Gabi Tosses a Drink at Stefan, Kayla Gets a Message to Steve From the Great Beyond, EJ & Nicole Have Sex

Days of our Lives recap for Wednesday, February 15, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Kayla reaches out to Steve from the Great Beyond, Gabi and Stefan’s romantic evening goes awry, and Li jumps on an opportunity to be there for her as EJ and Nicole have sex.

In the last Days recap, Jada and Eric shared an awkward moment before Jada and Rafe dined together on Valentine’s Day, Chad spent the day with Stephanie and his kids, and Sloan and Eric saw EJ with Nicole at The Bistro.

At The Bistro, Nicole assures EJ that she still wants to dine there even though Eric and Sloan’s tables are next to one another.

Sloan tells Eric she usually sees Valentine’s Day “as a commercial rip off but this just got far more interesting.”

At their own table, Nicole’s jealousy rears up.

ej and nicole distracted valentines Days recaps soaps spoilers

She thought it was just sex but they were sharing Valentine’s Day together.

EJ reminds her they’re on a dinner date too. 

They hold hands and Eric becomes jealous and tells Sloan that she thought Nicole was using EJ to get to him and now they’re holding hands.

She’s probably sleeping with him.

sloan at the bistro days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Sloan says, “And sadly, that still bothers you.”

As Nic pours them champagne, Eric gawks while drinking red wine. Talk turns to Chloe leaving town and Nic delivers the hot gossip.

Nicole looks at Sloan. “I’ll have what she’s having.”

EJ thinks she means the steak.

eric drinking Days recaps soaps spoilers

The waitress says she got the last one, and while Sloan feeds Eric bits of steak, Nicole asks why they don’t just take it back to her place.

EJ’s sure they will. Nicole has a hard time eating and watching the PDA at the other table.

EJ can’t eat either. He has a headache. She feels his forehead, making Eric jealous.

She wonders if her hangover was a virus she gave him. Eric suddenly needs more wine.

He left his glasses in the car and runs into Nicole who is getting EJ painkillers.

Eric was worried about her after she fainted in the park. She reassures him she’s fine and asks how he is.

He’s fine but she is surprised since the funeral is tomorrow.

They head back to their tables without the painkillers or his glasses.

ej and nicole pours champagne valentines day Days recaps soaps spoilers

Johnny runs into Tripp at Horton Square.

He says the flowers he has are for Wendy.

Tripp hopes he didn’t screw up their date last night.

His brother was playing matchmaker. Johnny asks if he’s into her.

johnny and tripp days recaps

Li sits alone at Salem Inn drinking when Wendy shows up.

He was hoping she was Gabi and his sister says he blew it with her.

He has to start small. Be her friend and take things slow.

li and wendy salem inn days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Wendy leaves Salem Inn and shows up behind Johnny.

Tripp takes off and Johnny gives Wendy the flowers.

She finds it sweet.

johnny flowers for wendy Days recaps soaps spoilers

In the DiMera manse, Gabi’s shocked that Stefan called her Chloe when he pronounced his love for her.

Stefan didn’t realize it but he’s worried about Chloe.

He called her earlier and she’s not responsive.

Gabi’s angry that she’s the second choice.

gabi shocked stefan calls her chloe Days recaps soaps spoilers

He tries to tell her that her name in his contact first comes first but H comes before L, Gabi points out.

She starts yelling. If Chloe picked up, would he have bothered to call her?

Was he going to invite them both out? Did he think she wanted a threesome? He says no and then rethinks that.

“Unless you’re into that.” She’s not and calls him a pig before tossing her wine at him. He hollers at her for what she did.

She can’t believe she was going to sleep with him tonight. He hurriedly takes his shirt off.

She says it’s hard to focus on him loving her when he loves Chloe, too. Stefan says he really does love her.

She tells him when he decides she’s the only woman, call her. She stomps out.

stefan wine from gabi Days recaps soaps spoilers


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Steve lays next to about eight empty bottles of beer in the living room, fast asleep.

He opens his eyes and sees Kayla.

steve passed out Days recaps soaps spoilers

She had to see him on their anniversary.

They proclaim their love but Steve thinks this isn’t real.

He had too much to drink.

She says she’s real and they make out.

steve sees kayla Days recaps soaps spoilers

She tells him what happened in the Great Beyond that Nick tricked her into signing away her soul.

Someone needs to help them. He’s confused.

He would but Heaven isn’t supposed to be a place of corruption.

kayla and steve Days recaps soaps spoilers

Tripp arrives and wakes Steve up. He tells his son about Kayla and Tripp says it was just a dream.

Tripp cleans the empties and Steve wonders why he’s not on a date.

He says Wendy has plans.

Tripp gets his dad some Gatorade or something and he becomes overcome, thanking his son.

Tomorrow will be a hard one and Tripp goes off to sleep while Steve reminisces alone about his love for Kayla and one of their last weddings.

He wonders where she is and says he’d go to the ends of the earth for her.

He vows as usual to love her til the end of time. He cries. “Happy anniversary, Sweetness.”

steve upset wife dead Days recaps soaps spoilers

Wendy and Johnny arrive at the DiMera manse and watch as Stefan scrubs his wine-covered shirt in the living room.

He tells them what happened. “Dude. You really called her Chloe?” Wendy and Johnny say it’s Li and Rolf’s fault.

Wendy insists that the feelings for Chloe are Rolf’s idea.

They can make them disappear. Stefan isn’t sure he wants them to.

stefan wendy and johnny home Days recaps soaps spoilers

Gabi arrives at Li’s room and asks if his dinner invitation is still on.

He says it is and lets her in with a grin. He tells her he’ll grant her a divorce, remembering his sister’s words about being Gabi’s friend.

He offers to order dinner but she’s in thought. He asks why she isn’t with Stefan.

She says they were about to have sex when he called her Chloe.

Li breaks up into laughter. He can’t stop and it’s upsetting to her. She blames him for playing God with Stefan.

He did because he’s crazy for her. If Rolf brainwashed him, he’d still be crazy in love with her.

It makes him sick that Stefan’s playing her against Chloe. “If I went a little overboard that’s why.”

She says, “A little overboard,” taking a drink of wine. She decides to stay.

gabi visits li Days recaps soaps spoilers

Sloan and Eric arrive at her place and she offers sex.

He’s down for it and wants to forget everything.

They kiss. She moans into his mouth.

sloan and eric her house valentines days recap

Nic and EJ have crept past the drama in the DiMera living room.

He overheard her and Eric talking about her fainting in the park. She didn’t tell him.

If they had sex that night he would have felt like a cad.

She calls him a gentleman. He calls her lovely and desirable.

They start kissing and she drags him into her room.

ej and nicole ejole kissing valentines day soaps spoilers days recaps

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