Secretly Pregnant Sarah Signs Divorce Papers & Plans to Move to Chicago with Rex, Maggie’s Titan’s CEO, and Jack and Jen Leave Salem

Days of our Lives recap for Friday, March 3, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Xander and Sarah reluctantly sign new divorce papers, even though Sarah is pregnant with his child, Alex is stunned when Maggie is named the new CEO of Titan, and Gwen says her goodbyes to Jack, who leaves Salem with Jennifer. ATTN: This is our last recap for the time being. There wasn’t enough demand to warrant writing them so I decided to shelve them for a while. We’ll keep posting spoilers, Days comings and goings and feel free to check the daily spoilers which will be updated with bits from each episode as well as photos in the Days spoilers section. – Chrissi

In the last Days recap, Sarah was shocked to hear she was pregnant, Xander’s divorce hit a snag, and Sonny said goodbye to family before moving to New Zealand.

In the Kiriakis living room, Maggie has just told Alex he won’t be the next CEO of Titan. He can’t believe what she’s saying. 

Maggie says Victor was all set to give Alex the job, but then he received an unsettling phone call that changed his mind.

Alex demands to know who the caller was. Maggie tells him it was Leo Stark.

maggie says alex not getting job days recaps

A shocked Alex says Leo is a worthless, conniving little troll. “No arguments here,” Maggie says.

Alex correctly guesses the call had something to do with Leo’s new gossip column. Maggie confirms this, saying Leo told Victor a story about Alex’s threesome with Allie and Chanel.

“So what?” Alex says. “We’re all consenting adults.”

maggie refuses to let alex work titan Days of our lives recaps

The problem is Leo alleges Alex’s affair with Allie destroyed her relationship with Chanel, Maggie says.

Alex is outraged his sex life is being used against him. Maggie says it’s about how the optics reflect on Titan.

Victor thinks Alex’s personal life has become a liability and he won’t take the risk of making him CEO.

Assuming Xander is the new CEO, Alex goes off on his cousin’s dodgy employment history until Maggie tells him to calm down. It’s not Xander.

Finally, Maggie tells him that she is the new CEO of Titan.

She reminds Alex she has run some very successful restaurants, but he points out it’s not the same as running a multi-national corporation.

Maggie says she’ll have Alex to help her – if he agrees to be her number two.

Alex calls Victor to confirm the truth of what Maggie has told him. From the one-sided phone call, it’s clear Victor has told Alex that Maggie is in charge now.

alex upset not CEO cause of sex life Days of our lives recaps

Maggie asks if hearing the news from Victor has made it easier for Alex to accept. He says he loves her, but he doesn’t think she’s qualified for the job.

Maggie tells him about her childhood on the farm and being left in charge at a young age. She stuck with it and the farm was a success, so Maggie thinks she’ll be fine as the CEO of Titan. 

Plus, Victor says she has great instincts. Alex asks if she has killer instincts. 

“Well, how’s this for killer instincts?” Maggie asks. “You’re fired!”

Alex is stunned. Maggie says it was a joke and tells him to lighten up.

She understands he has doubts, but the Kiriakis family is Maggie’s family, too. She’s prepared to do whatever it takes to keep Titan on top.

It’s time to get moving and Maggie needs to know if Alex is onboard or not.

maggie CEO of titan Days of our lives recaps

In her room at the Salem Inn, Gwen is pacing while Leo is bouncing off the walls with excitement about their new issue of The Spectator coming out tomorrow.

“Did I ever tell you that Lady Whistleblower was my nickname in college?” Leo asks. “Although, that had nothing to do with gossip… or whistles.”

gwen doesn't pay attention Days of our lives recaps

Gwen isn’t listening. She’s still thinking about what Xander said about defining their relationship after his divorce from Sarah is finalized.

Gwen worries Xander’s heart will always belong to Sarah, but Leo thinks he’ll come to his senses and declare his love for Gwen.

gwen comforted by leo Days of our lives recaps

Just then, there’s a knock at the door. It’s Jack, looking dour as ever. 

He comes in and hands Gwen the keys to The Spectator offices.

Leo tries to make small talk, but Jack says he has unfinished business with his daughter.

Jack says he hopes Gwen appreciates the years he and Jennifer spent building trust with their readers.

Gwen says she will do her best to live up to the standard they set.

Jack admits he’s grateful one of his children is looking after his legacy.

An angry Leo jumps in to remind Jack he disowned Gwen. She promises to take good care of the newspaper.

leo and jack and gwen salem inn Days of our lives recaps

Jack says he and Jen are leaving Salem tonight. Father and daughter both say they’re sorry things ended up this way.

“You made your choices,” Jack says. “And I made mine. Now we have to find a way to live with them.”

Jack says despite how things have turned out, he will always love Gwen but thinks it will be easier with a little distance between them.

On the verge of tears, Jack wishes her love and happiness and tries to leave, but Gwen stops him. 

“Dad, I love you, too,” Gwen says.

Jack says nothing and walks out.

jack says goodbye gwen Days of our lives recaps

In Xander’s motel room, Justin has told Xander there’s a problem with the divorce. Xander doesn’t understand. He and Sarah filed the papers weeks ago.

Justin says things didn’t go smoothly. Xander and Sarah are still husband and wife.

Xander asks if Sarah changed her mind about the divorce, but Justin doesn’t think so. Xander asks why he and Sarah are still married.

Justin says that one of the court clerks misplaced the paperwork and it was never filed. He pulls out a fresh set of the papers for Xander and Sarah to sign again, promising he’ll make sure they’re filed this time.

Xander reviews the papers and notices Sarah hasn’t signed yet. Justin admits she doesn’t know about any of this yet.

Xander wants to hold on to the papers. Justin asks why he doesn’t sign now. Xander says he just wants to read before he signs as Justin taught him, but that’s clearly not true.

Justin leaves the room.

xander shocked still married to sarah Days of our lives recaps

In an examining room at the hospital, Sarah has just told Rex she’s pregnant. Sarah is clearly unsettled by the news, but Rex is overjoyed with the news.

Rex starts rambling on, assuming he’s the father of Sarah’s baby. He asks if having a baby will change things between them.

“Except we’re not,” Sarah says.

Rex is confused. Sarah says she is having a baby, but it’s not his.

She tells him the tests show she’s too far along for the baby to be his. Rex feels like an idiot. He correctly guesses Xander is the father.

Rex asks what she’ll do now. Sarah isn’t sure, thinking that she and Xander are divorced. She thought she was getting a fresh start.

Rex says she may still get that fresh start. He heard of a job opening at his hospital in Chicago, talked Sarah up and so the job is hers if she wants it.

sarah having xander baby Days of our lives recaps

Sarah looks at the job description online and admits it sounds perfect for her. But she’s worried that Rex will get the wrong idea – she’s not interested in having a relationship with him.

Rex asks if this pregnancy means Sarah will stay in Salem so Xander can be a father to the child.

Just then, Xander appears in the doorway holding the new divorce papers. Sarah asks what he wants.

Xander says he needs to talk to her about something. He notices the tension and asks if he’s interrupting something.

Sarah lies and says she was consulting on a case with Rex. Xander asks if they can chat alone.

Rex tries to get rid of Xander, but Sarah calls him off. Rex leaves the room.

xander sarah and rex days recaps

Xander updates Sarah on the status of their divorce and the need to sign new paperwork. He asks again if this is really what she wants. Sarah says they’ve been over this.

Xander feels like this is a sign from the universe they should give their marriage another shot.

Sarah wonders if this is another of Xander’s scams, but he denies it. He thinks there must be a reason they’re supposed to stay together. 

Sarah says she got a sign from the universe, too. She tells Xander she’s taking the job in Chicago.

Xander is stunned, but Sarah thinks it’s best for everyone involved that she leaves Salem.

She asks for the new set of divorce papers and signs them. Reluctantly, Xander signs, too.

Xander says they had a good run while it lasted. Sarah agrees. Xander wishes her good luck in Chicago and walks out.

sarah xander divorce final days recaps

Julie is sitting on Alice Horton’s couch looking at her tablet when Jennifer walks in.

Doug is upstairs unpacking from the Hawaiian cruise he and Julie just got back from.

Julie tells Jen she was just looking at the latest issue of The Spectator and she can’t believe what she’s read – Xander and Gwen are now in charge of the newspaper.

julie hugs jennifer Days of our lives recaps

As usual, Julie wants answers. Jen updates her with all the latest in the Gwen saga, including that she and Xander blackmailed Jack into giving them The Spectator.

Julie figures out this is about Jen running Gwen down.

Jen is stunned Julie knows. Julie admits she’s known since Christmas.

“It’s not as though you did it on purpose,” Julie says. “Did you?”

jennifer feels gulity Days of our lives recaps


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Jen says it was all an unfortunate accident caused be her pill-popping.

Julie says she won’t stand for it and makes a hasty exit, but Jen brings her back in.

Julie thinks someone needs to teach Gwen a lesson, but Jen says it’s not worth Julie going to prison.

julie knows jennifier hit and run Days of our lives recaps

“You know, this is all Jack’s fault,” an angry Julie says. “None of this would have happened if he just kept it in his pants.”

Just then, Jack walks in and he’s heard everything.

“Oh, Julie,” he says. “How I’ve missed you.”

Jack fills them in on his final meeting with Gwen, handing over the keys to The Spectator and giving her advice.

He admits Gwen was surprisingly receptive, but Julie thinks she’s playing an angle.

jack interrupts julie Days recaps

Jack says they’re leaving tonight. Jen says there’s a local paper that needs their help. Julie hopes they’ll be visiting again soon.

Julie promises to keep an eye on Gwen. If she does anything to hurt anyone, Gwen will be answering to Julie!

Leo and Gwen are eating outside in Horton Square, but Gwen’s lost her appetite.

She’s worried she made a terrible choice when she chose Xander over her family.

Leo tells her to have faith. He’s certain Xander loves her. Those divorce papers will come through any day now.

“I wouldn’t count on it,” Justin says as he approaches their table.

gwen learns xander not married days recaps

Justin breaks his client confidentiality and tells Leo and Gwen about Xander’s divorce papers being lost. Leo thinks it’s no big deal.

Justin says he’s never seen it happen before, but it might give Xander and Sarah time to change their minds about splitting up.

Gwen asks why they would change their minds, but Justin only says he got the feeling Xander was hesitant to sign the papers.

As he exits, Justin ironically wishes them a lovely evening.

justin reveals xander sarah not divorced days recap

Gwen is clearly shaken. She asks Leo if he believes what Justin said. Is Xander having second thoughts about the divorce?

Just then, Xander walks by and Leo calls him over. 

“Hey, lover boy! Get your fine ass over here.”

Leo asks why Xander hasn’t signed the new divorce papers. Xander says he actually has signed and Sarah is leaving town with Rex.

Xander says once the divorce is finalized, any connection he had to Sarah will be gone for good.

xander divorce final Days recaps

In the Kiriakis living room, Alex pours Maggie a flute of sparkling cider to toast with.

She thanks him for agreeing to be her second in command.

Just then, Justin walks in. He assumes they’re toasting Alex’s new job as CEO of Titan.

Alex says he didn’t get the job, someone else did. 

“Maggie Horton Kiriakis, CEO,” Maggie says as she raises her glass.

maggie CEO titan with alex Days recaps

Jack and Jennifer are alone in the Horton living room, wearing the Hawaiian leis given to them by Doug and Julie to send them off on their new adventure.

Jen says she knows it’s not easy to leave things with Gwen the way they are. Jack says he’s leaving with Jen and that’s what matters.

They both say “I love you” and kiss. Jack says they’ll be back one day because this will always be their home.

Jack and Jen have one last look around the Horton home before leaving.

jack and jennifer leave salem Days recaps

Rex is back in the examining room with Sarah, who’s told him she’s taking the job in Chicago. She admits she didn’t tell Xander about the baby.

Rex speaks from experience when he asks Sarah if keeping Xander from his child is a good idea.

Sarah remembers she did the same thing to Eric. She just wants time to decide without Xander breathing down her neck.

Sarah wonders how she’s gone from happily married to skipping town.

sarah and rex skip town Days recaps

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