Marlena Makes a Deal with the Devil, Anna Convinces Roman to Call Off the Plot Against Orpheus, Who Claims Someone Else Killed the Women

Days of our Lives recap for Friday, February 17, 2023

In today’s Days recap, Marlena makes a deal to save the lives of her friends, Anna’s chat with Roman got him to change his mind about offing Orpheus, while Orpheus who admits someone else killed John and Steve’s wives 

In the last Days recap, Marlena got her meeting with the Devil, who looked like Doug, Will and Sonny made plans to leave for New Zealand with Allie and Henry, and Lucas to attacked Orpheus in prison.

Lucas lets John and Steve, dressed as orderlies, into the prison infirmary where he’s been since faking his drunken attack on a prison guard.

Once Orpheus starts his shift at the infirmary, John and Steve will get him!

john steve fake orderlies statesville Days recaps

John and Steve thank Lucas for participating and tell him to go back to his cell, but Lucas refuses. He wants to see Orpheus take his last breath.

Just then, the infirmary doctor walks in and asks what’s going on.

John and Steve bamboozle the doctor with a story about being new hires and pretend to clean the infirmary.

john and steve caught by doctor prison days of our lives recaps soaps spoilers

After examining Lucas and declaring him fit, the doctor walks Lucas back to his cell.

lucas examined doc days of our lives recaps soaps spoilers


Orpheus is in the prison lounge with the guard Lucas attacked. The guard reminds Orpheus he has a shift in the infirmary.

Orpheus has doubts about Lucas being so drunk so fast that he passed out.

“I smell a rat,” Orpheus tells the guard.

It only takes a minute for Orpheus to figure out Lucas poured the bottle out into the trash can. He knows Lucas is pretending to be drunk.

orpheus and a guard days of our lives recaps soaps spoilers


Roman is alone at the Brady Pub, talking to Kate’s urn about the plot against Orpheus. He thinks that once they kill the villain, Kate, Kayla and Marlena will be able to rest in peace.

Roman tells Kate’s urn that once they take out Orpheus, their families will be safe.

Just then, Anna walks into the pub. She didn’t get a chance to talk to Roman at the funeral, so she’s here to check up on her ex-husband.

roman talks kate urn days of our lives recaps soaps spoilers

Roman says he’s fine, but Anna, who knows a thing or two about talking to urns, is concerned about Roman talking to Kate’s urn.

Romans says he knows the urn of ashes isn’t Kate, but it brings him comfort to talk to her.

Anna understands, but she asks what he meant when she overheard him say “It will all be over soon.”

anna visits roman after funereal days of our lives recaps soaps spoilers

With Marlena off to her meeting with the Devil, Kate and Kayla are left to chat with Nick. He’s just told them about their husbands’ plans to kill Orpheus.

Kate doesn’t believe Nick because Roman is a cop and believes in doing the right thing. 

Kayla isn’t as easily convinced because she remembers that Steve had a plan to kill Orpheus once before.

nick in great beyond days of our lives recaps soaps spoilers

Nick shows them a flashback of the widowers plotting Orpheus’s murder at the Brady Pub. 

Kate blames it all on Steve. She asks Kayla what the hell is wrong with her husband, thinking Steve talked Roman into committing murder.

Nick chimes in that murder will get you sent to Hell for all eternity, so the ladies will be reunited with their husbands soon. Kate and Kayla don’t find that comforting.

kate and kayla watch steve and roman days of our lives recaps soaps spoilers

Kayla thinks Marlena will convince the Devil to free their souls and allow them to remain in Heaven. Nick exits, promising to come back when his boss has made a decision.

Kayla says there’s nothing they can do to stop the plot against Orpheus, but Kate thinks there is something they can do.

Kate wants to figure out how Kayla appeared to Steve on Earth so she can do it and convince Roman to call off the plot.

Kate starts screaming Roman’s name, but Kayla tells her that’s not how it’s done.

Kayla thinks she got lucky and walked into Steve’s dream.

Kayla tries to guide Kate through it and Kate gets frustrated by the experience, but they keep trying.

kate and kayla great beyond days of our lives recaps soaps spoilers


Marlena has pled her case with the Devil (in the personage of Doug) and he’s offered a deal – he’ll free Kate and Kayla from Hell in exchange for Marlena staying by his side for eternity.

Essentially, the Devil is offering two souls for the price of one, but Marlena doesn’t like it.

She keeps trying to talk the Devil into voiding the soul-selling contracts, but the Devil isn’t willing to let Marlena go.

marlena deal with devil doug days of our lives recaps soaps spoilers

Marlena wants time to consider her options, but the Devil insists this is a limited-time offer. He needs her answer now!

A reluctant Marlena agrees to the deal and shakes the Devil’s hand. He tells her it’s rare for him to make such a bargain.

“I hope you don’t expect me to thank you,” Marlena says with ice in her voice.

marlena talks devil doug days of our lives recaps soaps spoilers

She asks to see Kate and Kayla one last time, to say her goodbyes before her friends go to Heaven. The Devil agrees but reminds her Nick will bring her back to begin her afterlife in Hell.

As she leaves, the Devil tells Marlena that she will next see him in his true form.

“Try not to scream!” he says with a chortle as Marlena walks back up the stairs to purgatory.

marlena makes a deal hell days of our lives recaps soaps spoilers

At the Brady Pub, Roman lies and tells Anna he meant the mourning period will be over soon and they’ll all get back to their lives. 

Anna advises Roman to save a few of Kate’s ashes for himself when he scatters them. He’s never heard of that before.

She tells him she thinks it’s romantic. “It’s not like I’m suggesting you snort Kate’s remains like a line of cocaine.” She says Keith Richards did that with his father.

Suddenly, Roman hears Kate’s voice in his head. He asks Anna if she heard that, but she didn’t. Roman writes it off as exhaustion.

Anna suggests Roman lie down, but Kate starts talking again, begging Roman to listen to her carefully.

Kate’s voice in his head tells Roman he can’t go through with killing Orpheus.

roman puzzled with anna days recaps


In purgatory, Kate is asking Roman to promise her not to seek revenge against Orpheus. 

Just then, Nick walks in. With the push of a button, he shuts down the connection between Roman and Kate.

Kate tells Kayla she reached Roman, and she knows he got the message!

kate talks to roman Days recaps

The women are overjoyed at their success, but Nick is livid that Kate broke the rule against contacting the living.

As they argue, Marlena walks back in. 

Kate and Kayla fill her in on the Orpheus plot. Kate thinks she stopped it by connecting to Roman.

Marlena is delighted, Nick not so much. He suggests they focus on the fate of their own immortal souls.

Marlena tells them she’s made a deal with the Devil and they won’t be going to Hell after all. They’re thrilled not to burn for eternity.

Nick points out that Marlena’s contract isn’t voided, and Kayla asks what she did.

marlena and nick days of our lives recaps

Marlena tells them that to save their souls, she must spend eternity with the Devil.

Kate thanks Marlena for her sacrifice, but Kayla says they can’t go through with this. Kayla thinks they’re stronger together and can fight this.

Nick says he has instructions to escort them all the Hell immediately if Marlena backs out of the agreement.

Kayla’s willing to take that chance to save Marlena, who thanks her but says she’ll be fine. She’s at peace with her decision.

Kayla gets angry and says she’s not at peace with Marlena going to Hell. Kayla says she can’t let her friend suffer so she can go to Heaven.

Kate reluctantly agrees and the women tell Nick the deal is off. 

Nick says he was hoping for that. He can’t wait to escort them to the netherworld!

kate and kayla shocked marlena days of our lives recaps



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Orpheus walks into the infirmary, looking for Lucas.

“Sorry pal,” John says as he turns around to face Orpheus. “It’s just me.”

Orpheus turns to leave, but Steve blocks the exit and slams the door shut.

orpheus days recaps

Orpheus says he knew Lucas was up to something but wasn’t expecting to see “you two clowns.”

He says he’s actually glad to see them, as today was the funerals for Kate, Kayla and Marlena and he wanted to extend his condolences.

Steve gets hot but John holds him back. Steve tells Orpheus they have a plan to ease their suffering – they’re going to watch him die.

john and steve see orpheus statesville days of our lives recaps

At the pub, Roman is frantically trying to respond to Kate, but their connection has been lost. Anna wonders if Roman has been drinking.

Roman insists this isn’t a delusion. He knows he heard Kate reaching through the mist.

Roman says Kate was trying to stop him from going through with the plan. He fills Anna in on the Orpheus plot. She’s aghast and tells him he can’t do this.

Anna says Roman must call off the plan. They can’t be the ones to end Orpheus’s life.

anna pub with roman days of our lives recaps


In the prison infirmary, John and Steve restrain Orpheus to a bed. They’re going to make it look as though he accidentally overdosed on opioids.

Orpheus reminds them taking a life is a commandment breaker and will condemn their immortal souls.

Steve is unbothered. He thinks in this case, the Big Dude will understand. John, however, looks concerned.

Steve’s phone rings. It’s Roman.

Orpheus wonders if there’s a weak link in the justice league. He thinks Roman might be getting cold feet.

orpheus tied up days of our lives recaps

Steve rejects the call and tells John they can fill Roman in after Orpheus is dead.

Orpheus reminds them his death won’t bring their wives back. John says this isn’t just about revenge.

They’re eliminating Orpheus to keep him from hurting their kids or grandkids.

This is the only way they can keep him from hurting anyone else ever again.

John rummages through the infirmary cabinets looking for a syringe to get things started. Steve asks Orpheus if he’s ready for his journey to Hell.

Steve says although he’s watched him die before, he’s really going to enjoy watching the life drain from Orpheus.

steve will enjoy killing orpheus days of our lives recaps


At the pub, Roman is frustrated that Steve won’t take his call. Anna says he must call off the plan. They can’t let revenge against Orpheus turn them into someone they’re not.

Her words finally get through and Roman agrees – he’s going to stop John and Steve from killing Orpheus.

Roman dashes out of the pub.

Alone, Anna speaks to Kate’s urn and thanks her for being with Roman. Anna just hopes he’ll get to the prison in time to stop Orpheus’s death.

roman and anna pub talk as he waits for call days of our lives recaps


Lucas is alone in the prison lounge when Roman arrives. Lucas tells him John and Steve are in the infirmary with Orpheus.

Roman demands to be taken there so he can call the whole thing off.

roman wants to stop the men days recaps

In the infirmary, John has prepared a syringe full of morphine to knock Orpheus out for good. 

john gets morphine statesville days recaps

Steve stops him as asks to do the injection himself. After all, this was his idea.

Orpheus says they will regret this. Steve says his only regret is that they didn’t do it before Orpheus killed their wives.

Orpheus asks him to stop and listen to what he has to say. He can tell them who’s really responsible for the deaths of their wives.

john prepares syringe morphine days recaps

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