and finds dry clothes for Xander to change into. He gives her a shirt to wear.

Gwen can’t help but sneak a peek when Xander takes his shirt off.

xander gets naked DAYS recap


Will hears Leo speaking to Sloan in the Horton living room and eavesdrops on the conversation.

Leo tells Sloan how Will is trying to prove to Sonny Leo is no good. 

Sloan reminds him how much Leo’s helped Will’s cause by helping Gwen and Xander.

“That little bitch Wilhelmina would eat this up if he got the chance,” Leo says.

Even worse, Leo thinks he’ll lose Sonny’s friendship.

Will smirks a little and steps a little closer to listen in, unseen.

will watches leo and sloan Days recap soapsspoilers

He hears Leo admit he helped Xander cover up the kidnapping. Will’s smirk turns into a smile.

Leo goes on to talk about dressing up as Mr. Clown to confuse Bonnie about Xander being the real kidnapper.

Allie texts Will about Julie’s rosary, so Will sneaks upstairs to find it.

Leo and Sloan sip martinis on Alice Horton’s couch while Sloan breaks the bad news to her client.

She tells him if Leo testifies against Xander, the musclebound Scot will know who his accuser is. 

“Who came up with that idiotic rule?” Leo asks.

Sloan tells him it’s the Sixth Amendment and Xander’s lawyers will be able to cross-examine Leo, too.

Leo asks if Xander will be able to tell anyone about him testifying and Sloan says Xander can tell anyone he wants.

Leo isn’t happy with this. Most of all, he doesn’t want Sonny to know the truth of his part in Xander’s crimes.

Sloan thinks a plea deal is Leo’s best chance at staying out of prison. 

She thinks if Leo helps DA Trask land this big fish, Leo the little guppy will be off the hook.

sloan and leo meeting Days recap soapsspoilers

Leo says he can’t do it because Sonny will know what he did to help Xander.

Sloan is dumbfounded Leo would risk prison to save his relationship with Sonny. She thinks Leo really has it bad for Sonny.

Leo laughs nervously and says Sonny isn’t even his type, but Sloan clearly isn’t buying it.

Leo admits Sonny is handsome, kind, funny and wonderful… and then realizes he’s totally crushing on Sonny again.

Sloan reminds him Sonny is a married man, but Leo thinks their marriage is about to implode.

Leo says even if he can’t have Sonny for himself, he still wants to be his friend.

leo and sloan drink martinis days of our lives recap

Alex is alone in the Kiriakis living room, downing a drink when Sonny walks in.

He asks how Alex’s conversation with Stephanie went.

“It’s over bro,” Alex answers. “I just lost the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

He pours another drink.

alex drinks Days recap soapsspoilers

Alex tells Sonny how Stephanie already knew the truth when he got there. 

Sonny tells him to give himself a break. He didn’t know why Chad was calling.

Alex doesn’t think it matters because Stephanie hates him.

Sonny reminds him Stephanie just suffered a major loss, but Alex doesn’t think she’ll get over his role in keeping her from being with Kayla in her final moments.

Alex tells Sonny that Stephanie never wants to see him again.

sonny says alex made a mistake Days recap soapsspoilers


Alex sits alone in front of the Kiriakis living room fireplace, still drinking. He flashes back to an intimate moment with Stephanie in that same room.

“I can’t stay here,” he says to himself.

He downs his drink, grabs his jacket and leaves.

alex drinks alone kiriakis living room days of our lives recap


Stephanie is alone at the Johnson apartment. She takes her phone out and makes a call.

Chad answers and asks how she’s doing.

“Things aren’t too great over here,” she replies. “Do you think you could come by?”

Chad says he’s on his way and hangs up.

stephanie on call with chad Days recap soapsspoilers

Chad gets to the Johnson apartment and Stephanie tells him how she’s feeling about what Alex did.

He says he already knew. Sonny told him about it and about Alex’s plan to confess and apologize to Stephanie.

Stephanie says she had already put the pieces together before Alex got there. 

Because of him, she wasn’t with Kayla when she died.

Chad encourages Stephanie to see Alex’s point of view. He didn’t mean for what happened to happen.

Stephanie says Alex took her choice from her and that’s what kept her from saying goodbye to her mother.

Chad asks how he can help.

chad and stephanie talk about alex Days recap soapsspoilers


Chad serves Stephanie his world-famous spaghetti and meatballs in the Johnson kitchen.

“Is this an old DiMera family recipe?” Stephanie asks.

Chad says Kate taught him how to make it.

Stephanie expresses her sympathies about Kate’s death. She knows Kate was like a mother to Chad.

Chad admits Kate understood him better than his own parents. She was hard as hell on him but always lifted his spirits.

Stephanie raises a glass and makes a toast to Kate, gone but not forgotten.

She thanks Chad for dinner and the company.

She opens the fridge and finds an apple pie Kayla made for her, with a note from Kayla saying it’s to make up for her missing out at Christmas.

Chad hugs Stephanie as she cries.

steph drinks Chad serves Stephanie his world-famous spaghetti and meatballs in the Johnson kitchen.“Is this an old DiMera family recipe?” Stephanie asks. Chad says Kate taught him how to make it. Stephanie expresses her sympathies about Kate’s death. She knows Kate was like a mother to Chad. Chad admits Kate understood him better than his own parents. She was hard as hell on him but always lifted his spirits. Stephanie raises a glass and makes a toast to Kate, gone but not forgotten. She thanks Chad for dinner and the company. She opens the fridge and finds an apple pie Kayla made for her, with a note from Kayla saying it’s to make up for her missing out at Christmas. Chad hugs Stephanie as she cries.

Chad and Stephanie enjoy Kayla’s last apple pie at the Johnson family kitchen table.

Chad says he’s grateful to enjoy it with Stephanie. She says Kayla would have been disappointed if it had gone to waste.

She thanks him for coming over, saying she doesn’t think she would have gotten through the night without him.

chad and steph eat pie days of our lives recaps

Will returns to the hospital waiting room. Sonny spots him and the husbands embrace.

Sonny asks if Will has seen Marlena yet. 

Will tells him the doctors are limiting her visitors, so everyone is in the chapel praying with Julie.

Sonny asks if he wants to join them, but Will wants to tell him something about Leo.

will and sonny embrace days of our lives recap

Will spills all of Leo’s tea to a surprised Sonny, who wonders if Will didn’t misunderstand what he heard.

Will assures him he heard everything right.

“My God,” Sonny says about Leo. “That sneaky son of a bitch.”

Sonny dashes off to confront Leo and Will tells him to tell Leo “Wilhelmina says hello, good riddance, and go to hell.”

sonny with leo hospital days of our lives recap



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Alex ends up drinking more at Small Bar. Sloan walks in and asks where his little girlfriend is.

Sloan says she’s offended she didn’t get a thank you note since she’s the reason Alex and Stephanie got together.

“I figured Ms. Johnson was so grateful you stole that file from me, she just had to give you the time of day,” Sloan says.

Alex tells her it’s over and it’s all his fault.

Sloan’s not surprised and assumes Alex strayed.

He sets her straight and tells her the details. Sloan confirms he screwed up.

alex gets wasted small bar days of our lives recap

He asks if there’s any chance he can fix this, but Sloan says there’s no chance.

Alex says he feels like his life is over.

Sloan tells him he made the fatal mistake of getting emotionally involved. That’s why she prefers to keep things no strings attached.

“Nothing is worse than a broken heart,” she observes. “Or so they say.”

Sloan gives Alex a pat on the cheek and walks away.

sloan finds alex drinking small bar days of our lives recap


Leo returns to the Kiriakis mansion and meets up with Sonny.

Leo suggests they have Cook whip something up for dinner.

“There’s no need,” Sonny replies. “Not gonna be here for long. Neither are you.”

Sonny tells a surprised Leo to pack his things and go.

Leo assumes Will demanded Sonny throw him out, but Sonny says this is his choice. 

He doesn’t want Leo anywhere near him.

A confused Leo asks what’s going on. 

Sonny says he knows Leo was involved in Bonnie’s kidnapping.

leo at kiriakis manse DAYS recaps

Leo tells him he’s got it all wrong, but Sonny doesn’t want to hear it. Will told him everything.

“That little twerp!” Leo says. “Was he stalking me?”

A tearful Sonny reminds Leo of everything he’s done to help him. He verbally rips Leo to shreds.

Leo admits he screwed up and asks for another chance, but Sonny isn’t feeling forgiving.

sonny kicks leo out DAYS recap

Leo promises to make amends and grovel to everyone he’s hurt, especially Sonny.

Sonny says he’s not giving him another chance to a despicable, selfish con artist.

Sonny says the funniest part is he thought he and Leo were actually friends.

Leo says they are friends, but Sonny disagrees.

“We’re not friends, Leo,” Sonny tells him. “You are not my friend. You are nothing to me.”

Sonny tells him to get out of the house before he throws him out, then leaves the room.

sonny kicks leo out Days of our lives recaps today soapsspoilers


Sonny calls Will to tell him he confronted Leo and threw him out.

He’ll be back to the hospital soon, but Will encourages him to take care of getting Leo out of their lives first.

Sonny admits Will was right about Leo. Will says he’s just sorry Leo hurt him again.

Leo walks in with his luggage. Sonny ends his call with Will.

Leo asks if Sonny is going to tell the police what he did. Sonny says he hasn’t decided yet.

Before he goes, Leo tells Sonny their friendship meant everything to him, but Sonny doesn’t believe it.

Leo tells him their bond was sweet and special and real. 

He apologizes again and leaves the mansion, while Sonny looks conflicted.

leo sorry to sonny days of our lives recaps

Gwen walks out of the bathroom, buttoning her borrowed shirt as a shirtless Xander is struggling to put a pair of jeans on.

xander shirtless shocked sarah there. Days recaps soapsspoilers

There’s a knock at the door and Gwen answers the door to a shocked Sarah, who surveys the chaotic scene.

“What the hell is this?” she demands.

sarah shocked finding gwen with xander Days recaps soapsspoilers

Xander pleads for a chance to explain, but Sarah expresses her disgust at both of them and storms off.

xander lays on floor drunk DAYS recaps soapsspoilers

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