Rachel Surprises Kristen with a Prison Visit, Justin Cautions Alex About Sleeping With Gwen and Leo Stumbles upon Xander Embracing Chloe

Days of our Lives recap for Thursday, March 30, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Rachel shows up at Statesville to confront Kristen and Wendy and Tripp share a fraught moment while Johnny’s jealous of Tripp being shirtless around Wendy, and Chloe thanks Xander for cutting her part in Lady Whistleblower’s column.

In the last Days recap, Paulina suffered a panic attack, and Eric and Nicole got into a heated argument over Sloan, who was taken into police custody for questioning. 

Justin finds Alex in the living room and learns that Maggie banned him from the office until his bruised face is better.

Justin thought it was because Alex went behind her back and talked to Victor, calling it a stupid and “crappy” thing to do. “Don’t sugarcoat it,” Alex says.

Justin gives him a bag of ice and Alex admits Xander hit him because he’s not happy he’s sleeping with Gwen. “Voluntarily?” Justin asks.

Alex calls her beautiful, and smart and loves the accent. Justin reminds of her wrongdoings again but Alex isn’t interested in Gwen’s character. “We’re using each other.”

Justin seems not to get it. Alex spells it out. They’re using each other to get over others and he doesn’t get why she’s into the “douchebag” Xander.

Justin thinks his son should try to date an “unhinged sociopath.” Alex thinks sex works best when it’s casual. Justin laughs. He hopes Gwen knows she’s a “relief player.”

alex gets ice for his bruise on days of our lives

Maggie gives Xander lemon bars at Titan. She thanks him for the glowing article he published about her in The Spectator. She brings up his fight with Alex.

She wants to know what the disagreement was about. She learns Alex slept with Gwen. Maggie starts yelling and slinging insults at Gwen for all her misdeeds.

Xander worries Alex will hurt her. “You looking out for the little lady?” Maggie says and knows it was about his jealousy. He tries to deny it.

They talk about how she loves her new job at the hospital. He fishes for word that she’s dating Rex but Maggie refuses to give details.

She’s moved on. Surely there must be someone else out there? He says she’s taken. 

maggie has lemon bars for xander

At Salem Inn, Gwen wakes Leo up with a start, which upsets him because he was having a dream about Harry Styles spitting on him

. “It was just getting to the good part.” He blames her that he hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in a while.

She’s sorry. He says not to be. “If it were me, I’d be hitting Alex Kiriakis 24/7 too.” He asks where she was.

She was working. Leo tells her not to lose momentum at making Xander jealous.

leo dreams about harry styles spitting on him

She learns that Xander fought Alex over her. Leo gets her to admit she likes getting under Xander’s skin.

Screwing with people is her best event. She snarks that she should have put a pillow over his face instead of waking him up. “But you need me. I’m the only one who can explain you to you.”

She doesn’t need him to explain her to her. Gwen doesn’t want him back as long as he thinks the sun sets and rises on Sarah’s “skinny ass.”

Later, Leo reads his column and is shocked all the stuff he wrote about Chloe is gone. It was his lead story! They dress and talk about how his story was cut.

Who did it? She says Xander must have. Leo panics. He got Chloe to get him one of everything in Basic Black’s new line in a Smedium and now she’s going to think he took her for a ride.

His reputation will sink. Gwen says he could donate a wing to the hospital and people would still think he’s vile and untrustworthy.

Leo’s grateful for her words and runs off to give Xander a piece of his mind. 

leo and gwen being funny at salem inn

In prison, Kristen looks at the picture Rachel drew, missing her. The guard pops in and tells her he has a visitor.

Neither was expecting one. Rachel appears. “Hi Mommy.” They embrace and she asks where Daddy is.

Rachel says he’s not there and doesn’t know she is. Kristen’s shocked she used Daddy’s phone and took an Uber there.

Rachel calls the driver nice and admits she fake cried to get in to see her Mommy.

kristen on days

Kristen starts to laugh. “You really are my daughter.”

She hands over the letter Kristen wrote Brady and asks what the heck it’s about. It’s the letter she wrote saying she was fine with Chloe dating Brady and that she holds no animosity for the brunette.

Kristen flashes back to Brady blackmailing her to write it and calls it complicated. 

rachel visits mom in prison

Chloe finds Brady reading Lady Whistleblower’s column on his phone at the pub.

She flashes to Xander grimacing at seeing her nasty words about Rachel and begs Brady not to hate her. He’s confused.

Leo wrote about his grandfather going senile and Stefan DiMera and Melinda Trask being spotted at Salem Inn.

Brady says Kristen called him and told him about their phone call, that she made some digs about Chloe. He’s sorry.

They talk about Kristen’s sway with Rachel. Brady wants to be with Chloe again.

They miss each other and hold hands and decide to go out with Rachel, later. He goes to work.

brady reads lady whistleblowers column

Wendy interrupts Tripp’s “underwear dance party.” He’s shirtless and making breakfast.

He admits Allie and Chanel tried to teach him but he sucks. Wendy calls him a good slow dancer.

They move to kiss and are interrupted by Johnny who pops over.

He notices shirtless Tripp and things get awkward. Johnny asks him how it’s hanging. Tripp excuses himself to dress and Johnny asks Wendy out.

They agree to stream some Won Kar Wai movies. Tripp rappers, dressed for a run.

tripp half nude

She invites him to watch their movie marathon and Johnny rolls his eyes so Tripp takes off.

They watch a movie and since it’s romantic, Johnny asks if she’s in the mood “for love.” She calls him a dork but he thinks he’s suave.

She likes him dorky. They make out.

johnny with wendy

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Chloe comes out of the pub and is glad to see Xander. He comments that nobody ever is.

She asks if he’s tried not being an obnoxious jerk. He snarks that this took a turn. Chloe’s sorry.

It’s hard not to hold a grudge since he left her in Mexico with a psychotic drug lord. “Fair enough,” he says.

xander and chloe outside pub

She asks what happened to her part in Leo’s column.

He cut it after seeing how upset she was. He admits he did it to be petty. She’s grateful anyway.

They embrace just as Leo pops up with his phone and takes a photo.

leo takes a photo of xander and chloe embrace

Tripp runs through the park and has a seat, a drink of water, and flashes to almost kissing Wendy.

He fantasizes that they make out and grins.

“Right. Not gonna happen, Pal.”

wendy and tripp fantasy kiss

Brady bursts into the prison and starts yelling at Rachel for giving him the slip.

He starts in on Kristen for not calling him but she says Rachel just got there.

She was telling Rachel that she was fine with him dating Chloe.

Kristen has to go to her shift in the laundry room so the guard takes her away after she makes Rachel promise not to come there by herself again.

brady at the prison

Brady begs her not to pull a stunt like this again. He was so afraid.

He’s taking her back to school and then they’ll spend time with Chloe, who wants her to give her a chance.

Rachel reluctantly agrees to try. She promises and crosses her fingers behind her back.

rachel crosses fingers

Alex drops by Salem Inn to see Gwen.

He wanted to clarify that what they have is no strings attached.

She grins. She’s happy with meaningless sex.

gwen and alex kissing

She invites him in for some and they start making out.

They have sex and cuddle after.

gwen and alex sex

Tripp returns to Wendy and Johnny making out on the sofa.

He goes to shower and they get back to watching the movie. 

johnny and wendy making out on her sofa

Justin visits Maggie at Titan to talk about Alex.

They hope that Alex will find a way to prove himself to her.

justin and maggie

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