Wendy’s Startled at Seeing Johnny Proposing to Chanel, Eric Accuses Sloan of Being Obsessed and Stefan & Gabi Learn Li Knows She Cheated

Days of our Lives recap for Thursday, April 13, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Salemites eat some drugged biscuits and Wendy is shocked to find Johnny in the middle of a marriage proposal, Stefan sees Melinda as Gabi and kisses her and Nicole sees Eric in his priest uniform.  

In the last Days recap, Rafe and Jada came clean about their feelings for each other and Xander kissed Chloe in front of Gwen.

Sweet Bits

A hooded figure taints the biscuit dough at Sweet Bits with a liquid. The next morning, Chanel and Talia put the biscuits out on a table in the square and think everyone will like them.

Talia watches as Chanel talks to Paulina on a call and things being quiet there at work.

She disconnects and tells Talia that her mama worried that “that witch Sloan will retaliate.”

Chanel decides to try a biscuit and calls it amazing. Talia laughs. 

sweet bits chanel and talia

Sloan’s apartment

Eric arrives at Sloan’s place with Sweet Bits.

She’s immediately on edge that he was at Chanel’s place and wants to know what the hell is wrong with him.

She calls it a murderous bakery and he calls it “just breakfast.”

sloan and eric her house

Eric did it because he wanted to “help you finally get over it.” Sloan’s upset even more.

“You think I should just get over it?” Her mother was killed! Her mother’s not coming back from the dead.

sloan cries

He’s not telling her to get over her parents’ deaths but he thinks she’s only hurting herself in making everything about her mother’s death.

He wants her to stop giving them so much power, knowing if she does, she’ll feel better.

She calls Eric condescending. She assumes he thinks she’s terrorizing Chanel and Paulina.

sloan yells eric

He admits he does. He also thinks she may have sent that letter to Paulina and checked the magazines.

She assumes he found them uncut. He says she was sending at text at the time that Paulina received a threatening text.

Sloan kicks him out and thanks him for giving her more time to obsess over Chanel and her mother rather than wasting it on him. He reluctantly goes.

sloan kicks eric out

DiMera Mansion

Nicole brings breakfast biscuits to EJ at the DiMera mansion.

They kiss and Johnny appears. He barely slept because of all of the animal noises in the room beside him.

EJ says it wasn’t them, it was their “otherwise buttoned-up District Attorney.”

Johnny’s grossed out. EJ says Stefan’s just trying to trick him to get Li’s DiMera shares without sticking to the deal she made with Li.

Johnny takes off to get coffee. Once he’s gone, Nic eats a biscuit. 

ej and nicole with biscuits

Stefan comes from the shower only to see Melinda in his bed, naked under a sheet.

She invites him in. She’s been here two nights in a row yelling her head off and only has a sore throat to show for it.

stefan shirtless room dimera manse

He’ll repay her. She sighs, knowing it’s just going to be platonic.

They head downstairs with her in a robe and them canoodling, making EJ gross-out.

EJ finally freaks out and tells his brother that he has photos of him and Gabi in bed and Li has seen them.

meliinda  and stefan eat the biscuits

Melinda figures she’s out of a job. She heads to shower.

Stefan accuses him of sinking too low but EJ’s protecting the family business from a viper.

Stefan grits his teeth. “Do not talk to her like that.”

ej calls stefan traitor

EJ calls his brother a cheater to their father and everything he created. EJ hopes his quickie in the basement was worth letting go of those shares.

He leaves and Nicole moves to follow and Stefan stomps in her way to scare her. She ignores him and leaves the room.

Stefan goes upstairs and thinking that Melinda is Gabi, starts making out with her.

stefan thinks he sees gabi




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Wendy’s apartment

Li stares at the photo of Stefan in bed with Gabi and when she appears asking for Li’s eggs benedict or his amazing banana pancakes.

He’s not in the mood and claims his father’s texting him to meet.

gabi talks to li about breakfast

Li asks after her meeting. He trusts it ended with everyone feeling satisfied.

She flashes to sex with Stefan and she tells him everything flowed the way it’s supposed to.

li tells wendy that gabi cheated

She goes and he smashes his phone against the door. “Damn her.” Wendy walks out. “Me?”

Li says it’s Gabi and fills her in on the photo EJ sent of her with Stefan in bed.

Li barks that Gabi wants Stefan, her shares and not him.

Wendy’s shocked he didn’t confront her but he says he can’t stop loving her. He still believes she belongs with him.

He picks up his phone and says he can’t give up on his wife.

He asks what’s wrong with him. She calls it unrequited love and tells him Gabi’s not going to fall for him. She leaves and he obsesses. 

wendy with li brother at apartment

Sweet Bits

Gabi arrives at Sweet Bits and Talia gives her a free sample of the biscuits.

Gabi’s astounded at how good they are. Introductions are made and Gabi says Jada’s boss is her brother.

gabi eats biscuits laced with drugs

The women need to talk about how the two belong together.

They agree it’s a crime to keep two people who belong together apart. They agree to come up with a plan together to get their siblings together.

Gabi gets a call from Stefan who tells her that Li knows about them and how EJ took a photo and sent it to him.

Gabi groans. No wonder he was acting strangely this morning.

She tells him to pack his things and he can move in. Stefan groans. He’s feeling weird.

The blood rushed to his head, he says. They profess their love and disconnect.

talia and gabi common goal get siblings together

Johnny appears pretending he’s a zombie and Chanel feeds him a biscuit.

He’s wowed by it and tells her he’s pretty sure Wendy’s going to dump him for Tripp.

They discuss Sloan terrorizing her and she tries to cheer him up over Wendy, who he says is seeing Tripp, too, and he’s a doctor, he’s built and handsome.

chanel feeds johnny biscuit

His mom is in an institution, which checks the sympathy box.

Chanel talks up Johnny, though it doesn’t make him feel better.

They remember their time in Italy and how magical it was.

She remembered when he proposed and how happy she was to marry him, an incredible guy.

chanel in red

Gabi finds it hot and rubs her forehead while Johnny seems a little out of it.

They remember a romantic night together and get close.

Talia interrupts to say she’s making more biscuits.

johnny proposes to chanel

Johnny’s vision is impaired and he sees Chanel in the red dress she wore at the altar.

He gets down on one knee and proposes just as Wendy strolls up.

wendy shocked johnny proposing to chanel

Gabi arrives home feeling out of it.

She touches her forehead and says she got Li’s text.

He has something to say. She sees him as Stefan and smiles.

gabi sees li as stefan

Brady pub

Outside Brady pub, EJ wonders why Li hasn’t acted on that photo he sent.

Nicole gets a call from work. She goes to take it and he leaves.

As she takes the call, she stumbles and her vision blurs as she sees Eric stroll up dressed as a priest with his clerical collar on.

Eric as a priest


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