Sarah’s Stunned to Learn Xander and Gwen Slept Together, and Chanel Has a Meltdown Finding Alex’s Underwear in the Sofa Cushions

Days of our Lives recap for Thursday, February 2, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Stephanie and Chad are anxious to see how a new stage in their relationship develops, Steve and Tripp talk about Stephanie’s guilt over not saying goodbye to Kayla, and Paulina urges Chanel to talk to her about Allie.

In the last Days recap, Xander learned of Gwen’s sacrifice for him and made out with her, and Chad poured his heart out to Stephanie and they wound up having sex.

From the no-tell-motel, Xander dreams of Sarah coming to him and ripping up the divorce papers before he wakes up with Gwen at his side. She says he seemed to be dreaming about Sarah. He goes to make coffee and admits he was. Gwen asks why she’s there. Was it a drunken mistake? Xander says it was on her part.

gwen and xander morning after sex DAYS recaps today Soapsspoilers

She slept with a drunk, messed-up loser. It was pretty dumb. “Whereas I slept with s someone who gave up her job, home and father for me.” He tells her she’s given him so much but he’s not sure what he can offer in return. He’s not over Sarah. She knows. She didn’t expect anything to come of this. He didn’t ask her to give up her life for him. She loves him but it’s her problem. She expects nothing from him. Xander cares about her. He offers to take her to breakfast. He goes to put on clothes and to herself, she doesn’t think there’ll be a next time.

xander almost nude DAYS recaps today Soapsspoilers

Chanel wakes up at Paulina’s place to her mama offering an omelette. Chanel has no appetite. Paulina won’t take no for an answer. She makes her kid breakfast and Chanel tells her everything. Paulina’s not happy she almost kissed Johnny. Chanel insists it was just comfort. Paulina’s sure that’s how it started but what if Allie hadn’t walked in on them?

chanel talks to paulina DAYS recaps today Soapsspoilers

Chanel skirts the question. She never had a chance to tell Allie she was sorry for her loss. Paulina circles back to her hurting Allie and Chanel feels her mama’s taking Allie’s side. Paulina can’t help it since Allie was so fiercely loyal while Chanel was in jail. Paulina says Allie’s at sea and Chanel needs to do the thinking for both of them right now. Chanel doesn’t know what it’s like. Paulina says books and movies lie. “It’s a cold icicle piercing your heart and until you go through it, you have no idea how strong it is.” She embraces her daughter.

paulina and chanel embrace DAYS recaps today Soapsspoilers

Alex leaves Allie’s place hungover and Wendy watches as Allie says she’ll bring him his underwear if she can find them. Sounds like they had quite the night. Wendy gets them coffee and Allie explains she and Alex crashed in the office. “Nothing happened.” Wendy asks how he lost his underwear.

alex leaves DAYS recaps today Soapsspoilers

Allie stammers and insists she has no idea but says he sleeps in the nude. Wendy says it’s not her business and learns Chanel moved out. She asks Wendy if she screwed things up between her and Johnny. Wendy says Johnny called what happened with Chanel a weird moment. “Of course he said that,” Allie says. Wendy thinks this is out of character since he’s in mourning but Allie says her brother has always had issues with boundaries and impulse control. Allie urges her roommate to find another guy.

wendy and allie talk johnny DAYS recaps today Soapsspoilers

At the Johnson condo, Tripp tells Steve that Joe went for a run and he thinks Steph’s sleeping in. They notice the flowers from Alex and scoff. Flowers won’t make Steph forget what he did. Steve laments having to call Roman about the funeral arrangements. Tripp gets a call from Bayview about Ava. He’s hesitant to discuss it but Steve says Ava matters to his son so she matters to him.

tripp and steve coffee DAYS recaps today Soapsspoilers

Besides, there are no secrets in this house. Tripp goes. Meanwhile, in Stephanie’s room, she wakes up in bed next to Chad. He looks regretful. He says it’s been a while since he woke up next to someone. Chad tells her about cheating on his wife with Gwen. He was thinking about how it was a mistake but says being with Steph wasn’t a mistake

chad and steph bed DAYS recaps today Soapsspoilers

. Once Tripp’s gone, Steph and Chad appear. It’s awkward and Chad wants to go but Steve invites him to have breakfast. After they eat, Chad thanks Steve and gives him his condolences about Kayla. “Everybody loved her.” Steve thanks him and Chad goes. Steph tosses the card and flowers in the trash. Later, she snags the letter and reads Alex’s apology. 

chad smiling DAYS recaps today Soapsspoilers

Alex arrives home to the Kiriakis estate and tells Sarah she looks like he feels. She’s getting breakfast and invites him to chat since misery loves company. Alex tells her about how he screwed up with Stephanie and Sarah tells him the divorce papers were just filed. She and Xander are over for good. He’s sorry to hear. She’s not sorry.

sarah horton DAYS recaps today Soapsspoilers

Chanel arrives home with an apology. She misses her. Allie misses Chanel too. She’s hungover and tells her about drinking with Alex. Chanel finds Alex’s camouflage underwear in the sofa cushions. She starts yelling and Allie says nothing happened. Chanel doesn’t believe it and takes off to her mother’s.

chanel and allie with alex underwear days of our lives recap february 2, 2023

Wendy finds Tripp at the park thinking. He’s upset after seeing his mother since she was catatonic. Wendy hugs him. She asks to say goodbye before he goes back to Seattle but he’s not leaving right away. Given everything with his mom, he doesn’t think he can leave. She thinks it’ll be nice to have him around.

tripp hugs wendy DAYS recaps today Soapsspoilers

Chad walks by Alex outside Brady’s pub and Alex says they gaven’t had a chance to talk since he screwed up. He comments on how he saw her with Stephanie last night. Chad remembers the door was open. Alex notes Chad’s in the same clothes as last night. Chad admits he spent the night. Alex calls him a lucky man and leaves.

alex calls chad lucky DAYS recaps today Soapsspoilers

Outside Salem Inn, Xander tells Gwen he’s off to get them breakfast from Sweet Bits. Once he’s gone, Sarah wanders up with a sneer on her face. Gwen’s sorry to hear about the divorce. Sarah scoffs. Gwen’s probably waiting for the chance to worm her way back into his bed. Gwen smirks. It’s already happened. Sarah thinks she’s lying. She doesn’t believe Xander slept with her last night. Xander walks up and says it’s true. Though there wasn’t much sleeping going on.

xander and gwen admit they had sex DAYS recaps today Soapsspoilers


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