Eric is Arrested for Assault, Brady Has a Hard Time Rejecting Kristen’s Advances, and Leo & Sonny Get Closer After Sonny Gets Bad News From Will

Days of our Lives recap for Monday, December 5, 2022.  

In today’s Days episode, a drunken Eric assaults EJ and Shawn, Kristen works her wiles on Brady, Stephanie works with Alex and Chad to save Paulina, and Leo supports Sonny after a disappointing phone call from Will.

In the last Days recap, John and Marlena worried about Kristen manipulating Brady, while EJ and Nicole drowned their sorrows.

eric is arrested days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

EJ and Nicole drink together at Small Bar. They’ve both had a few, so EJ offers to take Nicole home. She rejects that idea.

EJ assures her that he was only offering her one of the many rooms at the DiMera mansion to spend the night in – by herself.

Nicole is surprised at EJ’s kindness and agrees to go home with him. When they stand up to leave, she drunkenly stumbles. 

EJ puts his arm around Nicole to help her up — just as Eric walks into the bar and sees them together.

“God, give me strength,” Nicole says just before Eric demands to know what she and EJ are doing together.

EJ says he’s taking Nicole home with him. Eric seems not to understand so Nicole repeats it.

Eric asks if Nicole is drunk.

nicole and ej at small bar days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

“Passing judgement, Eric?” EJ interrupts. ”Whew! How out of character.”

Eric ignores him and asks Nicole if she’s drunk and going home with EJ, who tries to say something before Eric tells him to stay out of it.

Eric reminds Nicole that the last time this happened, she slept with Xander.

Nicole tells him that there’s no need to worry about her marriage or her reputation, since she no longer has either.

Eric and EJ exchange more words until Eric asks Nicole “What’s wrong with you?”

The look on Nicole’s face says that Eric has gone too far. She tells him to just go ahead and call her a slut.

eric barks at nicole in small bar days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Eric says he’s not calling her anything. He’s just concerned that her sleeping with EJ is a bad choice.

Nicole reminds Eric that she no longer has a home because she blew up her marriage to be with him and now she’s sleeping in her office.

Tonight, she’s going home with EJ to sleep in his guest bedroom.

Nicole says Eric hates her because he thinks she talked Jada into having an abortion, which he denies.

When EJ tries to steer Nicole away from Eric, Eric gives EJ a hard push.

“Get your hands off her!” the former priest yells.

ej angry when eric assaults him days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers


At the Salem PD station, Belle walks in as Shawn finishes a phone call.

Belle tells him she was unsuccessful in her negotiations with DA Melinda Trask, who plans on charging Paulina with crimes related to her cover-up of Martha Bedford’s death by Chanel’s hands.

Melinda has decided to hold Paulina, who was just elected governor, in custody for further questioning.

Shawn is disgusted and comments that Melinda just loves seeing her own name on the front page of the newspapers.

Belle says Paulina thinks she can handle whatever Sloan and Melinda dish out.

Shawn says Belle has her work cut out for her. Belle thinks Stephanie is in for the real challenge in trying to spin Paulina’s latest perils.

Shawn bemoans the fact that there are so many bad guys to catch but he’s having to arrest good people like Paulina and Chanel.

Belle reminds him he has tomorrow off to relax and regroup, but Shawn says he’ll be working since Jada is taking a couple of days off for medical leave after a procedure.

belle and shawn at  spd days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Belle wants to know what kind of procedure.

Shawn says he doesn’t know and that it’s none of his business.

Belle tells him Jada is pregnant with her brother Eric’s baby. The two wonder what kind of procedure a pregnant woman would be having.

Shawn wonders if Jada had an abortion. Belle makes a face and assures him Jada told Eric she was having the baby.

Shawn says Jada told him she and Eric broke up, but Belle says that won’t get in the way of them raising the baby together.

Belle says she’ll call Eric tomorrow. Shawn suggests they have a drink at Small Bar and they leave the police station.

shawn and belle at salem police department days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers


Chad and Stephanie embrace in Paulina’s conference room when Alex walks in.

Stephanie is glad to see him but oblivious to the look on Alex’s face. She cancelled their date because she was busy with work, so Alex brought her Chinese takeout for dinner.

Chad tells him it’s not what it looks like. Stephanie says she was hugging Chad to show him how grateful she is for his help.

Stephanie explains the latest news about Paulina’s arrest to Alex. She says it’s just a ploy by Melinda to keep Paulina’s name in the headlines.

Stephanie goes on to say she and Chad are wrestling with a press statement and Alex volunteers to have a look at it.

chad hugs stephanie days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers


Alex points out that Chanel is his friend and he helped steal the evidence from Sloane.

Stephanie reads their revised statement for Paulina. Chad thinks the statement is good and ready to send.

Alex disagrees. He thinks Paulina needs to go on the offensive and not run away from the accusations.

Alex suggests that the only thing Paulina is guilty of is doing anything to protect her daughter.

Stephanie says he’s just given her a great idea. Alex looks pleased with himself and Chad looks annoyed.

The trio looks at the press release again and agree that it’s still missing something. Chad thinks it’s missing one thing – Paulina’s voice. 

Stephanie makes some changes and Alex thinks it’s perfect.

Chad looks annoyed again, but they make a canned soda toast to teamwork.

“I always said that three heads are better than two,” Alex jokes.

Alex and Stephanie share fortune cookies. Alex gets the “trapped in a fortune cookie factory” one, while Stephanie’s fortune says “You’re looking at the man of your dreams.”

She smiles coyly at a very satisfied Alex.

stephanie grateful to alex days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Chad looks annoyed yet again. He announces that he needs to get home. Stephanie thanks him for working late.

Chad leaves.

Stephanie apologizes to Alex for missing their date. He asks for a raincheck.

“Sounds good to me,” she says and they kiss.

Chad returns for his coat and gets an eyeful of Alex and Stephanie making out.

chad sees alex and steph kiss days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers


Leo and Sonny sit on Maggie’s couch in the Kiriakis living room. Sonny has his laptop open and is helping Leo with his job search.

Leo says he understands why Sonny can’t give him a job at Titan, but wonders if his new friend could give him a reference.

Sonny gives him a silent look that clearly says no.

Since Paulina won’t give Leo a reference either, Sonny says they have their work cut out for them.

Leo tells Sonny that he’s thankful for the help, to which Sonny replies that he has nothing better to do.

Leo asks where the candy dish is and Sonny tells him that Victor is watching his blood sugar.

Leo’s stomach growls. Sonny asks if that was Leo.

leo and sonny search for job on sofa days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

“Either that or a small plane coming in for a landing,” Leo responds.

Sonny asks if Leo had dinner and Leo says he’s on a budget of $0 a day. In fact, he had donuts at an AA meeting for lunch.

Sonny leaves the room to go ask Cook to whip something up.

After he’s gone, Sonny’s phone rings. Leo picks it up.

“Hey, Wilhelmina,” he says. “It’s Leo.”

Leo assures Will that Sonny is fine and is just getting them some food when Sonny walks back into the room.

Sonny grabs the phone and has a one-sided conversation with Will, who reminds Sonny not to trust Leo. Sonny tells him a lot has changed since Will has been gone.

“Can we talk about this when you come home for Christmas,” Sonny asks, but Will has bad news. He won’t be home for the holidays.

leo on a call with will days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Sonny is upset that Will’s work is coming between them again. He’s in tears when he hangs up the phone.

Leo asks why Will isn’t coming home for Christmas. Sonny says he’s making another movie for Peacock and they want him on-set.

Leo thinks it’s odd they’re filming during the holidays and asks Sonny if he thinks Will is lying.

“Of course not,” Sonny says, not sounding entirely convinced.

Leo apologizes for answering Sonny’s phone. He forgot that his very presence is a trigger for Will.

sonny on call with will not coming for christmas days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Leo goes to leave but Sonny asks him to stay for dinner, so he doesn’t have to eat stale donuts again. They head back to the sofa and back on the laptop trying to find Leo a job. Their fingers touch over a bowl of potato chips.

Leo thinks he’s found the perfect job for him! There’s a new listing for a high-paid executive assistant and he meets all the requirements.

“It’s me to a tee!” he says before realizing it is him – the listing is for his replacement with Paulina.

Sonny laughs and tells Leo that Paulina will never find anyone else like him.

“You’re right about that,” Leo says and they smile warmly.

sonny cries since will won't come home days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

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Kristen is alone at John and Marlena’s townhouse. She picks up the Marlena doll that Susan made and starts talking to her little friend.

Kristen admits that she wasn’t dressed up like Susan to go visit EJ. She just wanted Brady to see a softer, caring side of her. Kristen thinks her ruse worked.

Just then, she turns to see Brady standing there listening to what she’s saying to the doll.

Brady says he’s put Rachel to bed. Kristen asks how much he heard. Of her conversation with “Marlena.”

“Just enough to be concerned,” he replies but clearly didn’t hear the good bits.

kristen with marlena's doll days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Kristen puts the doll back on the mantelpiece and asks Brady what he’s so concerned about.

Brady answers that he thinks it’s strange that she’s talking to inanimate objects, but Kristen waves it away as her having spent time playing with Rachel.

Brady says Rachel has texted him her Christmas list. They review it and are surprised to see that it includes Rachel wanting her mommy and daddy to be married.

Brady thinks Kristen put their daughter up to this, but she denies it, saying every kid wants their parents together.

Brady says this is all Kristen’s fault. She’s given Rachel false hope by blackmailing her way into the Black family home.

Kristen reminds Brady she’s got the orchid that’s keeping Marlena, Kate and Kayla alive. So if she wanted to marry Brady, she could make it happen.

Brady asks if that’s what Kristen is going to do, but Kristen denies it. But Brady isn’t buying it.

Kristen reminds him that when she got out of prison, he wouldn’t even look at her. But now they’re living together and raising their daughter. 

Kristen says she has no reason to give Brady ultimatums or force him into something he doesn’t want. She thinks what they had was real – and still is.

Brady challenges Kristen to prove that she cares by giving him the orchid.

brady with kristen in john's townhouse days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Kristen laughs and asks what would keep him from kicking her out and getting back with Chloe the moment he got the orchid.

Brady says he wouldn’t let Rachel see her mother get kicked out of the house and back in prison. Besides, Chloe is with Stefan now.

Kristen points out that she’s happy and Rachel is happy, so isn’t there a little part of Brady that’s happy, too?

brady and kristen talk about the orchid and marriage days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

“Do I look happy,” Brady asks as Kristen runs her hands over his chest. He tells her that he’s not going to just marry her.

Kristen says she’s not that delusional. But maybe they could start by spending the night together?

Kristen pulls out all the stops to seduce Brady, who looks very tempted. They come close to kissing, but Brady pushed her away.

Brady tells her that until she hands over the orchid, nothing will happen between them.

brady's hot for kristen days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers


Back at Small Bar, Eric tells Nicole that she doesn’t have to go home with EJ, who makes some pointed remarks about the living situation at the Brady Pub.

“Where do you suggest I go, Eric?” Nicole asks.

“He probably thinks you should go to hell,” EJ loudly whispers.

Eric tells EJ again to stay out of it. EJ goads him on, encouraging Eric to take a swing.

It only takes a second before Eric pops EJ right in the mouth!

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Nicole asks Eric as she helps EJ to his feet.

eric punches ej days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Just then, Shawn and Belle walk in. 

Shawn asks what’s going on and EJ immediately fingers Eric. Shawn asks Eric if this is true.

“Well, I didn’t push myself to the ground!” an indignant EJ says.

He and Eric begin arguing again and Shawn comes between them.

Shawn tries to guide Eric out of the bar but Eric snaps at him. Belle asks if he’s been drinking.

“Yeah!” Eric says. “I had a drink. So sue me!”

shawn cop face days of our lives reca

Shawn clarifies the situation – Eric had a drink and then drove a car to the bar to drink more.

Shawn again tries to guide Eric out and Eric pushes Shawn to the ground.

Belle helps her husband to his feet and EJ encourages Shawn to make an arrest for assault.

Nicole tries to intercede on Eric’s behalf, but EJ reminds her of what Eric said to her.

Shawn pulls out the cuffs and slaps them on Eric. Shawn takes Eric to SPD while EJ and Nicole leave for his place.

eric smashes shawn days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers


EJ and Nicole walk into the DiMera living room.

Nicole asks if he needs ice for his jaw, but he says what he needs is ice for his scotch.

Nicole refuses EJ’s offer of another drink. He asks how she’s doing.

Nicole says she feels responsible for Eric going off on EJ, but EJ tells her not to blame herself. 

She did nothing wrong and if Eric can’t accept Jada’s choice to have an abortion, that’s his problem.

Nicole admits that she’d do anything to be in Jada’s shoes.

“To be having a baby with Eric?” EJ asks.

Nicole dodges the question. She doesn’t know what to think or how to feel.

She’s surprised that Eric was drinking again after he killed Daniel while drunk driving.

EJ tells her that with his family connections, Eric will get off on tonight’s assault charges with a slap on the wrist. Maybe that will be the wake-up call he needs.

nicole wearing her sundress in winter days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Nicole nods in agreement but looks unsure. They walk into a guest room at the DiMera mansion. EJ hopes the room suits her.

“Well, it has a bed,” Nicole observes. “So, it beats my office by a mile.”

EJ tells her she’s welcome to stay for as long as she needs to, but Nicole thinks that given their history, she shouldn’t stay long.

Nicole sees a photo on the bedside table of EJ and Susan. She realizes this was Susan’s room.

EJ scoops up the photo but Nicole is unsure that she should be sleeping in EJ’s dead mother’s room. 

EJ tells Nicole it’s the nicest of the DiMera guest rooms and he wants her to have it. He exits and closes the door behind him.

Nicole sits down on the bed and looks around. She seems to be bemoaning her fate.

Outside the door, a sorrowful EJ looks at the photo of Susan.

nicole in susan's old room days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers


Shawn and Belle haul a surly and handcuffed Eric into the police station.

Eric demands that Belle do something, but she says she can’t.

He’ll have to stay in jail overnight, but Belle reminds him how lucky he is to not be facing charges for drinking and driving or assaulting a police officer.

A drunken Eric tells his sister he’s not surprised she’s taking EJ’s side since she already slept with him.

Belle is shocked and tells Eric to get his own lawyer. Shawn leads Eric away to the cells.

eric is arrested days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers


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