After Justin and Bonnie Learn Xander Lied, Sarah Puts Everything Together and Dumps Xander, While Sonny Chooses Leo Over Will

Days of our Lives recap for Monday, December 27, 2022.  

In today’s Days episode, Paulina’s spirits are raised when Eli shows up with the twins.

In the last Days recap, it’s Christmas Day in Salem as Gwen Saves Xander Yet Again, Leo and Shirtless Sonny Get Caught by Will, Rafe and Jada Crack the Case and the show dedicates a Sweet Tribute to John Aniston, who died November 11, 2022.

Paulina gifts Abe monogrammed cuff links for Christmas at home. He loves them. She loves the bracelet he got her.

He says Chanel helped him pick it out. She can’t get Sloan Peterson out of her head. Eli arrives with the twins and turns her day around.

She gives the kids their birthday presents. She loves spoiling her grandbabies. Abe wishes Lani were here to see this. She gets a call from Chanel who is with Allie at Marlena’s.

paulina christmas morning Days recap SoapsSpoilers

Paulina’s shocked when he says he took the twins to see Julie last night. Paulina’s glad he’s here now.

Abe asks how Lani’s doing. Eli calls her strong but it’s killing her not being there with her family.

They hope to be together next year.

carver and jules Days recap SoapsSpoilers

He asks if the whole nightmare is over about Sloan. Abe shares that Sloan’s threatening them. Eli wants to give the lawyer a warning.

They refuse to let him. They instead, want to make today a party. Eli puts his coat down.

They sing Happy Birthday to the twins.

abe, paulina and eli sing happy birthday to twins DAYS recap SoapsSpoilers

At Steve and Kayla’s condo, Alex and Steph continue to kiss rather loudly, enjoying themselves thoroughly as he rips off her shirt and she takes his off.

He asks if she’s ready to take the next step. She is but she has no condoms. She asks for holiday-themed ones. He runs to the store.

alex shocked Days recaps

She primps and a knock comes to the door. She asks, “Did you find the candy cane ones?” Chad’s confused. He notes she’s flushed. She covers. She thought he was Alex. He’s sorry. He gives her a gift from Thomas and  Charlotte. “They wanted to make sure Mommy’s cousin got something.” She thinks it’s a CD from Olivia Rodrigo.

Chad’s shocked she guessed. She says Charlotte played it for her. Now she needs a CD player. She asks how he’s doing today. He says most days are hard and the kids are doing better than him. He admits he forgot for a moment that Abby wasn’t there with them. She’s sorry and embraces him. Alex walks in.

“Babe, I got all kinds of options.” He looks upset to see Steph in Chad’s arms. She lies that he was getting candy canes.

Chad looks like he’s going to cry so he heads to the bathroom to splash water on his face before he picks the kids up. Chad returns after Steph and Alex agree to ask him to stay.

They ask to play video games with him. Alex tells Chad he’s his only hope to beat Stephanie. Chad jokes that he may beat Alex worse than Steph.

They play and Chad wipes the floor with Alex.

chad drops by Days recap SoapsSpoilers

Sonny’s shocked when Will turns up in the Kiriakis living room, seeing him shirtless with Leo.

Will says he’s horrified. Sonny thought he was staying in L.A. Will says he convinced them to let him work from Salem.

He complains that he didn’t expect to find him shirtless like this.

leo will and sonny christmas day kiriakis mansion Days recap SoapsSpoilers

He rails on Sonny and he puts his new shirt on. Will asks why Leo has pajamas on. Will says it’s like A Wonderful Life where he is being forced to see what the world would look like if he died.

Leo decides to let “Scroogy McGrinchpants a chance to make up.” He goes to change.

Sonny tries to make his husband understand but Will keeps flying off the handle. Sonny explains he kept running into Leo while Will was never there.

wilson and leo kiriakis living room Days recap SoapsSpoilers

He details how Leo’s had a hard life but he’s trying to be a better guy. Will knows he tries to see the best in people

. It’s one of the many things he loves about his husband but he thinks he should see Leo for who he is. Sonny says he always sees the worst in people.

The first thing he thought of when he walked in is that he cheated on him.

will upset finding husband shirtless Days recap SoapsSpoilers

Will reminds Sonny that he thought the same thing when he walked in on them together in Phoenix.

Sonny yells that Will had already cheated on him. What was he supposed to think? Will’s mouth drops open.

Sonny’s sorry for bringing it up but he’s just trying to be a friend to Leo. Will believes him.

leo spies on sonny Days recap SoapsSpoilers


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He’s being a good person. Leo reappears, unseen. Sonny cries and asks if he trusts him. Will does. Sonny’s so glad to see him

. Will tears up. He’s glad to see him but says Leo has to go. Leo goes to them and thanks Sonny for his generosity.

Sonny can’t kick Leo out. “Come on,” Will says. “You’re not seriously falling for his sad Tiny Tim act.”

Will says he’ll leave, then. He takes off with Sonny calling after him.

will done with hsonny Days recap SoapsSpoilers

At the hospital, Xander gives Sarah another gift. Tickets to Greece. After the lingerie mistake, he wanted to redeem himself.

She calls it incredible but asks how he’ll play for it. He talked Kayla into giving her the week off.

He wanted it to be a surprise. She’s not upset about that. She wonders why he didn’t tell her that Bonnie accused her of being the clown who kidnapped her.

xander gives sarah gift christmas in hospital Days recap SoapsSpoilers

In the Horton living room, Bonnie tells Justin and Gwen Rednax is Xander spelled backward. Justin realizes the implications.

Xandy made it up. Justin asks Gwen if she knows why. She plays innocent. She thought it was legit and talked to the CEO.

Justin says there are no names on the website of employees which he finds odd. Gwen comes clean.

She says he was ashamed to let Sarah know he didn’t have a job. She was helping a friend and took it too far. Later, she’s alone when she calls Xander to meet.

bonnie justin and gwen Days recaps

At the Horton square, Bonnie and Justin get a drink. She’s dreading seven courses of Christmas dinner with Victor.

Justin’s mind is on Xander. What is Xander keeping secret?

Bonnie thinks he’s having an affair with Newg (Gwen), she says, using her anagram. 

justin bonnie drinks horton square Days recap SoapsSpoilers

Xander meets Gwen in the park. She tells him what happened. He’s worried Sarah will find out what he did to Susan and Bonnie.

“I already know,” Sarah says. She starts yelling and demands the truth. Gwen starts to speak and Sarah shuts her down.

She asks if this was Gwen’s idea to get Ava to use his services. Xander says that’s not it.

Ava heard he was broke and he wanted to impress Sarah.

xander and gwen park Days recap SoapsSpoilers

He reveals Rednax wasn’t real. He says Ava was his boss all along and hired him to kidnap Susan.

Once EJ paid, Susan was supposed to go free but Bonnie found them in the shed. He panicked and tied her up but when he came to his senses, he let her go.

Ava swore that Susan wouldn’t get hurt. Sarah says Susan died in a fiery crash.

Xander feels bad. Sarah says if he hadn’t kidnapped Susan, she’d still be alive.

sarah yells at xander Days recap SoapsSpoilers

Her blood is on Xander’s hands. “I know, but I didn’t mean to,” he says, weakly. Sarah says Bonnie’s traumatized and Susan’s dead and Xander lied to her.

Everything she thought they had between them is a lie, too. She doesn’t ever want to see him again.

She gives him the Greece tickets and tells him to take Gwen. “You two deserve each other.”

sarah dumps xander Days recap SoapsSpoilers


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