After Kayla, Kate and Marlena’s Funerals, Lucas Attacks Orpheus, Allie Asks to Move Away with Will & Sonny and Marlena Meets the Devil

Days of our Lives recap for Wednesday, February 15, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Kate, Marlena and Kayla prepare to plead their case – but they are thrown a curveball. 

In the last Days recap, Kayla reached out to Steve from the Great Beyond, Gabi and Stefan’s romantic evening went awry, and Li jumped on an opportunity to be there for her as EJ and Nicole had sex.

At Kayla’s grave site, Steve cries. John comforts him as they talk about the three funerals they had today for Kate, Kayla and Marlena.

Steve lost count of those who told him how much Kayla meant to him. John can’t believe they’ll never see their wives again.

kayla grave Days of our Lives recap Soaps Spoilers

Steve admits he saw her last night.

He details what happened and that she needed his help, that the three of them were tricked into giving their souls to the devil.

“Oh come on Pardner,” John says.

Steve says Tripp tried to convince him it was a dream but no. “It was real,” he says, crying.

john comforts steve kayla funeral Days of our Lives recap Soaps Spoilers

In the Great Beyond, Kayla’s annoyed that Kate’s pacing. Nick appears.

Marlena asks if they get a meeting with the devil. Nick tells them to be patient. It’s not easy booking a face-to-face with Satan.

“Why should he care about three arrogant women?”

Marlena, kayla and kate great beyond with nick Days of our Lives recap Soaps Spoilers

Nick admits they’re granted an audience with the devil.

They cheer as though this is the greatest news and since only Marlena can go, Nick takes her away.

She goes down some stairs and Nick disappears.

happy women get to see devil Days of our Lives recap Soaps Spoilers

Marlena finds the devil standing nearby.

It looks like Doug with glowing eyes.

She’s startled as he says Hello Marlena. Marlena asks if Doug died.

doug as the devil Marlena Days of our Lives recap Soaps Spoilers

The Devil says he’ll probably live forever. He thought assuming a familiar face would help her. Besides, if she saw his real face, she’d melt. He laughs, amused. She tells him to stop wasting time. He tries to remain tight-lipped and asks how he can help. She says they got their signatures with false pretenses. Devil Doug says they encourage lawlessness. He laughs. Marlena asks if they had to trick them. Nearby there are eerie sounds of things eating. Marlena asks if tricking them makes the devil feel proud. She thinks it makes him look weak. He laughs. Devil Doug calls it a bitter experience losing to her twice. The weird eating noises return.

doug devil hell Days of our Lives recap Soaps Spoilers

Back in the other room, Katte worries they’ll whisk Marlena away. Kayla has to believe this is no trick.

That they can change their fate. She needs Kate to believe it. “You know I’m more a souls half empty kinda girl.” Kayla says they’re in this together.

Kate’s grateful she’s at least with her and Marlena. Nick appears and is grossed out at how sappy they’re being.

He was at their funeral and tells them everyone was sad, especially Steve, who was a wreck.

“Tears streaming well, from his eye.” Nick admits he knows Kayla visited him. Kate’s shocked.

They ask how she did it. She’s not sure. Nick’s confused. She somehow got through their firewall. It’s not going to happen again. “Damn you,” Kate says.

Nick tells her it’s too late for that. He says there are going to be some interesting developments today.

He sniffs. There’s murder in the air! He tells the women that their men are avenging their deaths by killing Orpheus today. The women gasp. 

kate and Kayla worry about marlena Days of our Lives recap Soaps Spoilers

In the Horton square, Sonny and Will hug. Will reels over the three funerals.

He hates to have to leave his family in the midst of suffering.

He has to go to New Zealand for the shoot and hates that he has to say goodbye to Sonny already.

will and sonny wilson Days of our Lives recap Soaps Spoilers

Sonny says he doesn’t have to. “I’m coming with you.”

He never wants to be separated from Will again.

Will knows he loves running Titan. He says his brother will run it and he’ll do it remotely.

They can hike and see everything there is to see there, with Ari.

wilson kissing before they leave Days of our Lives recap Soaps Spoilers

Roman calls Lucas from the pub to tell him about the funeral and how sorry he is that Lucas couldn’t come.

Roman knows the timing stinks but wants to deal with Orpheus. Lucas will do it. 

Allie walks in, surprised to hear him talking to Lucas.

allie on call lucas Days of our Lives recap Soaps Spoilers

She thought they weren’t on speaking terms after what he did to her mom.

She gets on the phone and Lucas tells her to take care of herself and Henry and lean on family. The guard appears and they say goodbye and I love yous.

john talks about orpheus Days of our Lives recap Soaps Spoilers

Later, Allie asks what he meant earlier when he said they were getting justice for Aunt Kayla, Kate and Grandma.

Roman lies that he was just trying to reassure Lucas.

This surprises Allie but Roman says Kate’s death reminded him of what’s important.

She goes and Steve and John come in from the kitchen. It’s time.

When John sees Doc again, he doesn’t want to tell her that her death went unavenged. Roman assures he’s all in. He wishes he could go with them.

They head out, leaving Roman at the pub.

john steve and roman orpheus Days of our Lives recap Soaps Spoilers


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At Statesville, Lucas barks at the guard and says he knows Orpheus has him in his pocket.

“Tell him I want to see him ASAP.” Orpheus finds Lucas later and Lucas pretends he’s drunk.

He holds an empty bottle and hates that he has to beg him for more.

lucas in statesville Days of our Lives recap Soaps Spoilers

Today’s his mother’s funeral and he missed it. Orpheus is sorry.

Lucas says he’s not because he killed him but if he’s going to make it through today, he’s going to help him.

Orpheus says it must hurt to miss his mother’s funeral because he kidnapped his wife. “Consequences, huh?”

lucas attacks Orpheus Days of our Lives recap Soaps Spoilers

Lucas takes a swing at him and Orpheus shoves him to the table.

He’ll return with booze but tells him to stop saying he killed his mother. “Or we’re done.”

Orpheus returns later with the booze.

He wants Lucas to share a drink with him now. Lucas tries but can’t get out of it.

lucas orpheus booze Days of our Lives recap Soaps Spoilers

When the guard returns to tell him that he has physiotherapy, Lucas hides the bottle without taking a drink.

When Orpheus is gone, Lucas dumps the alcohol in the trash after dabbing some on his face and neck.

lucas dumps alcohol Days of our Lives recap Soaps Spoilers

When the guard returns, he pretends he’s drunk off his arse and asks for ‘more’ and Orpheus.

When the guard tells him to relax, Lucas takes a swing at him and goes down.

He pretends he’s out cold when the guard asks for help getting him to the infirmary.

Lucas allows himself a small smile upon hearing that.

Later, the guard lets Orpheus back into the room and tells him Lucas is in the infirmary. He wonders what he put in that bottle.

lucas fakes passed out days recaps

Allie runs into Sonny and Will at Horton square.

They tell her the good news and she’s happy for them but will miss them.

Sonny says being happy is all that matters. Allie listens as though it’s really affecting her.

She asks to come along.

allie moving new zealand Days of our Lives recap Soaps Spoilers

With Henry. They grin. She’s been thinking of the lives that her grandma and aunt and Kate lived. They took changes.

Besides, Chanel broke up with her. The men are sorry. She explains it’s her fault.

She cheated with Alex, thinking Chanel had cheated. 

They are hesitant and want to ensure she really wants this. She does so they smile. They’re in.

wilison smiles days recaps

In Statesville, Lucas sweats and pretends he’s out of it, calling his mother.

The nurse leaves the room and he opens the door to John and Steve, dressed as orderlies.

They all grin at each other while at the pub, Roman assumes that it’s going down now.

john steve fake orderlies statesville  Days recaps

Back in the Great Beyond, Devil Doug tells Marlena he’ll make the contracts go away if she agrees to be at his side for eternity.

“Still think I’m cheating?” Her eyes widen.

devil doug want marlena Days recaps

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