Kate, Kayla and Marlena Sell Their Souls to the Devil, John, While Roman and Steve Recruit Lucas in Their Revenge Plot

Days of our Lives recap for Monday, February 6, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Kate, Kayla and Marlena learn from Nick Fallon they’ve been tricked into selling their souls to the Devil, John, Roman and Steve hashed out their plan to kill Orpheus, and Chad got Doug and Julie’s blessing to pursue Stephanie, who had an awkward encounter with Alex.

In the last Days recap, Kate, Kayla and Marlena were tricked into signing paperwork that was anything but heavenly, John, Roman and Steve began to hatch a plan to rid the world of Orpheus, while Xander and Gwen had a vicious confrontation with Sarah.

At the Brady Pub, John, Roman and Steve have a strategy session for their mission to rid the world of Orpheus.

Steve asks Roman if he’s sure he still wants to go after Orpheus. Roman declares no one is safe while Orpheus is alive, and he won’t let another person suffer at his hands.

“And the only way to stop him is to put him in the ground,” Steve says.

John and Roman wonder how they’ll do it since Orpheus is safely behind bars and beyond their reach.

john roman and steve talk about killing orpheus Days of our Lives recaps


Steve reveals his plan: he’s going to get sent to prison so he can get close to Orpheus.

John balks at the idea but Steve thinks he’s the man to do. He’s got a criminal record so it would be easy to do something that gets him sent to Statesville Prison.

Steve thinks breaking into the Brady Pub and stealing the cash from the till ought to get him into Orpheus’s cellblock.

Roman points out there’s no guarantee when Steve would get sent to Statesville. John says once Steve is in, there’s no way to get him out.

roman talks orpheus Days of our Lives recaps

John doesn’t want Steve to spend years behind bars just to kill Orpheus. He thinks the better plan is to just visit Orpheus in prison and then take him out.

Roman says it would be impossible to get a weapon into Statesville, but John doesn’t think that’s an issue. Weapons come in many forms, after all.

Roman wonders what will happen if Orpheus turns up dead after seeing a visitor. He doesn’t want this mission to end their lives, too.

Roman’s idea is to come at Orpheus indirectly. They’ve got a man on the inside already.

John can’t believe Roman is suggesting they ask Lucas to take down Orpheus, but Steve thinks it might work.

Roman thinks they can convince Lucas to share intel on Orpheus with them to help take out the villain. Lucas might even have a few ideas of his own.

Roman says the first step is for him to pay his stepson a visit in prison.

john talks orpheus killing Days of our Lives recaps


Lucas is alone in the prison lounge reading a book. Orpheus walks in and sets the bottle of whiskey on the table again.

Orpheus encourages Lucas to enjoy it now that his “killjoy of a brother” isn’t around to deprive him of what he wants.

Lucas again refuses the offer of the whiskey. Orpheus coyly wonders why Lucas has been walking around with a dark cloud over his head.

lucas reads in prison Days of our Lives recaps

Lucas reminds him Kate is dead. Orpheus expresses his condolences while sniffing the open bottle of whiskey.

Lucas says he’s fine knowing his mother’s killer is in jail, but Orpheus says he isn’t the killer.

Orpheus admits he poisoned Kate and her friends but points out they were fine after getting the serum derived from the orchid.

Orpheus thinks the real culprit is the person who stole the orchid from Kristen, thereby causing the women to die.

He reasons if Rafe and the Salem PD had done their job, no one would have died.

Lucas thinks Orpheus is passing the buck. He was the one who poisoned the women in the first place.

Orpheus says they’re just talking in circles, and he needs to get to his kitchen mop duty anyway.

Before he leaves, Orpheus sets the bottle of whiskey in front of Lucas again.

lucas hate orpheus killed kate Days of our Lives recaps


Stephanie walks into Sonny’s office to talk to him about something she’s working on, but it’s Alex who spins around in the CEO’s chair.

Stephanie was looking for Sonny. Alex says he’s spending the day with Arianna and Will.

Alex offers to look at what Stephanie’s got for Sonny, but she declines. It’s an assignment not due for another week.

Alex comments that Stephanie is “really on it.” She says she’s just trying to stay busy.

Stephanie puts the papers on the desk and walks to the door, but before she leaves, she has something to say.

She tells Alex she read the sympathy card with the apology Alex left for her. She thanks him for it.

Alex apologizes again for turning her phone off. He’s truly sorry.

alex in sonny's office Days of our Lives recaps

Stephanie says she appreciates his apology but there’s just no going back to what they had before.

Alex asks if it’s because of the phone or because she slept with Chad.

Alex tells a surprised Stephanie he saw them through the open door when he brought the card and flowers.

Stephanie tells him being with Chad wasn’t planned, it just happened. 

Alex admits it’s his fault Stephanie can’t forgive him for the terrible mistake he made.

Stephanie understands he didn’t keep her from Kayla’s deathbed on purpose. It was just a case of really bad timing.

But now there’s something between Chad and Stephanie. She wants to see where it goes.

Alex thanks her for being honest and making her feelings clear. He won’t be pursuing her any longer.

Stephanie thinks when things settle down, maybe they can be friends.

Alex apologizes again for everything and Stephanie leaves.

stephanie with alex Days of our Lives recaps


Chad comes down the stairs of the Horton house to find Doug and Julie looking at a photo album. 

Julie is crying because she’s overwhelmed because she’s thinking of everyone they’ve lost. She hopes they find peace.

Julie says she used to enjoy looking at the albums but now there are so many people they’ve lost, people she never expected to outlive.

“You’re going to outlive us all,” Chad says with a smile.

doug and julie look at photos of loved ones Days of our Lives recaps

Julie misses them all, even the ones who weren’t so good like her tortured cousin Nick. 

Julie admits she still thinks about Nick and what went wrong for him. She’s still grieving for him and wishes she could have helped him.

Julie thinks Nick will suffer for his sins in the afterlife. Chad hopes the killer of Kate, Kayla and Marlena will do the same.

Julie turns the photo album page to the wedding photo of Chad and Abigail. 

It was the happiest day of his life, Chad says. He thought they would have enough memories to fill ten photo albums.

doug and julie sad missing marlena Days of our Lives recaps

Julie tells Chad she and Doug have been worried about him and praying one day he’ll be able to find love again.

Julie admits Jack told them about his talk with Chad when he encouraged his son-in-law to move on.

Chad tells them he’s started seeing Stephanie. Doug and Julie are delighted.

Julie thinks Stephanie is smart, lovely and has a big heart. Plus, the kids seem to adore her.

Chad thanks them for their blessing on the relationship. Julie is delighted the Hortons are finally getting some good news.

chad comforts julie and doug Days of our Lives recaps


In the afterlife, Kate, Kayla and Marlena are shocked to see Susan is actually Nick Fallon. 

He asks them to forgive his deception by pretending to be Adrienne, Jordan and Susan, but he knew none of the ladies would give him the time of day if they knew it was him they were talking to.

Kayla asks why he’s here.

Nick says the answer is obvious. He had to get them to sign those documents he now holds in his hands.

Kate asks what the documents are. Kayla asks if they’re really moving to the next phase of heaven.

kate, kayla and marlena purgatory DAYS RECAPS soapsspoilers



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Nick explains it all to them: they didn’t read what they signed, which were contracts to sell their souls to him.

Kate asks if he’s the Devil and Nick laughs. He’s flattered.

“That’s a different guy, right Marlena?” Nick says with a wink.

Nick reveals he’s just a minion who works for the Devil, who he says misses Marlena.

“I’m touched,” Marlena says curtly.

kate surprised see nick fallon Days of our Lives recaps

Nick says getting the women to sign over their souls was easier than he expected. Now it’s time to collect.

Kate snatches the contracts from Nick. She thinks her business experience will help her find the loopholes that are in every contract.

“Do you know how many lawyers the Devil has working for him?” Nick asks. “Basically, all of them.”

Kate points out the contracts are all gibberish, but Nick says it’s because the Devil has been around since before the English language.

Kayla thinks the contracts can’t be valid, but Nick says they are.

Kate asks what they get out of the deal. Doesn’t selling your soul offer some earthly reward?

Nick admits he does owe them something and proceeds to hand each woman a crisp two-dollar bill.

kayla tries to get nick to tell them what they get in return for their souls DAYS RECAPS

Kate flips and goes after Nick, smacking him with the contracts, which he takes back.

The ladies argue again the contracts can’t be valid, but Nick says here in the great beyond, he has the final word.

Kate says they don’t accept this. They demand to talk directly to the Devil.

Unless Nick arranges for them to meet with the Prince of Darkness, the ladies are going nowhere.

Nick reluctantly agrees to take their request to the Devil. In the meantime, he conjures up a table of culinary treats for the ladies to enjoy.

Nick advises them to enjoy it because things are about to get a lot more unpleasant. 

nick fallon devil smiles Days of our Lives recaps


Lucas is alone again in the prison lounge when Roman walks in. 

Lucas is surprised to see his stepfather/father-in-law after what happened with Sami.

Roman admits he’s still angry about the kidnapping, but he knows Kate wouldn’t want Lucas to spend his days alone in prison.

Roman asks Lucas how he’s handling prison life. Lucas reports he just had another run-in with Orpheus.

Lucas tells Roman about Orpheus’s visit and the bottle of whiskey. He passes it over to Roman and asks him to get rid of it.

Roman wonders what Orpheus is trying to accomplish by pushing alcohol on Lucas.

Lucas thinks Orpheus is just trying to torture him with the whiskey to fall off the wagon.

Roman tells Lucas it might not be such a bad idea if he did.

roman visit lucas prison DAYS RECAPS


Chad is alone in the Horton living room looking at the photo album. Julie walks back in and says Doug is in the kitchen making lunch.

Chad says Doug is a keeper.

“I think the marriage is gonna work out,” Julie laughs.

Julie tells Chad she hopes he finds happiness again. He deserves it.

She leaves again to help Doug in the kitchen.

Alone, Chad looks at his wedding photo with Abigail again. He wishes there was some way for him to know Abigail was okay with him and Stephanie.

Chad hears Doug and Julie laughing in the kitchen and smiles.

He speaks out loud to Abigail, remembering how they used to hope to be just like Doug and Julie. 

Chad knows Abigail loves Stephanie and hopes his late wife approves of their relationship.

He admits that no matter who comes into his life, there will always be a part that’s missing. No one will ever replace Abigail in his heart.

chad with julie DAYS RECAPS


Steve brings a couple beers to the table where he and John are still sitting. He figures Roman won’t mind them serving themselves while he’s away.

Steve asks what’s on John’s mind. Is he having second thoughts about their plan?

John is worried about Roman and how he’ll live with blood on his hands after they kill Orpheus.

Steve thinks Roman is a grown man who made his own decision. He hopes Lucas will make the same one.


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