John and Marlena Reminisce About Their Iconic Love Before Marlena Succumbs to Death and EJ Comes Clean With Stefan

Days of our Lives recap for Friday, January 20, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Johnny and Chanel reconnect as they help John with a surprise for Marlena.

In the last Days recap, Kristen prepared to flee Salem with Rachel but was arrested and Belle returned home to be by ailing Marlena’s side.

Chloe and Stefan find EJ playing chess. They discuss Kristen’s arrest warrant. Chloe’s upset that Stefan stopped her from hitting Kristen with the poker. EJ’s confused. Chloe details Kristen’s blackmail of Brady. EJ wondered how she managed that reconciliation.

ej drink wine DAYS recap soaps spoilers

At the townhouse, Kristen’s rights are read to her and she struggles. She didn’t murder anyone.

Rafe reminds her of what she did to indirectly cause two deaths and Brady tells her about the recording.

She assumes he’s bluffing and Brady says she’s getting what she deserves.

kristen's arrest DAYS recap soaps spoilers

She’s taken away. He calls Belle for an update on their mom and then Rachel appears.

He says Mommy was in trouble. She was going to take her on a trip without his permission and she’s done some bad things.

Rachel reacts with shock, saddened by the news.

Who will read her bedtime stories? She rants and doen’st wat him. She wants Mommy. She races to her room.

brady tells Rachel mommy prison DAYS recap soaps spoilers

At the hospital, Johnny’s on a call with Uncle Steve about the arrest.

Chanel appears to see how Marlena is and to give Allie support.

They discuss Kristen’s confession.

chanel connects johnny DAYS recap soaps spoilers

In her room, Marlena cries when John says he can’t take her home.

She doesn’t want to die there. He tells her the doctors are buying her time but she tells him they’re out of time.

She wants to go home and reminds him he’s been through this before.

John says she had time for him to take her to Venice but Maralena’s only asking for across town. She begs and he compromises.

John finds Johnny with Chanel and asks for their help. He returns to Marlena and tells her someone is going to set up something for them. He wants to surprise her. He calls it an adventure of a lifetime.

john and marlena hospital as she's dying DAYS recap soaps spoilers

Back at the DiMera manse, Stefan learns Kristen was arrested.

EJ looks concerned. For himself. Stefan asks why EJ let her move back in.

He says she’s family. Chloe takes off for home, convinced she’ll rest easy.

When she’s gone, the men play chess. Stefan gloats about being a chess champion. 

stefan and chloe get word kristen arrested DAYS recap soaps spoilers

At SPD, Rafe and Jada play the confession recording for Kristen.

She calls it a deep fake. “Nice try,” Rafe says.

Jada says Johnny’s going to testify that it’s real. Kristen wants a lawyer.

She calls EJ, who has barely started the chess game. She wants his help in getting her out of jail, reminding him he has a law degree.

He’s busy. She blackmails him again that she’ll sell him out to Stefan. 

kristen in jail DAYS recap soaps spoilers

In the outer room, Rafe brings Jada some of Caroline Brady’s special pie for doing a great job.

They talk about how the DiMera’s area experts at eluding justice. Rafe assumes Kristen’s talking EJ into doing that now.

They discuss how poorly Steve’s doing. 

In the interrogation room, Kristen’s on a call with EJ who says the CEO of DiMera can’t get involved so he can’t be her lawyer.

She’ll call Stefan then. He puts her on speaker and invites her to talk.

When she won’t, EJ tells Stefan the truth, that he knew Li had him brainwashed and he kept it to himself.

Kristen calls EJ an idiot but he won’t be her lawyer.

He disconnects and Stefan seethes as EJ explains it was a business deal. Stefan reels as he puts it together. 

stefan talks to kristen DAYS recap soaps spoilers

EJ admits it’s been held over his head and he’s glad it’s out, even if it means dealing with the consequences.

Stefan thought he found an ally in his brother. He pounds the chess table and rails on his brother. EJ says his intentions weren’t to do that but he couldn’t have Gabi control the company. 

EJ knows that’s a crap excuse. He’s sorry. Stefan says at least he wasn’t involved in the brainwashing. He thinks their father would have approved.

He’ll forgive him under one condition. He wants to be co-CEOs. EJ says Shin’s being terminated at the company in the morning.

They’ll make the change then. They shake on it and EJ thanks him. He goes upstairs and Stefan stares at the chess board, saying that he’ll get EJ who won’t see him coming.

He drinks Grappa and looks at Stefano’s portrait.

ej and stefan shake hands Days recaps

Meanwhile, Jada and Rafe go to Kristen who wants to cut a deal with what she knows about Li Shin.

She wants murder off the table and immunity. Rafe tells her to start talking and they’ll see.

On the roof of the hospital, Johnny sets up a blue tooth projector and Chanel sets up some lights.

She talked a store into giving them their window display.

rooftop Chanel and Johnny DAYS recap soaps spoilers


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They didn’t mind since Marlena was a regular customer. They discuss her case.

She tells him about being sued in civil court. He’s sorry.

Sexy guitar music plays as he says just because they’re not married doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about her.

She asks, “What about Wendy?” She reminds him they’re a thing. He says they’re not really dating. It was a cover for their investigation into Li Shin.

He tells her about helping Gabi to find out what happened to Stefan.

She heard about it coming out at the wedding. As they talk, they decorate a bench and the surrounding area.

chanel and johnny reconnecting DAYS recap soaps spoilers

Chanel falls off a chair and Johnny catches her. They lock eyes and hold each other.

They’re ready to kiss when John wheels Marlena up.

He hands over the remote for the projector.

They joke that Johnny drives around with it in his car.

jarlena roof top before she dies DAYS recap soaps spoilers

Chanel gives Marlena chocolate-covered strawberries and she blesses their hearts.

They kiss her and Johnny tells her he loves her.

john kisses marlena one last time before she dies DAYS recap soaps spoilers

She says it back and the men embrace and Johnny goes. Jarlena kisses.

They sit on the bench and eat strawberries.

john feeds marlena strawberries before she dies DAYS recap soaps spoilers

He feeds them to her and tells her Johnny uploaded family photos to the cloud so they can reminisce.

john and marlena rooftop before she dies DAYS recap soaps spoilers

They look at family photos. She wonders where the time went.

They want to do it all over again.

jarlena snuggle on the roof before she dies DAYS recap soaps spoilers

She cried and he holds her close. They keep watching the images and Marlena dies.

marlena is dead on days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Downstairs in the hospital, Chanel can see where Johnny got his romantic side from. He chokes up and says he could see it in her eyes. She knows what’s coming. He’s not ready to lose her.

 Johnny drinks as he tells Chanel he tries not to cry because it always makes his throat dry. She thinks he should let loose. They hug.

Chloe arrives at the townhouse as Rachel runs to her room.

He lets her know about Kristen’s abduction attempt and the arrest.

chloe and brady townhouse DAYS recap soaps spoilers

He doesn’t know how to tell his daughter that her mother may be in prison for the rest of her life.

Brady tears up. He can’t believe this is happening to his kid.

He feels powerless and neither is sure Kristen’s being honest about not knowing where the orchid is.

Chloe hugs Brady as Rachel stomps into the room and tells her to get away from her daddy.

rachel yells at chloe DAYS recap soaps spoilers

She blames Chloe for her mom going to jail and Brady tells her not to talk to Chloe that way. He says her mother lied.

He tells her he loves her and to go to her room.

When he comes in, they’ll get some things straight. After she’s gone, Chloe’s not sure they should be together.

brady tells rachel to be respectful Days recaps



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