Leo Talks Victor Out of Firing Sonny Before Will Walks in on a Compromising Situation, and Bonnie Realizes Rednax Is Xander Spelled Backwards (Gallery)

Days of our Lives recap for Monday, December 26, 2022.  

In today’s Days episode, it’s Christmas Day in Salem as Gwen Saves Xander Yet Again, Leo and Shirtless Sonny Get Caught by Will, Rafe and Jada Crack the Case and the show dedicates a Sweet Tribute to John Aniston, who died November 11, 2022.

In the last Days recap, Jennifer returned for Christmas along with Eli and the twins, Sarah learns from Thomas that Xander owes Gwen one, and Chad received a special Christmas Eve visit from Abigail’s ghost.

Stephanie is in the Johnson living room, talking to Kayla on the phone and thanking her for the necklace she got for Christmas. Steve and Kayla are in Seattle with Joey and Tripp.

stephanie on call with kayla days of our lives SoapsSpoilers

Stephanie’s artificial tree hasn’t been decorated and she (Stephanie, not the tree) is feeling down about being alone on Christmas.

There’s a knock at the door. It’s Alex, with a real Christmas tree.

After the tree is set up, Alex and Stephanie start decorating it. He asks how Tripp is doing.

Stephanie says Tripp went to Seattle for Christmas since Ava can’t have visitors at the mental facility yet.

Alex mentions Paulina stepping down as governor. Stephanie says she’s been busy working through the fallout from Paulina’s resignation.

Alex says he’s glad Stephanie accepted his invitation to have Christmas dinner at the Kiriakis mansion. 

He warns her between Bonnie seeing things and Leo moving in, the place is more nutty than usual.

stephanie decks the halls christmas DAYS recap SoapsSpoilers

Stephanie shares she once suffered from PTSD and it was one of the worst times in her life. She goes on to tell him about being kidnapped by EJ back when she was dating Phillip.

This is news to Alex, so Stephanie gives him all the gory details. He says how sorry he is.

Stephanie changes the subject to the nuttiness at the Kiriakis mansion. She’s shocked when Alex says Leo is their new houseguest.

Stephanie whips up some hot chocolate as Alex finishes decorating the tree. She spots a gift under the tree and asks what it is.

Alex says it’s a gift for her. He gives her the package to open.

It’s a new video game system. Alex remembers Stephanie was supposed to have a tournament with her brothers during Christmas in Seattle but since she’s not there, Alex thought they could play together.

Alex apologizes for it not being a romantic gift, but Stephanie says it was thoughtful and romantic.

steph and alex trim christmas tree DAYS recap SoapsSpoilers

The video game system is set up in the Johnson living room and Alex is playing against Stephanie, who’s won the game.

Alex says he didn’t realize how competitive Stephanie is and she tells him it’s from driving real race cars.

Stephanie asks for a rematch and Alex agrees.

stephanie kills alex at a game DAYS recap

They switch to a dance competition game and get their groove on, but Stephanie is winning again. Alex gives up.

Alex wonders if Stephanie was a professional dancer and she admits she was a cheerleader in high school.

They sit on the couch and Stephanie asks if Alex has any hidden talents. He says he does and pulls her into a kiss.

After a while, Stephanie suggests they move the festivities to her bedroom.

alex shocked Days recaps


Victor Kiriakis is alone in the Kiriakis living room, looking at his tablet. Leo walks in, decked out in novelty pajamas, and wishes Victor a Merry Christmas.

Victor is not amused. He asks what the hell Leo is doing in his house.

victor kiriakis last episode days of our lives recap SoapsSpoilers

“Haven’t you heard?” Leo asks as he grabs something from Victor’s candy dish. “I live here now.”

Leo plops down on the sofa and asks when they open gifts.

“About an hour after we throw you out on your sugar plum ass!” Victor replies.

leo and victor kiriakis last episode days of our lives recap SoapsSpoilers

Victor calls for Anderson the butler to escort “this deranged woodland critter out of my house.”

Leo informs Victor he’s an invited guest in the Kiriakis home. Victor asks who invited him just as Sonny enters the room and says he did.

Victor asks why Sonny invited this kallikantzaros into their home. Leo is confused.

sonny days of our lives recap SoapsSpoilers

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Sonny says a kallikantzaros is a Greek goblin that emerges from the ground each Christmas.

Sonny says he couldn’t let Leo sleep out in the cold on Christmas Eve, but Victor says it’s time for Leo to “scamper back to Whoville.”

victor kiriakis last episode kallikantzaros

Victor tells Sonny to get Leo out of the house or he’ll call the police and have them do it.

Victor goes on to review Leo’s long list of crimes against Sonny. Leo reminds him he’s repeatedly apologized for his actions.

Victor isn’t convinced and doesn’t understand why Sonny has forgiven Leo.

Sonny says he’s forgiven Leo the same way people have forgiven Victor for his many transgressions.

Victor demands Sonny get rid of Leo or he’s fired from his job at Titan!

sonny, leo and victor DAYS recap SoapsSpoilers

Victor thinks Sonny’s friendship with Leo is proof Sonny’s judgement is seriously impaired.

Sonny stands up to Victor and says he’s sick of being threatened with losing his job every time he does something Victor doesn’t approve of.

“You can take your righteous indignation and shove it,” Victor says. “You’re still out on your ass.”

victor fires sonny DAYS recap SoapsSpoilers

Sonny calls his bluff and tells Victor to give Alex the job.

Sonny would rather help a friend in need than bow down to Victor’s ridiculous demands.

Victor surprises everyone by backing down.

Sonny can keep his job and Leo can stay, provided he stays away from Victor and Maggie.

Leo is grateful in typical Leo fashion, only asking that whatever room he gets has an en suite bathroom.

victor with leo and sonny DAYS recap SoapsSpoilers

Leo promises Victor he will never again hurt Sonny.

Victor asks what Will thinks about Sonny’s sleepover party with Leo.

Sonny admits Will doesn’t know about Leo staying at the Kiriakis mansion.

sonny is fired DAYS recap SoapsSpoilers


Sarah is decorating the reception area at the hospital. Bonnie gets off the elevator and the two exchange Christmas greetings.

Sarah asks how Bonnie is doing. Bonnie reports she just had her first session with Dr. Marlena Evans and feels good about it.

Just then, an actual clown, not a hallucination, walks by the reception desk.

bonnie with sarah hospital days of our lives SoapsSpoilers

Bonnie quietly freaks out, thinking she’s seeing things.

She walks over and confronts the very real clown and says she knows he’s not real. 

Bonnie is ready to throw down until Sarah tells her this is Clarence the Christmas Clown, a very real person.

“Now stay away from me, you freak!” Clarence yells as he walks away from Bonnie.

Bonnie is upset but Sarah congratulates her on facing her fears. 

clown days of our lives SoapsSpoilers

Bonnie realizes her therapy isn’t going to be a quick fix. She’s just tired of being scared all the time.

Bonnie also still feels bad for accusing Xander since he heroically saved her from being kidnapped again by the “real” Mr. Clown, aka Leo in a muscle suit.

Sarah asks why Bonnie was so certain Xander was the kidnapper.

Bonnie tells her about Mr. Clown saying the same things during the kidnapping Xander said to her later in the park.

bonnie attacks clarence the clown days of our lives SoapsSpoilers

Sarah is clearly thrown by this new information. She asks what Xander said when Bonnie accused him.

Bonnie says he denied it, then Justin called but she got knocked out from behind as she was about to tell Justin everything.

Bonnie thinks since she and Xander both woke up tied to chairs, there’s no way Xander was involved.

Sarah doesn’t look convinced.

sarah confused DAYS recap SoapsSpoilers


Xander opens the door to his motel room and ushers Gwen inside. He hopes he hasn’t interrupted her holiday plans.

“You actually saved me from having to go to church with the Hortons,” Gwen says. “Specifically, Julie.”

When Xander says it’s the perfect opportunity for them to be alone, there’s a glimmer of hope in Gwen’s eyes. She asks what they’re alone for.

xander and gwen days of our lives SoapsSpoilers

Xander holds up the lingerie he gave Sarah and lied about buying it with Gwen, who misunderstands the situation.

Gwen thinks Xander is repaying her for the favor by offering to have sex with her.

Xander sets the record straight and Gwen realizes little Thomas snitched to Sarah about what he overheard Gwen saying on the phone.

Gwen is embarrassed and asks if they can forget about the part where she thought Xander was propositioning her.

Xander is still worried Sarah will find out he’s Mr. Clown and never forgive him. Gwen assures him her lips are sealed.

Xander wonders about Leo. Gwen thinks Leo will stay mum, especially since he got to have a wrestle with Xander.

xander shows gwen lingerie days of our lives SoapsSpoilers

Justin is talking to Rafe and Jada at the police station. He wants to know if Ava has revealed anything about the identity of Mr. Clown, who kidnapped Susan and Bonnie.

Jada reports Ava has completely checked out mentally and it’s unlikely they’re going to get anything from her.

rafe and jada SPD days of our lives SoapsSpoilers

Rafe says they’re waiting for a forensics report may yield some clues.

Justin says Bonnie is still suffering from clown hallucinations and feels like she’s losing her mind.

justin kiriakis at SPD days of our lives SoapsSpoilers

Later, Jada gives Rafe the report on the crime scene analysis of the warehouse where Bonnie and Xander were held. 

She offers to go over it with Rafe, so she has an excuse to turn down Kate’s invitation to “a very Brady Christmas lunch.”

Rafe agrees to say he asked Jada to stay and work. Jada says she’ll return the favor by helping him crack the case of the kidnapping clown.

jada at SPD DAYS recap SoapsSpoilers


Back at the motel, Xander and Gwen walk to the door and Xander opens it to find Justin about to knock.

Xander makes excuses about Gwen being there and hides the lingerie.

Justin says he’s stopped by to tell Xander about the latest update from Rafe about the kidnapping, which is there’s nothing new to report.

Justin hands Xander a manilla envelope with a red bow on it. It’s a Christmas gift from him and Bonnie.

xander worries to gwen DAYS recap SoapsSpoilers

Xander opens the envelope to find legal papers. Justin announces he’s going to help Xander sue Rednax for unlawful dismissal.

Xander reminds Justin he doesn’t want to sue, but Justin is all hyped up to take Rednax down. He’s not taking no for an answer, no matter how many times Xander says no.

Justin wonders if there’s something Xander isn’t telling him. Gwen interrupts and says she’ll tell Justin everything.

Gwen gives the fake name Maeve Wilson and says she was going to interview Xander’s boss for The Spectator but ditched the story after learning the company was crooked.

Justin asks if Gwen has Maeve’s contact info and Gwen says she has an e-mail address somewhere. 

gwen caught DAYS recap SoapsSpoilers

Justin says he’ll swing by to get it after he picks Bonnie up at the hospital. Xander asks for a ride to the hospital and Justin agrees.

Justin leaves the room to wait for Xander in the car.

Xander asks Gwen how Justin is supposed to talk to a woman who doesn’t exist. Gwen says the real Maeve Wilson is an old schoolmate, “a proper bitch.”

Gwen is going to send Justin on a wild goose chase and ensure Xander never gets found out.

justin xander and gwen DAYS recap SoapsSpoilers

Back at SPD, Jada and Rafe review the forensics report and Jada concludes there’s not much to it. The kidnapper must have come back and cleaned the place before the cops got there.

Rafe sees in the report a small piece of flesh-colored polyester fabric and some filling was found at the scene. They wonder what it is.

Rafe’s gut is telling him this links back to the kidnapper, but he’s not sure how.

Rafe’s phone rings. It’s Gabi calling to make sure Rafe won’t be late for Christmas lunch.

Jada encourages him to leave. She’ll stay and keep working on the report.

Rafe has another idea. He invites Jada to come to the Hernandez Christmas lunch.

It takes some convincing, but Jada agrees to go. But first, she wants Rafe to make a stop with her.

jada and rafe work at spd days recap soapsspoilers


Justin is with Bonnie at the hospital reception area. Sarah has changed into her Mrs. Claus outfit.

Xander walks in, dressed as Santa Claus. Justin asks Xander to call him about what they discussed.

Justin and Bonnie leave.

Sarah asks what Justin was talking about. Xander says he’ll tell her later.

They leave to go deck some halls.

xander and sarah as santa and mrs claus Days recaps


Leo and Sonny dig in to the Christmas treats in the Kiriakis living room after Victor has left.

Leo thanks Sonny for going above and beyond with his uncle.

Sonny says he did it for himself as much as Leo. He’s tired of Victor pushing him around.

Leo surprises Sonny with a gift. It’s a tank top printed with “Gay as Christmas morning.”

“I saw it in the store window and immediately thought of you,” Leo says.

Sonny says he can’t wait to wear it and Leo suggests he try it on right now.

sonny shirtless DAYS recap

Just as Sonny gets shirtless, Leo says, “Holy nutcrackers.” A surprised Will walks in.

“What the hell is going on here?” he asks.

will jealous DAYS recap


Xander and Sarah get to the children’s floor of the hospital. The kiddies are delighted to see Santa Claus.

Rafe and Jada get off the elevator. She says she remembers her dad Dr. Marcus Hunter talking about the Christmas party the hospital had for the child patients.

Xander introduces Sarah as Dr. Mr. Claus, who is going to read the Christmas story this year.

xander and sarah as santa and mrs claus Days recaps

Sarah sits down to tell the kids an abbreviated version of the story of Joseph and Mary travelling to Bethlehem and the birth of Jesus.

Everyone applauds and looks happy.

Xander begins passing out gifts to the kids with Sarah. 

Rafe and Jada look on. She comments on Xander being so vain but covering up his muscles with padding to play Santa.

sarah reads the christmas book Days recaps

An AH-HA moment comes over Rafe’s face.

“That’s it!” he says to a confused Jada.

He explains his theory: Mr. Clown was wearing a body suit under his clothes. Jada wonders why the kidnapper would do that.

jada and rafe at hospital Days recaps

Justin and Bonnie wait in the Horton living room. Gwen walks in and hands Justin her research file on Rednax, including Maeve’s contact info.

Bonnie looks at the file and says it’s funny. Justin asks why.

“Rednax,” she says. “It’s Xander spelled backwards.”

bonnie justin and gwen Days recaps


Today’s episode is the last appearance of the character Victor Kiriakis. His portrayer, John Aniston, passed away recently.

victor kiriakis DAYS recap SoapsSpoilers

The final moments of today’s show are a tribute reel of some of Victor’s finest moments and memorable quips.

tribute to john aniston victor kiriakis DAYS recap SoapsSpoilers




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