Brady asks Marlena to Talk to Rachel About Chloe While Gwen Catches Chloe With Xander and Assumes the Worst

Days of our Lives recap for Tuesday, April 11, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Kayla is happily reunited with Steve, and Brady is upset when he finds Chloe and Xander together.

In the last Days recap, Bo attacked Steve and knocked him out while Hope and Harris searched for Kayla, and Kayla cried as she read letters Victor wrote to Caroline and Tripp headed to Seattle when Joey had an accident. 

Alex visits Gwen at Salem Inn. He needs to vent about his infuriating relative.

She assumes it’s about Xander and she’s all ears. He bitches to her about Maggie stopping him from buying the three Chorvat prisms.

alex upset maggie tells gwen

She heard it’s meant to cure cancer.

Alex says among other things that the Athens police told him that they confiscated them from Dr. Rolf.

Alex worries that the prisms will end up in the wrong hands.

gwen and alex talk three prisms

Both of them mock Maggie’s intelligence and ability to run Titan. Gwen thinks Alex is an asset to Titan but Alex says his aunt is probably going to replace him with Xander.

Alex calls Xander miserable working at Spectator now that he and Gwen aren’t together.

Alex says Maggie has a soft spot for Xander.

Talk turns to Chloe and Xander hugging. Neither are sure if it was platonic and Gwen admits she saw them in each other’s arms.

gwen and Alex talk about xander

At Brady’s pub, Chloe and Xander play darts. She hit him the first time.

She hits the bullseye the second time and does a little dance.

The two embrace and laugh together as Brady walks in, unhappy with what he sees.

His jealousy pours out and Xander and Chloe are quick to tell him they’re innocently playing darts.

chloe and xander darts

Chloe apologizes for what she said to Rachel. Xander gets in the middle and says he’s sure Brady understands.

Rachel’s been horrible to Chloe. Brady steps up for his kid and thinks she needs tolerance and understanding since her mama is in jail.

Brady’s upset Chloe told Xander.

brady jealous chloe and xander

The men have a pissing contest and Xander leaves to get beer, letting Chloe fall all over herself to apologize again to Brady, who says he understands.

Chloe’s heart breaks for Rachel having a mother like Kristen.

She truly loves Rachel and is glad she has Brady.

chloe apologizes again to brady

She offers to write a letter or wonders if she should give up. Xander returns for a rematch and Brady says to have at it.

He goes and Xander tries to distract her but she’s too upset.

He talks about trying to backpedal in a relationship and how sometimes letting go is the only option.

He’s talking about himself and Sarah. Chloe asks if she and Brady are at the point of no return.

xander gives chloe advice

Xander asks what she thinks. She’s not sure. He shrugs. There are many other men out there.

Him. He calls himself better looking, wittier, wiser and has a charming accent. He goes on and she smirks.

She can’t get over that he left her to die years ago.

They smile and she smokes him again at darts.

Gwen walks in as they’re laughing together.

Gwen tells them it looks like Leo’s right and they’re Salem’s newest couple.

chloe and xander darts with gwen watching

In the townhouse, Marlena brings Stephanie out of the hypnosis.

She heard her mom say Victor’s name. They decide to talk to Maggie about this.

steph under hypnosis


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In the cellar in the Kiriakis house in Greece, Steve pets Kayla’s hair and they both cry as he asks, “Sweetness, is it really you?”

They make out and he’s headachey because Bo pistol-whipped him.

steve and kayla reunite

His best friend. Kay calls him a heartless impostor.

Kayla wants to stitch Steve’s head up but he assures her he’ll be fine. So will Bo. Kayla worries.

It’s been 10 years in limbo and who knows what Megan and Rolf did with him.

kayla and steve discuss the change in bo

Kayla fills her husband in on Bo’s new ambitions. “I think it’s all about being Victor Kiriaksis’ son or his clone,” she says.

They talk about what it’ll be like when they get back to Salem. Singing and dancing. She’s grateful to have him.

They kiss and she tells him about the love letters she found and that she feels bad for Victor pining after her mama.

stayla kiss reunion

Brady arrives home and sees Marlena reading her fancy Margaret Attwood book.

He’s so grateful she’s there.

They discuss Stephanie remembering that Kayla said Victor’s name under hypnosis which they think could lead them to Kayla.

brady happy marlena home

Brady offers to talk to his granddad but Marlena says Steph and Chad are handling it.

Brady fills Doc in on what Rachel’s been up to and admits he forced Krisiten to write a letter saying she was fine with Chloe dating him.

marlena shocked with brady

He lets her know about the fight between Chloe and Rachel. “Oh no! NO!” Marlena exclaims, remembering having the same issues with John and Sami. Brady says, “And me.”

Rachel’s acting out of pain. Brady admits he’s jealous that Chloe’s hanging out with Xander and asks if Marlena will talk with Rachel.

She’ll do it now. She goes off and returns later and says her grandkid is perfecting her 3-D printing skills.

She didn’t want to talk about Chloe or her mom so Marlena will try again later.

Brady worries Chloe’s slipping through his fingers.

brady wants marlena to talk to rachel

In Maggie’s office, Steph and Chad asks where Victor is. Mags says he’s out of town.

They ask for a list of her husband’s properties. She’ll find it for them.

chad and stephanie ask for a list

Steph and Chad arrive at the square and she says her dad’s not picking up.

They get that list from Maggie and Chad assures they’ll find her mom. 

Alex pops up. They tell him her mom is alive.

Alex smiles, glad he didn’t stop her from saying goodbye.

steph can't get in touch with steve


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