Eric’s Jealous Watching EJ & Nicole Get Closer After Cheating Death, and After Ava’s Arrested She Demands Xander Help Her Escape

Days of our Lives recap for Monday, December 19, 2022.  

In today’s Days episode, the explosion caused a lot of damage, John came close to getting Kristen to reveal her secret, Eric saw EJ and Nicole getting cozy and Ava was arrested for attempted murder.

In the last Days recap, Brady and Stefan locked horns over Chloe, John manipulated Kristen, and Ava warned Tripp about the bomb just before it detonated.

Everyone is shocked to see Ava at Susan’s memorial, as she desperately tries to hustle Tripp out of the church before the bomb goes off.

Tripp refuses to leave until his mom explains what’s going on. She blurts out that there’s a bomb.

Ava reaches under the altar to get to said bomb, but there are only seconds left on the timer.

“Tripp, run!” Ava screams and all hell breaks loose.


bomb on days 2022 days Monday December 19 recap soapsspoilers

The explosion leaves the church in rubble with small fires burning. Bodies are strewn over the wreckage.

Tripp is the first to come to. EJ wakes up next, with a bleeding gash on his forehead.

ej after bombing days of our lives

“John Roman!” EJ yells and Johnny wakes up. He’s concerned about his father’s wound.

Johnny yells for his grandma and Marlena awakens. 

Everyone scans the scene for Nicole. She calls out and EJ rushes to her side.

Nicole thinks she must have landed on her arm because it hurts like hell. She lays back against EJ.

Tripp calls out for his mother. He finds Ava, but she’s not breathing.

Tripp does CPR on Ava, but she’s unresponsive. Marlena helps and finds a pulse.

blast at church days of our lives

Everyone goes to leave the scene, but Nicole realizes her leg is stuck under a fallen beam.

The menfolk try to lift the beam, but it’s too heavy. Just then, a bit more rubble falls on everyone.

Nicole encourages everyone to leave and save themselves.

Marlena joins in and they lift the beam enough to free Nicole. Everyone starts leaving the disaster area.

Tripp asks Johnny for his help moving Ava out. Johnny agrees to help save the woman who caused all of this, in the selfless spirit of Susan Banks.

The two lift Ava and carry her out.


In Horton Square, Brady and Eric hear the explosion at the church. Brady thinks it might be thunder.

“Let’s get back to the bomb you just dropped,” Eric says.

Eric asks his brother to explain how Kristen blackmailed Brady into breaking up with Chloe. 

Eric wants to know what Kristen is holding over Brady’s head.

eric talks to brady about kristen days

Brady refuses to answer and Eric refuses to stop asking.

Brady reminds Eric that he has other things to focus on, like being single and unemployed.

Eric is relentless and demands to know who Kristen is threatening.

“Your mother, Kate, Kayla” Brady finally says.

brady reveals secret to eric days of our lives

He goes on to explain that if he doesn’t do what Kristen wants, all three women will die.

The brothers sit down on Tom and Alice’s bench and Brady tells Eric everything about Kristen and the life-saving orchid.

Eric asks if Brady and Kristen are back together. Brady says they’re just living together per Kristen’s demands.

Brady says that he must stay with her because Kristen said the women will need a second does from the orchid by New Year’s. Eric isn’t sure he believes that.

Brady reminds Eric that he needs to keep this all to himself. 

Eric agrees but promises they’ll find a way to keep Kristen from hurting the people they love.

eric in shock learning secret days


John and Kristen are sitting on Marlena’s couch and drinking beer, while John convinces his former lover that he and Marlena have been arguing about his support of Kristen.

He reminds the ex-nun that confession is good for the soul. Kristen still seems to be buying John’s story.

John asks Kristen what is waiting so heavily on her conscience. She tells him that all the bad things she’s done were for the right reasons.

John tells her she has a good spirit and a big heart, but sometimes people like her hurt others without meaning to.

Kristen says it’s true and all she wants is a loving family. What Kristen wants most is to be a loving wife and a devoted mother to Rachel.

Kristen thanks John for the kind words about her “big heart,” but thinks he’s the only person on the planet who sees her that way.

John tells her that other people don’t know her like he does.

kristen and john talk parenthood days

“Right back at ya,” Kristen says. “John, you’re a good man.”

John says he’s there for Kristen, whenever she wants to talk. 

Kristen announces it’s time to pick up Rachel.

Kristen grabs her coat and heads out the door, but not before thanking John for the talk and the understanding.

After Kristen leaves, John calls Marlena. 

The call goes to voicemail, so John leaves a message detailing his conversation with Kristen and that he didn’t find out what she’s hiding.

John says he’s even more determined to find out what Kristen is holding over Brady.

john calls marlena DOOL


Rafe drinks a beer at the Brady Pub, alone. Steve walks in and joins the police commissioner, offering to buy the next round.

Steve wants an update on the case against EJ for kidnapping Tripp.

Rafe tells him there’s nothing new to report.

Steve reminds him that Tripp could have been killed. He’s not happy that EJ could get away with it.

Rafe says he wants to put EJ away as much as Steve does, maybe more.

“More?” Steve asks. “Why more?”

Rafe fumbles his words, but it doesn’t take long for Steve to see this is personal for Rafe.

Rafe admits that he just found out that Nicole has moved in with EJ.

rafe and steve drink at the pub DAYS

Steve offers his sympathies. Rafe tells him he feels especially humiliated his marriage was so short-lived, but he realizes that it’s all for the best.

“You almost sound convincing,” Steve says.

Rafe stands up to leave as Steve’s phone rings.

It’s Kayla calling. She tells Steve about Tripp coming back to Salem and her fear he’s going to confront EJ about Ava’s “death.”

Steve wants to head to the DiMera mansion and Rafe agrees to come with. 

Just then, Rafe’s phone rings. Rafe gets the news Tripp has brought a very much alive Ava into the hospital.

steve and rafe at the pub days of our lives recaps


Sarah is reviewing a patient file as she steps off the hospital elevator.

“Surprise!” yells Xander and a group of doctors and nurses.

sarah birthday party hospital DOOL

It’s Sarah’s birthday. Xander whips out a cake with a candle for Sarah to make a wish on.

Sarah blows the candle out. Everyone is all smiles as they dig into the birthday cake.

Xander asks Sarah what she wished for. She admits she wished for him to forgive her for accusing him of being the clown kidnapper.

A nervous Xander reminds his wife she already apologized and doesn’t need to again.

xander with cake for sarah days of our lives recaps

A nurse interrupts with a question for Sarah, leaving Xander to his thoughts. When Sarah turns back to him, he tells her there’s something she needs to know.

Just then, Sarah’s phone buzzes with the news victims of the explosion are being brought to the hospital. She dashes off before Xander can confess.


Brady returns home to John and Marlena’s place. John immediately sees his son needs to talk.

Brady tells John he just ran into Eric and updates him on his brother’s situation.

Just then, a livid Kristen walks in with the news Nicole is living with EJ. She’s got the same low opinion of Nicole others have.

Marlena walks in, still filthy and disheveled from the explosion.

brady tells john about eric DOOL

She shares the whole sordid tale of the bomb with everyone and that Johnny is at the hospital with EJ.

Kristen says she’s surprised EJ didn’t get struck by lightning when he entered the church, but no one’s laughing.

When John kisses Marlena, Kristen brings up the alleged fight they had about her. Marlena looks confused, but Kristen thinks she’s just denying it.

“Here we are just a few days before Christmas and your evil ice queen stepmother wanted to kick me out into the cold,” Kristen tells Brady.

Kristen goes on to ask if Brady wants the mother of his child to be kicked to the curb. 

Of course, Brady sticks up for her and Kristen is thrilled.

“Then it’s settled,” she smiles. “I’m staying!”

Marlena remains stone-faced as Kristen leaves the room.

jarlena hug on days after the bombing


EJ and Johnny emerge from the elevator at the hospital. Johnny wants his dad to get his wound looked at, but EJ needs to find Nicole.

EJ runs off and leaves Johnny in the waiting area.

Xander sees Johnny, who tells him all about the explosion and the news that Ava is alive.

Tripp coughs while asking Ava to come to in a private hospital room.  

Ava awakens.

She’s relieved they’re both alive, but Tripp wants to know why she planted a bomb that could kill innocent people.

tripp with ava hospitalized days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

“I’d like to know that answer to that, too,” Rafe says as he walks in with Steve.

Steve and Tripp embrace. Tripp assures his dad he’s fine, despite the nagging cough.

Steve wants him to get checked out, but Tripp doesn’t want to leave Ava’s side.

Rafe tells him not to worry and promptly puts Ava under arrest for five counts of attempted murder.

rafe hernandez arrests ava vitali on days of our lives december 19 2022

The former lovers exchange barbs as he handcuffs her before Tripp interrupts to take his mom’s side and cough some more.

Steve demands Tripp see a doctor right now. They leave the room.

Rafe gleefully taunts Ava and tells her that she’s going away for a very long time.

“We’ll see about that,” she says.

Sarah examines Nicole in another hospital room. She doesn’t think Nicole’s arm is broken but will order some X-rays to be sure.

Sarah reminds Nicole how lucky she is to have survived. EJ walks in and echoes the sentiment.

nicole hospitalized days of our lives recap

Sarah puts a bandage on EJ’s wound and declares she sees no sign of a concussion. She leaves the room.

EJ sits next to Nicole’s bed and asks how she is. She admits when she was trapped under the beam, she thought the roof would fall in on her.

EJ embraces Nicole just as Eric walks in.

Eric is relieved to hear Nicole is okay but less thrilled to hear she’ll be going home with EJ to recover.

“Thanks for coming,” EJ says in a dismissive tone.

Eric and Nicole silently share a look before he walks out.

eric at hospital to see nicole after the bomb days of our lives

Eric watches from the window as EJ and Nicole get cozy.

Rafe walks off the elevator and asks Eric how Nicole is doing.

Eric tells Rafe Nicole is doing great and EJ is taking care of her now and walks away.

eric and rafe jealously watch ej with nicole at hospital days

Sarah goes into the hospital waiting room and tells Johnny that EJ and Nicole will be okay.

Johnny thanks her for taking care of them and asks her about the birthday balloons.

Sarah admits it’s her birthday and that Xander surprised her with the balloons and cake. 

She asks Johnny if he’s seen Xander. He says Xander just left after finding out Ava is alive.

sarah sees johnny hospital days

Xander slips into Ava’s hospital room. She awakens and gives him a creepy smile.

“Just like old times, isn’t it,” she says.

Ava informs Xander he’s going to bust her out of the hospital or she’ll tell Sarah everything about Xander being the kidnapper.

xander threatened by ava days

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