A Shocked Sarah Reveals to Rex She’s Pregnant, While Sonny Says Goodbye to Salem and Leo Gets Dirt on Alex for The Spectator

Days of our Lives recap for Thursday, March 2, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Sarah is shocked to hear she’s pregnant, Xander’s divorce hits a snag, and Maggie tells Alex he’s not the next CEO of Titan, while Sonny says goodbye to family.

In the last Days recap, Stefan realized he’s in love with Gabi just as she moved in with Li, and Wendy caught Johnny with Chanel and tried to make him jealous. 

At the no-tell-motel, Xander does push-ups before Sarah pounds on his door. He lets her in and she starts yelling at him.

“How could you do it?” He has no idea what she’s on about. She yells that he stole The Spectator from Jack and Jennifer, “You son-of-a-bitch!”

xander and sarah no-tell-motel Days of our lives recaps

She read Jack’s editorial that he was giving the paper to Gwen. Xander says they were always going to give the paper to one of their kids.

She rants about what an “evil bitch” Gwen is and Xander sneers.

“Yeah. Right, like all you Hortons were perfect saints until Gwen Rizczech came along, huh?” Sarah tells him to save it.

She talked to Jennifer who said she couldn’t get into it. Xander says Jack made a choice.

xander yells sarah DAYS recaps

Sarah demands to know what he and Gwen did. He tells her that they blackmailed them and he blames Sarah.

He wasn’t going to do it until she rubbed the fact that she had sex with Rex in his face. She asks how he could do that to his best friend and then feels sick.

He asks if she’s okay and she races into the bathroom to vomit. She returns thinking she must have eaten something bad. She’s glad they divorced. She’s done for good. She goes.

xander and sarah pregnant Days recaps

Leo swans in from using the printer downstairs as Gwen works on something for The Spectator at Salem Inn. He has the first lady.

The premiere edition of Lady Whistleblower’s gossip column. She reminds him he could have emailed her.

In the piece, he gossips that Sonny contracted scabies during a gay orgy, attended by his father.

leo happy gossip column Days of our lives recaps

Gwen looks horrified. It just keeps getting worse. She rips it up. She can’t print lies. He calls the truth so 2015.

The Spectator’s a snooze and needs energy. She says Sonny can sue for libel. Leo doesn’t like her as a wet blanket.

She says they’ve standards to uphold that were upheld by her dad and dead sister. She tells him to go out and get her dirt she can use. He takes off, unhappy. 

gwen tells leo to write truth Days of our lives recaps

At the Brady’s pub, Sonny talks to Will on a call about how good Henry was on the flight.

Chad arrives and he disconnects. The men hug and Sonny tells his friend that he and Will aren’t doing the long-distance thing.

He’s leaving for New Zealand to be with Will. Chad’s face falls. He’s surprised but happy for them all.

Sonny leaves today. He had to wrap up loose ends at Titan. Chad asks how Victor took the news.

sonny says goodbye chad Days of our lives recaps

Sonny laughs. It wasn’t good, but Titan’s in good hands with Alex. Chad realizes she’ll be reporting directly to Alex. He calls himself a lucky man to be with Steph.

Justin arrives to say goodbye. He’s thrilled he’ll be reunited with Will but he’ll miss his son. Chad will miss hanging out with Sonny too.

justin chad and sonny Days recaps



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At Titan, Alex tells himself he’ll miss Sonny but could get used to being the CEO. Stephannie arrives and he tells her about Sonny’s big move.

He says she’ll be stuck with him. He doesn’t think Sonny has the Kiriakis drive. The killer instinct. She thinks he has a huge ego.

They talk about who will be cutting her big checks now and about boundaries. It’s sexually charged as they shake on the changes.

Leo saunters on in and interrupts. He tells them he’s the new gossip columnist for The Spectator. He asks Alex if it’s true that his abs broke up Salem’s favorite bisexual bakers.

Alex acts dumb and Leo asks if he broke up Challie. Steph looks concerned as Leo asks if he drank with Allie and stumbled back to her place for sex. Leo talks about Chanel finding them and asks how it was being found, especially after that threesome.

leo wants a scoop Days recaps

Stephanie’s shocked. Alex smashes Leo’s recorder. “She showed up the next morning,” Alex says to take his whistle and shove it up his blower lady

. He kicks Leo out. Alex tries to explain but Steph says his personal business has nothing to do with her. She takes off.

alex smashes leo's recorder Days recaps

Rex goes to the Kiriakis mansion to see Sarah but Maggie says she’s not home.

They have things to discuss though like the fact that he’s sleeping with her daughter. Henderson saw him leave her room and gossiped, she says.

She wants to know what his intentions are for her daughter, who is vulnerable right now.

Rex says he’s going home and wants Sarah to come with him. To work with him. 

rex wants sarah to go with him days recaps

Gwen visits Xander at the roach motel. She tells him how excited she is about their first paper going out.

He’s not thrilled and tells her about Sarah’s visit, that he revealed the blackmail but not the details.

Gwen thinks she wouldn’t be so sanctimonious if she knew her cousin got high and ran her down. She immediately apologizes.

She knows he’s still in love with Sarah. It’s confusing to her since Xander indicated that he wanted to be with someone more like her, not Sarah.

xander and gwen talk about sarah Days recaps

Xander’s not sure he’ll ever be over Sarah. While Gwen’s looking for answers as to what’s going on with them, Xander’s sorry but he’s just ended his marriage and isn’t ready.

Gwen thinks they should keep things professional then. She’s hurt but tries to keep the talk to work. When she leaves, she cries outside his door.

gwen cries over xander days recaps

At the hospital, Sarah’s still green around the gills. Nurse Emiko (Hanna Lee Sakakibara) questions her.

Sarah downplays it and they agree they should run some lab tests. Later, Sarah sits alone looking upset when Rex appears. Emiko told him she was there.

They need to talk. She agrees they do. “I’m pregnant.”

nurse emiko days recaps

Back at the pub, Alex appears. Sonny asks him to get along with Chad. They all sit together and talk about Alex being CEO.

Justin and Sonny agree that he’s most like Victor and will kill it as CEO. Chad laughs and Sonny asks him to relax.

Alex hugs Sonny. They’ll miss each other and call each other “big dummies.” They say I love you and Alex goes, ignoring Chad’s outstretched hand.

Stephanie arrives and hugs Chad. She’s there to say goodbye. Everyone hugs Sonny and he promises to return. 

sonny and justin and chad and alex brady pub DAYS recaps

Alex arrives home to see Maggie. She wanted to discuss Titan business. He asks where Uncle Vic is. He’s out of town and asked her to handle this.

He’s giving the job to a different Kirkakis.

maggie says alex not getting job days recaps

Justin visits Xander at the no-tell-motel, which surprises Xander. Justin says there’s a problem with the divorce.

Gwen returns to Salem Inn and Leo shows her his new work. That manwhore Kiriakis will be a fountain of gossip for them he says. She’s impressed but is hurting.

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