Gabi and Stefan Play Nicole and EJ, Paulina Gets a Nasty Threat, and Sloan Calls out Rafe and Jada for Harassment

Days of our Lives recap for Wednesday, March 29, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Paulina suffers a panic attack, Eric and Nicole get into a heated argument over Sloan.

In the last Days recap, Nicole and EJ set up Stefan and Gabi as Paulina pressured Rafe and Jada to arrest Sloan.

Talia tries to calm Chanel down as she and Paulina freak out over the trashed office.

Paulina gets more excitable by the minute and clutches at her chest. She’s worried she’s having a heart attack.

Talia questions her symptoms and learns she has a tightness in her chest, dizziness and she can’t breathe, but she has no symptoms to suggest a heart attack so Talia deduces that she’s having a panic attack.

Paulina says, “I never panic. I’m cool under pressure.”

paulina upset about the break in

Talia gets her breathing under control and Paulina calms right down.

She’s shocked to learn Talia’s an MD. Talia gets the women drinks and they talk about the radical change in becoming a baker versus a doctor.

She needed a change. Paulina says, “Eumm your parents must be thrilled.”

She calls it an adjustment period. Talk turns to them hoping Sloan gets behind bars soon.

Talia tells her panic attacks don’t go away on their own usually. Paulina calls herself tough.

She can deal with it. Talia says there’s no shame in getting help. She sees many black women stressed in silence, thinking they have to be strong all the time.

Chanel offers to take her mom to the doctor.

paulina panic attack

In the pub, Sloan is told by Rafe and Jada that Paulina’s accusing her of vandalization. Sloan finds that ridiculous.

Outside, Nicole leaves a message for EJ that everything is going well with their plan. She’s thrilled when she sees Jada escorting Sloan out of the pub.

“I said I’d go quietly,” Sloan says. Nicole starts to laugh, delighting in Sloan’s discomfort.

She asks if Sloan will keep the “cheap hair extensions” when she’s in jail. The cops lead Sloan away and Nicole squeals.

sloan is asked to SPD for questioning

“This night keeps getting better and better.” She heads inside and eavesdrops on Eric leaving a message for Justin since he has a “friend who needs a good attorney.”

Nic thinks it’s romantic that he’s hiring a lawyer for his “gal pal.” She asks how it feels to sleep with a criminal.

If he had a problem sleeping with a criminal, he never would have slept with her. They talk about the man he once was.

Eric says he’s gone after he lost half his family and the woman he loved.

“Eric,” Nicole says.

nicole laughs at sloan being taken to SPD

At Li’s place, EJ tells Li that Gabi’s cheating on him with Stefan right now. He hands over a room key to Salem Inn. Li doesn’t believe this but EJ insists Gabi’s cheating. Li thinks EJ’s enjoying this. EJ just doesn’t think Li wants Gabi to walk away with Li’s shares and Stefan. Li rips the key from EJ’s grip. “Fine.” He goes and EJ listens to Nicole’s message.

At Salem Inn, Stefan and Gabi make out until Stefan stops. Something feels wrong.

Gabi convinces him to start making out again but he stops things once more. “We’re being set up.” He tells her he’s been suspicious of them the whole time.

Gabi says Nicole is trying to help. Stefan can’t believe EJ did a 180 and is suddenly ‘Team Stabi’. “Yeah,” he says. “I said it.”

Stefan convinces Gabi that Nicole and EJ aren’t their friends. He’s sorry. He wants to be with her tonight but they can’t. Stefan comes up with an idea.

gabi and stefan kissing on days recap

At SPD, Sloan tells Rafe and Jada she had nothing to do with someone rearranging Paulina’s tacky office.

Trask appears and Sloan widens her arms. “Melinda! Cagney and Lacey here have been trying to railroad me for a crime that I didn’t commit.”

Melinda takes Rafe out for a word. She just wants him not to blow it with Sloan this time.

trask and sloan at SPD

She gets a text and goes and he returns to Sloan. Jada can see she’s all about winning or losing.

Sloan nods. What else is there? They think Sloan wanted to even the score since her case got thrown out. Sloan asks if this good cop/bad cop routine works out for them.

She calls them idiots and tells them she was home alone last night. She knows they don’t have her fingerprints or DNA at the scene which means she can go. 

She calls them out on harassing her and threatens their livelihood if they keep it up.

Later, Jada looks through the evidence on Paulina’s office but there’s nothing to nail Sloan with.

Rafe’s glum too. They vow to get her next time. They discuss what’s going to be their iffy dining habits tonight.

She’s having pizza, he’s having frozen lasagne and frosted Pop-Tarts.

sloan in custody

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Back at Salem Inn, Li busts into Stefan’s room and sees him in bed with someone.

li yells at stefan and who he thinks is gabi

It’s dark so he yells at Gabi to get out and Stefan gets out of bed and the woman turns around.

It’s Melinda Trask.

Li’s shocked. Trask gets out of bed and puts on a robe.

melinda in bed with stefan

She acts annoyed and Li asks if Salemites know that the DA is sleeping with a member of the DiMera crime family.

Stefan finds that funny. Trask thinks he should be the last person to cast stones after what he did to Stefan.

Trask wonders how he got a room key and thinks once she’s on the clock, she should figure that out.

Until then, she asks him to go. Li didn’t know they knew each other.

Trask claims sparks flew when she ran into Stefan and she has needs. Li takes off. 

trask with stefan and Li

EJ arrives at the pub and Eric’s annoyed. He wishes they’d go. EJ claims he was “looking forward to a robust bowl of gruel.

Sorry. Chowder.” Eric doesn’t care. He takes off when Sloan texts that she’s done at SPD.

EJ and Nicole canoodle, happy that their plan has worked out.

They drink beer and EJ comments he wishes it was Veuve Clicquot.

ej and nicole at the pub

Li returns home and Gabi’s on the sofa in sweats. She claims he looks like he’s seen a ghost.

He thought she’d still be out with Nicole. Gabi says dinner with Nicole was all a setup. Nicole wanted to sneak her into the Salem Inn for a secret rendezvous with Stefan.

She refused. Li asks if she was tempted. Gabi calls herself committed to him.  

Back at Salem Inn, Stefan flashes back to Stefan shoving her out of Salem Inn and Stefan telling her that Trask has a crush on him and hates EJ as much as anyone.

Trask dresses and Stefan thanks her. She says she did theatre and was cast as a villain in the past. It was nothing.

She says his girlfriend owes her. So does he. She’ll collect. “Whatever you want,” he says. She flatters him, but he belongs to Gabi.

If things don’t work out, Trask says he knows where to find her.

trask is hot for stefan

Back at Salem square, Paulina is angered once again to learn Sloan isn’t in jail.

Chanel says she’s getting all worked up again.

“Damn right,” Paulina says. Talian encourages her to breathe.

Paulina’s going to her office to get some things and thanks Talia for her help.

chanel pretty in pink

Sloan arrives home to Eric who wants to know what happened.

She calls it all a waste of time once she pointed out that they had no evidence to link her to the break-in.

Eric asks if she’s guilty. Sloan’s affronted.

He’s not judging her but he needs to know. She didn’t do it and says she didn’t pay anyone to do it.

He believes her. They embrace.

Paulina returns to the scene of the crime and finds an envelope that wasn’t there before.

“This isn’t over, Bitch,” it reads. “Oh my God,” she exclaims.

paulina gets a nasty note

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