Kayla’s Reunited with Adrienne, Kate Defends Her Life to Jordan, Marlena and the Others are Shocked and John, Roman and Steve Plot to Kill Orpheus

Days of our Lives recap for Friday, February 3, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Kate, Kayla and Marlena are tricked into signing paperwork that’s anything but heavenly, John, Roman and Steve begin to hatch a plan to rid the world of Orpheus, while Xander and Gwen have a vicious confrontation with Sarah.

In the last Days recap, Stephanie and Chad were anxious to see how a new stage in their relationship developed, Steve and Tripp talked about Stephanie’s guilt over not saying goodbye to Kayla, and Paulina urged Chanel to talk to her about Allie.

Xander and Gwen have run into Sarah in Horton Square. Sarah realizes her husband and her worst enemy are together again.

Sarah can’t believe he’s bedded down with “that horrible woman” before the ink on their divorce papers is even dry.

Of all the women in the world, did it have to be Gwen?

Sarah reminds Xander of all the terrible things Gwen did, including helping Kristen whisk Sarah away to a private island.

xander and gwen admit they had sex DAYS recaps today Soapsspoilers

Sarah wonders if Xander is back with Gwen just to get back at her.

Gwen steps forward and speaks some truth about Horton hypocrisy. Even with Xander’s criminal record, Sarah had no problem ripping off his kilt and blowing on his bagpipes, Gwen says.

Gwen defends Xander working for Ava for the money, so he could keep Sarah in the lifestyle she was accustomed to.

Sarah isn’t surprised Gwen thinks kidnapping for hire is a perfectly acceptable way to earn a living.

sarah angry xander had sex gwen DAYS RECAPS soapsspoilers

She says as soon as Justin files their divorce papers, Xander is free to spend his life with Gwen doing what they do best: bringing misery.

“God help this town,” Sarah says, smacking the bakery box from Xander’s hands before walking away.

Xander and Gwen sit down on a bench and Gwen apologizes for the harsh words she had for Sarah.

Xander says she was just responding in kind to what Sarah said. In fact, he’s sick of apologizing for who he is when people just assume the worst of him anyway.

gwen annoyed by sarah DAYS RECAPS soapsspoilers

Xander thinks they should prove them all right.

“I say we take the good people of Salem for everything we can get,” Xander says.

Meanwhile, Sarah sits on a bench in the park and tearfully looks through her phone at photos of her and Xander in happier times.

gwen yells at sarah DAYS RECAPS soapsspoilers

John sits alone at a table in the Brady Pub. He watches a couple having a playful argument about the man always ordering the same thing for breakfast.

He has a flashback of him and Marlena having a similar conversation, ending with a kiss.

John watches the couple kiss and ruefully smiles for a moment.

john watches couple kiss DAYS RECAPS soapsspoilers

Roman comes out of the kitchen and he and John commiserate over their widowed state and lack of sleep.

John says he’s meeting Steve, who he assumes wants to talk about funeral arrangements.

Roman thinks they’ll all be able to move on after the funerals, but John doesn’t think anything will ever be easy again without Doc by his side.

Steve walks in and tells the couple at the other table they must leave. The pub is booked for a private event so they hustle out.

“Well, something tells me that this meeting is not about funeral arrangements,” John says.

Steve tells John and Roman they have a new case: he, John and Roman are going to kill Orpheus.

steve kicks patrons out of brady's pub DAYS RECAPS soapsspoilers

Steve thinks it would be a service to humanity to “put Orpheus down like a rabid dog.”

Roman reminds them he spent his life upholding the law, but Steve counters with the vows they made to their wives to love, honor, and protect them – and they failed.

Roman believes in the justice system and thinks Orpheus will end up on death row, but Steve scoffs at leaving Orpheus’s fate up to Melinda Trask.

Roman thinks this sounds like payback, but Steve says it’s about protecting their families because Orpheus will never stop making them pay for Rebecca’s death.

steve and roman DAYS RECAPS soapsspoilers

Roman doesn’t think they should take the law into their own hands. He asks John to talk sense into Steve.

John takes a moment before announcing he’s with Steve. “Let’s get that bastard,” he says.

John tells Roman how Steve wanted to take out Orpheus when he was first released from prison, but John talked Steve out of it.

John thinks if he hadn’t done that, their wives would still be alive.

Steve understands if Roman doesn’t want to be part of this scheme, but Roman surprises them by announcing he’s in.

“Let’s make damn sure Orpheus never hurts another living soul,” Roman says.

john roman steve want to kill orpheus DAYS RECAPS soapsspoilers


Marlena is in… wherever she is with Susan, who rolls in a cart of treats, including Elvis’s signature peanut butter, bacon, and banana sandwich.

Marlena has grown impatient with Susan and demands to know where Kayla is. She asks Susan to check her list again.

Susan looks at the list and says she sees Kayla has been misfiled but is definitely “in the good place.”

marlena yells at susan devil DAYS RECAPS soapsspoilers

Marlena sits down to a hearty breakfast, while Susan tells her not to worry about Kayla.

Marlena asks Susan to check her list again for Kate. After Susan locates her on the list, Marlena is delighted and assumes Kate is in Heaven.

“Not exactly,” Susan says with a smile.

susan breakfast heaven DAYS RECAPS soapsspoilers

Susan advises Marlena to stop worrying about her lady friends and start thinking about how she wants to spend eternity.

Marlena says she has. She wants to see the loved ones she’s lost, like her baby DJ, her twin sister Samantha, Tom and Alice Horton and Shawn and Caroline Brady.

Susan assures her it will all happen in due time but first, she needs to sign her release papers to advance to the next level of Heaven.

Marlena signs the document without reading it and hands it back to Susan, who leaves to file it.


Kayla is in Heaven, banging on a giant door. She’s been dead for weeks and nobody’s come for her!

Kayla calls out, asking for someone to get her the hell out of there.

“We don’t usually cuss in here,” someone says and Kayla turns to see Adrienne.

kayla bangs on door DAYS RECAPS soapsspoilers

The friends and sisters-in-law share a tender embrace.

They chat about their families and what they must be going through after losing them.

Kayla assumed people in heaven would be carefree, but she’s so worried about Steve and the pain he must be in.

Adrienne assures her Steve will be okay with a little help from his friends, but Kayla is worried Steve will go to a dark place.

Kayla reminds Adrienne when they met, Steve only cared about getting back at anyone who crossed him. Kayla is worried Steve will be like that again.

Adrienne hates seeing Kayla stress so much about the living when her afterlife is here in paradise.

bonnie kiriakis in heaven with kayla DAYS RECAPS soapsspoilers

Adrienne gives her papers to sign before ascending to the next level of Heaven, but Kayla wants a lawyer to look at it.

“Mmm, we don’t get too many of those up here,” Adrienne says.

Kayla signs the papers and Adrienne tells her she must take the next step alone.

adrienne and kayla in purgatory DAYS RECAPS soapsspoilers

As Kayla walks through the door, Adrienne smiles and waves.

“Kayla Brady Johnson, you are so gullible,” Adrienne says in the devil’s voice with her eyes glowing.

adrienne johnson the devil DAYS RECAPS soapsspoilers



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Kate descends a staircase down, down, down. “Hello?” she calls out.

When she gets to the bottom of the stairs, Kate sees a woman with her back turned.

Kate taps her on the shoulder and the woman turns. It’s Jordan Ridgeway (Chrishell Stause), Ben’s late sister and Kate’s sworn enemy.

“Welcome to purgatory,” Jordan says.

Kate says if she’s stuck there with Jordan, she must have died and gone straight to Hell.

She figures she’s being punished for a lifetime of sin, but Jordan says they’re not in Heaven or Hell. They’re someplace in between.

kate in purgatory DAYS RECAPS soapsspoilers

Kate asks how long she’ll have to be there. How many decades of rosaries will she have to say before she gets that upgrade?

Jordan informs Kate her soul must be judged before her fate is known – and Jordan is her assigned judge.

The two women hash out their tangled history and the terrible things each did to the other.

Jordan reminds Kate how she brought Clyde back to Salem and ruined her life.

jordan ridgeway purgatory kate roberts DAYS RECAPS soapsspoilers

Jordan asks Kate to give her one good reason not to send Kate’s twisted soul straight to the bad place.

Kate admits bringing Clyde to town was an innocent mistake, but Jordan thinks it was a tragic, indefensible mistake.

Kate says she didn’t do the right thing when she found out what Clyde had done to Jordan and she regrets that, but Jordan doesn’t believe her.

Kate demands Jordan consider the pluses of her record, like being a good mother and finding love and a simple life with Roman.

kate purgatory DAYS RECAPS soapsspoilers

Jordan agrees Kate has made a compelling argument, but she needs proof.

Jordan wants Kate to sign a document admitting her faults, which will burst into flame and condemn her to Hell for eternity if she’s lying.

Kate signs the document and there are no flames, so Jordan says she believes her.

Kate made a compelling case, but the decision is made by someone above Jordan. She tells Kate to ascend the staircase to the next realm.

Jordan hands Kate her paperwork and instructs her to go up the stairs.

Kate thanks Jordan again and begins her climb to the next level. 

Jordan turns and says with the devil’s voice and glowing eyes “No, Kate. Thank you.”

jordan devil purgatory DAYS RECAPS soapsspoilers

Kayla walks through the door and straight into Marlena. Kayla is surprised to learn Marlena is dead, too.

kayla hugs marlena purgatory DAYS RECAPS soapsspoilers

Just then, Kate enters the scene and is reunited with her friends. Marlena is relieved to see Kate has made it to the good place.

Kayla tells them how she was locked in a room until Adrienne arrived. Kate doesn’t think that sounds right.

Susan bounds into the scene and takes Kate and Kayla’s signed paperwork, before announcing there’s been some confusion.

She says Kate wasn’t with Jordan and Kayla wasn’t with Adrienne. Furthermore, she is not Susan Banks.

Marlena asks who she is, and Susan begins to take off the wig and the fake teeth.

“It’s you,” Marlena says. 

kate, kayla and marlena purgatory DAYS RECAPS soapsspoilers


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