Eric Admits to Nicole he has Regrets, Stefan’s Deprogramming Ends With Brady Doing Chest Compressions on Stefan and Getting Arrested

Days of our Lives recap for Tuesday, February 28, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Chloe returns to Salem, Eric and Nicole admit they’ve been thinking about one another, Tripp, Li and Gabi move in with Wendy, and Stefan goes free.

In the last Days recap, Nicole celebrated 25 years in Salem, Abe and Paulina talked about their future, and Megan explained how she set everyone up to think the three women had died, that Kate’s ashes were a goat, and she used one of the Marlena clones for Marlena’s casket.

At the park, Nicole tells Eric she’s been thinking about him. They met 25 years ago today.

He remembers and admits he’s been thinking of her a lot.

nicole and eric 25 year anniversary salem days of our lives recaps

He was telling his dad about the day they met and he’s rooting for them to reunite.

That surprises Nicole, especially since he has a girlfriend. Eric scoffs at that. Sloan.

Eric says she’s not his girlfriend. They’re not seeing one another anymore. He says he betrayed Sloan’s trust trying to help Brady.

“Good on you,” Nicole says. Eric says he and Sloan weren’t serious. Nic says he’s available and Eric says, “And you aren’t.” She admits she’s not.

He gets up to go and she asks why he talked about her. He tells her he’s hurting about his mom. Her phone buzzes. She asks if he has regrets.

eric and nicole at the park days of our lives recaps

“You know I do,” he says. Her phone buzzes again. “It’s him isn’t it.” She sighs and says yes. It could be about Holly.

“Oh, that’s right. You live together like one big happy family.” He asks her if she has ideas on which DiMera stole the orchid.

She says if she did she’d have told him. He takes off.

nicole days of our lives recaps

Tripp visits Wendy at the apartment.

They talk about how they’re coping, how Steve’s not doing well and Li’s arrest.

She says he’s banking on Gabi forgiving him. She fills him in on this being a three-bedroom apartment and Chanel moved in with Paulina and Allie moved to New Zealand.

Tripp offers to move in. He just got a job at University Hospital as an attending doctor.

She congratulates him and they agree he can move in there but they need a third. He asks about Johnny.

She shrugs. He won’t care. Tripp makes her pasta.

wendy and tripp apartment days of our lives recaps

Rafe visits Li in the interrogation room at SPD. He tells her he did what he did because he loves Gabi.

He believes she’ll forgive him. Rafe snorts. Gabi’s a grudge holder as is Melinda Trask.

He’s not going anywhere. Li says she has to make the charges stick in court.

Rafe says Rolf rolled on him big time.

li at spd after arrest days of our lives recaps

He asks him to plead guilty and slides over a pad of paper and a pen, then details what they have on him but he gets nothing.

Sloan waltzes in and stops the proceedings.

sloan wants li client days of our lives recaps

Gabi reads the news about Li’s arrest and bumps into Chloe who is back in Salem.

She tells Gabi she was visiting her son in boarding school.

They admit Stefan called them both on Valentine’s Day.

chloe and gabi talk about li arrest days of our lives recaps

Gabi confesses she went out with him and he called her Chloe’s name.

“Ouch,” Chloe says with a grimace. Gabi says he’s all Chloe’s. She’s sticking with Li who made her an offer she couldn’t refuse.

She tells Chloe about the deal. She’ll use Stefan to get all the shares and Li will be in jail for six months.

Li comes up behind her and she’s surprised he’s out.

gabi sees chloe days of our lives recaps

In Eric’s room at the pub, Stefan’s exhausted, looking at Chloe’s photos.

Brady appears and tells Rolf his chowder is in the hall.

They’ll begin again when the equipment is ready.

It needs to cool another sixteen degrees or there’ll be more brownouts.

stefan and rolf days of our lives recaps

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He doesn’t want a visit from ex-commissioner Brady.

Brady tells him Roman thinks it’s Kate trying to get a message from beyond to him, which tickles Rolf.

Stefan wants to be let go. This isn’t working. He still loves both women.

He threatens to scream and Brady gets the gag so Stefan says he won’t do it.

rolf days of our lives recaps

“This is not you. Is this really how you want to get Chloe back?”

What does he think she’d do if she found out what he was doing in the name of love.

Brady sighs, looking at Chloe’s photos.

He tells Rolf the system must be cool.

They fit Stefan with some at made of tongs and wrap it in a bandage before Brady presses a button and Stefan gets cooked. 

stefan gets deprogrammed days of our lives recaps

Finally, Stefan passes out and Rolf begs Brady to stop. “You don’t know what you might be doing to him.”

He puts his head on Stefan’s chest and calls Brady an ignorant fool. “You’ve killed him.” Rolf takes off.

Brady can’t find a pulse and starts chest compressions. He goes in for mouth-to-mouth and Stefan yells in his mouth.

chloe photos days of our lives recaps

“Thank God you’re alive,” Brady says. They hear pounding. Rafe’s outside. Stefan yells and Rafe busts into the room.

He helps Stefan to his feet while outside, Rolf grabs the clam chowder and dashes outside where Sloan is.

rolf saves stefan days of our lives recaps

She warns that the cops are looking for him.

Li Shin is still looking to set him up in a lab. Rolf doesn’t trust her or Li, but will accept.

She leads him off.

sloan deal with rolf days of our lives recaps

Back in Eric’s room, Rafe has arrested Brady for kidnapping. Eric appears. “You’re next,” he says.

rafe arrests brady days of our lives recaps

Li and Gabi show up at Wendy’s to tell her they’re moving in.

li and gabi move into wendy's days of our lives recaps


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