Eric Betrays Sloan and Gets Rolf Released While Brady Prepares Stefan for Deprogramming While EJ Realizes Stefan’s Been Drugging Him

Days of our Lives recap for Wednesday, February 22, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Johnny and Wendy make a curious discovery, and Gabi is shocked by Li’s proposal.

In the last Days recap, Brady grew suspicious of Sloan and rifled through her things, Gabi questioned Rafe about his feelings for Jada, and Li gave Gabi DiMera shares while Johnny found the drug Stefan used to poison EJ with.

EJ and Nicole finish having sex she marvels at his energy level. “Thanks to you,” he says, kissing her. He’s feeling better than earlier.

He talks about feeling he was in a fog during that interview. He had no filter.

He starts thinking of Eric, which makes her think she’s lost her touch. He denies that with a kiss. He wonders if she’s thinking of Eric.

ej and nicole sex days recaps

EJ reminds her they were taking things one day at a time but things heated up when they ran into “Eric and his paramour on Valentine’s Day.”

EJ asks if she’d be in his bed if they didn’t run into them. She admits it’s true. If Eric hadn’t jumped into Sloan’s bed, she probably wouldn’t be there.

She’s not with him to hurt Eric. If she wanted to, she would sleep with Brady to get to Eric. EJ says it sounds like she wants to. Nicole doesn’t want to.

She wants Chloe with Brady. She thinks they’re destined.

EJ asks, “Like you and Eric?” Nicole thinks she and EJ are more compatible than she and Eric. EJ accepts her for who he is and doesn’t make her feel guilty.

She’s extremely attracted to him. They make out loudly. He thinks casual sex is fine under normal circumstances but it doesn’t work for the two of them.

Not anymore, because of their history.

ej sex nicole dimera bed days recaps

Eric strolls into SPD to see Rolf. Rafe refuses. Eric thinks it’s because of his personal issues with him.

Jada says Rafe’s the commissioner. He can do what he wants. Rafe’s curious and asks why he wants to see him.

Eric doesn’t owe him an explanation. Jada steps in again. If he tells him, Rafe might let him in. Rafe thinks Eric has vigilante justice in mind.

rafe snarky spd days of our lives recaps

It’s not happening. Rafe will only let Sloan in. Eric claims he works for Sloan as a paralegal.

Rafe laughs. What are his qualifications? Eric lies. “As a former priest, it required a broad skillset.” Rafe snorts.

“Yeah like maintaining celibacy. Failed at that one.” Eric ignores his taunts and Jade says if he denies Rolf access to council, it destroys their case. Rafe gives Eric twenty minutes.

rafe and eric spd Days recaps

In the interrogation room, Eric shows Rolf his statement. He didn’t sign it.

Rolf says that he was advised not to. He doesn’t want Kristen to come after him.

Eric tries to convince him to sign.

He thinks that Sloan’s working for Li Shin. Rolf’s surprised. Eric calls it a conflict of interest. Her other client would be screwed if he signs.

rolf with eric days of our lives recaps

Eric says DA Trask signed off on his plea deal if he signs. Rofl’s shocked. Nobody told him. Eric asks him to sign and he’ll have him released now.

Moments later, Rafe takes a call and explodes about ‘him’ being released. Eric saunters in and Rafe asks what the hell Eric did. He got Rolf released. He asks if he lied about working for Sloan.

“You’re welcome,” is all he says. Rolf is released into Eric’s care and wants to go back to his lab but Eric says to wait on that. Meanwhile, Rafe bitches to Jada who says to focus on getting Li Shin into custody.

eric and rafe days of our lives recaps

Brady meets Stefan in the park. He used a burner phone to spoof Chloe’s number so Stefan would meet him.

Stefan worries about Chloe. Brady says she’s fine, physically but not emotionally. He needs to get Chloe out of his head once and for all. Stefan loves her and knows Brady just wants her for himself.

They argue about Stefan stringing them along.

brady yells stefan days of our lives recaps

Chloe never would have given him a second look if he wasn’t forced to break up with him. He thinks Stefan and Gabi’s relationship is the best he’s ever had just like Brady’s is with Chloe.

Brady reveals he’s working on getting Rolf out of jail so he can complete the deprogramming. Stefan reminds him his equipment malfunctioned the last time he tried.

He doesn’t want to repeat that experience. They agree he can’t continue like this but he wants to work through it naturally. Stefan says they wouldn’t be in this predicament if he didn’t dump Chloe for Kristen.

Brady sighs. He’s missing his point. He grabs Stefan in a chokehold and chokes him out cold. He’s sorry but Stefan’s stubborn. He drags his body away.

brady chokes stefan out days of our lives recaps

At Li’s suite in Salem Inn, Gabi asks what the catch is. Why did he give her his DiMera shares? He wants to make up for what he did to her.

He said there was no catch but then later asks her to stay married to him. They argue. He knows Stefan loves her but he loves her more. He asks her to give him six months to change her mind about divorcing him.

She thinks he’s crazy but he thinks if she does this, she can get rid of EJ. He knows she wants back in charge. Gabi says once she and Stefan reunite, they’ll run DiMera together.

“Unless he wants to run it with Chloe Lane.” Gabi snarks. Li’s sorry. His lawyer told him he could contest this for years.

Gabi agrees to take the deal and wants it in writing. He has it written up and wants to seal the deal with a shake.

gabi gets dimera stock Days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

At DiMera, Johnny and Wendy assume that the vial he found has an illegal drug inside. Wendy wants to investigate it.

They discuss it being part of Stefan’s brainwashing but push that aside. Johnny knows his dad screwed up at work and the stock price plummeted. Maybe he’s using. He used to sell drugs years ago with Clyde Weston.

She knows Weston killed Abby and is shocked. Was EJ a kingpin? Johnny doesn’t know. He was just a kid. EJ’s been going through a hard time with his mom, his aunt, and his mother’s loss.

It could explain why he’d use. He’s not sure what to do about it but takes the vial and goes.

wendy looks at vial with johnny days of our lives recaps

Back at DiMera in EJ’s bed, Feelings are being reawakened. If she wants a no strings attached fling, then it’s best they put an end to this. She asks him to enjoy the ride and see where it goes. They kiss.

He likes that. They make out and someone comes to the door. They put robes on and EJ lets Johnny in. He shows them the vial and asks if his dad’s using.

EJ’s not and blows up. He takes the vial and convinces Johnny he has never taken drugs. Later, downstairs, Johnny calls Wendy and says the vial isn’t EJ’s.

wendy at dimera days of our lives recaps

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Back upstairs, EJ and Nicole start to wonder if Stefan is drugging EJ.

ej worries stefan drugging him days of our lives recaps

Brady has Stefan tied up in Eric’s bedroom above the pub.

stefan and brady days of our lives recaps

Stefan asks why he’s there.

Eric shows up with Rolf and it’s clear they’ll be deprogramming him.

eric rolf and brady ready deprogram stefan days of our lives recaps

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