Dr. Rolf Starts Stefan’s Deprogramming as Sloan Dumps Eric and Wen Returns to Salem on the Warpath Before Li’s Arrest

Days of our Lives recap for Thursday, February 23, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Stefan panics when he learns of Brady’s intentions; Rafe and Jada get an arrest warrant for Li. 

In the last Days recap, Johnny and Wendy made a curious discovery, EJ started to wonder if Stefan was drugging him as Gabi is shocked by Li’s proposal.

At DiMera, Wendy finishes a call with Johnny about the vial he gave EJ when her father Wen storms into the room asking, “What’s wrong with you, EJ?”

He finds Wendy alone, who explains EJ’s at home. Wen rants about the stock issues and that he should be there.

wendy with her dad wen Days of our Lives recaps

He goes on about Li falling in love instead of being at work. “Millions are being lost and nobody’s here!”

Wendy says she’s there and reminds him she’s got a fantastic work ethic but her only fault is that she was born female. She notes he hasn’t even asked how she’s doing but she’s fine.

He claims to have more going on than stroking her ego. He was in New York when he heard the stock fell and again bitches that nobody’s here to explain what’s going on.

He makes a veiled threat to send her to Fairbanks, Alaska. She clams up. He asks where Stefan is and she winces. He’s not there, either.

Wen realizes he didn’t greet her properly but he does care. He blames Gabi for this mess but Wendy says she’s nice.

They bonded. He doesn’t think she’s ever chosen her friends wisely. He takes off to find Li and Wendy rushes to find her brother first.

wen angry nobody at work Days of our Lives recaps

At SPD, Jada and Rafe are shocked that Eric lied to them and got Rolf to sign his statement.

At least they can capture Li. She goes to turn the statement into an arrest warrant.

She thinks it’ll make him smile and she misses his smiles.

jada gets arrest warrant Days Recaps

At Salem Inn, in Li’s room, he and Gabi shake on their deal. He wants to seal it with a kiss but she won’t let him so he puts the ring back on her.

She wants those shares. He hands them over and says as long as she remains his lawfully wedded wife, they’re hers. He tells her to pack.

He’s surprised Ari’s not coming since she moved with her daddies to New Zealand. Li has connections in real estate.

He’ll find them a place. Gabi says fine.

gabi shakeson li's deal Days of our Lives recaps

Sloan sits alone at home wondering where Eric is. She calls him and leaves a message, telling him that pineapple was good on the pizza.

That he was right. She gets a notification and disconnects, learning Rolf was freed. She storms out, coat in hand.

sloan eats pizza Days Recaps

Stefan struggles with his binds in Eric’s room as Brady tells Rolf he’s about to deprogram Stefan. Dr. Rolf can’t help him.

Eric ignores Sloans call as Stefan calls this a dumb idea. Rolf explains his good equipment is halfway across the world.

Brady grabs Rolf by the lapels and attacks before Eric gets between them. Brady asks why he can’t do anything. If someone told him Dr. Rolf lost his mojo, they’d laugh in his face.

rolf can't help brady Days Recaps

Downstairs, Eric gets supplies while Rolf brings in a box. “I’ll get the waffle iron,” he says.

“They operate at a high voltage for my purposes. That’s key.” Eric holds beaters, wondering if this will work.

Rolf saw through Eric’s pathetic attempt to appeal to his ego. He thinks this will most likely work.

Rolf throws in some cutlery, and a few lemons and says he wants clam chowder. “I’m starving.” He snaps his fingers. “Make it snappy.”

rolf needs waffle iron Days of our lives recaps

Upstairs, Brady tells Stefan he knows this is kidnapping. He can turn him in after but assumes he’ll be thankful.

He and Gabi will be stuffing his Christmas stocking for the rest of his life.

Stefan says he’ll tell him where he can stuff his stocking. He calls Brady a selfish SOB.

brady tries to help stefan Days of our lives recaps

In EJ’s room, EJ tells Nicole Stefan must have drugged him twice now. She doesn’t understand why Stefan did this.

EJ says she wasn’t at breakfast when he offered him coffee. He tried to push it on him before he left for home.

EJ felt fine then. But when he gave the interview, he drank the coffee. Nicole thought Stefan forgave him.

EJ blurts, “The mimosas!” The morning after Stefan forgave him, he wanted to toast to brotherhood.

EJ left him alone and when he returned, he left the mimosas. Nicole realizes she got the spiked one. They start getting angry.

Nicole wants to approach Stefan but EJ says they need to think on this. They realize they need to take revenge and begin to laugh. 

ej and nicole figure stefan didn't forgive him after all Days of our lives recaps

Sloan saunters into SPD demanding to know why Rafe let her client go.

Rafe says he signed his statement.

She doesn’t believe it. She goes into her bag to get his statement but it’s gone.

sloan asks where rolf is Days of our Lives recaps

She says he received stolen materials. Jada says her employee brought them.

Rafe says Eric, her paralegal, brought them over.

He jokes. “He’s your paralegal on odd days and your boy toy on evens?” Jada snickers.

Sloan tells them off and leaves. Rafe says, “Did she seem mad to you?” They laugh.

Later, the warrant comes in and they rush to Salem Inn.

jada laughs at rafe joke Days of our Lives recaps

Sloan stops Rolf and Eric at the pub before they head back upstairs. She yells at him for his betrayal. Rolf steps in and tells her he knows she used him.

He fires her and goes upstairs. “A paralegal?” She asks. Eric tells Sloan he helped his brother because she refused.

They argue and give each other veiled threats.

She dumps him and tells him to go back to Nicole and then as an afterthought says she’s probably screwed EJ five ways to Sunday. She goes.



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Upstairs, Brady’s surprised to see the “junk” that Rolf brought with him.

He plugs in the egg beaters and laughs.

Stefan wriggles in his binds and calls Rolf a kook.

rolf ready to dig into stefan mind brainwash DAYS recaps

He asks how Stefano would react to this. Brady tries to get Rolf to ignore him and do what he needs to do. Rolf thinks Stefano would want Stefan deprogrammed.

He asks Brady for photos of Chloe and jokes that he must have many. That’s all kids do these days is take photos. “What is the vernacular kiddies use today? Doing it for The Gram?” He laughs.

Brady connects his phone to a projector. Rolf makes a few connections and the lights flicker and electricity sizzles.

Brady turns the lights out and starts the projector. “Lights…camera…” Rofl says.

brady days recaps

He connects the makeshift paddles to Stefan.

Gabi finds Wendy rushing through Horton Square.

She stops her and tells her about this deal with Li.

Wendy’s confused but Gabi admits that Li keep showing her he loves her and she wonders if they’re kindred spirits.

gabi and wendy square days recaps

At Salem Inn, Wen finds Li on a call with a real estate agent.

Li disconnects and his father yells about him not being at the company.

Li promises he’ll be back soon. His lawyer is keeping him out of jail.

Everything is coming together. He’s even getting back with Gabi.

wen with li salem inn Days of our lives recaps

Wen thought she washed her hands of him after the brainwashing.

Li says he gave her six more months of marriage in return for his DiMera shares.

Wen hauls off and slaps his son. 

wen slapped li across the face Days of our lives recaps

Li’s pissed and yells back that he knows what he’s doing.

Wen calls his son over-confident and not smart.

His insurance policy was just released. “So you know what you’re doing?” He barks.

The cops show up with the arrest warrant.

rafe arrest warrant days recaps

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