Chanel is Booked on Murder Charges, While Chad Accuses Leo of Helping Sloan Steal the Price File

Days of our Lives recap for Wednesday, November 9, 2022.  

In today’s Days episode, Chanel is booked, Paulina explains to Abe that she was being blackmailed, and Leo tells Sonny he wants to make amends to the people he has wronged.

In the last Days recap, the show celebrated its 57th anniversary. Julie made a mistake that had her flashing back to stealing a mink from Bartlett’s department store, Sloan learned that Alex stole her files, and Paulina agreed to give Leo an advance to pay Sloan.

Meanwhile, Abe and Paulina won for Mayor and Governor, but Chanel was arrested for murder!

 alice tom talk ceremony DAYS


At The Bistro, Sonny has second thoughts about being out with Leo. Leo says the Chilean Sea Bass is good and expensive, and the sky is the limit. Sonny wonders if he has the money.

Leo explains he has an advance on his pay. Alex appears and Leo uses Sonny as a shield.

Alex is there for Stephanie, who pokes her head up.

They go to their separate tables and Leo admits Alex hurt his feelings, treating him like dirt.

He’s trying to make amends to the people he wronged. Sonny is surprised.

leo wants apologize days

They argue about their sketchy past together with Leo blackmailing Sonny.

Stephanie and Alex watch and he admits he’s not sure what’s going on.

alex date steph DAYS

She asks if it’s a date but Alex assures her that he and Will are solid.

They talk about their win and he comes on strong and then apologizes.

At their own table, Leo admits he regrets things. Sonny doesn’t.

They agree it’s never been boring between them but Sonny points out that Leo always has an angle.

Leo’s hurt by that but used to it. Sonny snorts when Leo says he wants friendship.

sonny regrets nothing days

Leo adores Gwennie but has no gay friends in Salem.

He finds Sonny funny and says he’s hilarious and has been told many times he should do standup. 

Chad arrives at Brady’s pub and sees Sloan drinking a martini. She’s celebrating, which surprises him since Stephanie has the Price file.

sloan martini DAYS

Sloan admits that thanks to Leo, she got into Paulina’s safe and took her file back.

Chad offers to buy it but Sloan’s been humiliated and DA Trask has it now. Chad goes pale and makes a call.

chad gloats DAYS

Melinda Trask hums to herself at SPD. Belle turns up. Melinda says Shawn’s out with an arrest warrant and Trask couldn’t be happier. She says Paulina worked hard at covering up the crime of her daughter.

belle question shawn DAYS

In the square, Chanel tells Shawn there must be a mistake.

Shawn says Trask put him up to this. He reads her rights.

The press asks Governor Price and Mayor Carver if this is true.

shawn arrest chanel DAYS

Paulina starts yelling at Shawn to let her go.

The questions keep coming in and Paulina tells them this is a mistake.

She urges her kid to stay quiet and promises this will be okay.

Shawn takes Chanel away with Allie following and Abe and Paulina go in the other direction.

chanel arrested murder days

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In Paulina’s office, Abe tells her they’re lucky her office is off the square.

This isn’t about Chanel. “It’s about you.”

The reporters would have asked her questions she had no answer for.

paulina secrets DAYS

She looks guilty and he questions her. She thought she had it under control.

He’s not happy she’s keeping secrets.

She reveals Sloan’s blackmail and that Stephanie was handling it.

Paulina can’t find the file in her safe.

Trask must have it and she hates her after she strong-armed her into taking the deal for Lani.

Abe asks what Chanel did and Paulina seems horrified.

abe helps paulina days

Later, she’s told him everything. He can’t believe Chanel’s been carrying this burden around.

Paulina worries he’ll hate her but he could never.

He knows this wasn’t her secret to tell. He’ll do what he can to help her and Chanel.

abe hug paulina days

Back at SPD, Shawn turns up with Belle.

Trask grins happily while Belle worries.

Shawn will explain in a bit. He takes Chanel away.

allie feels helpless days

Allie appears and Belle tells her Chanel’s in booking and that she’s being charged with murder.

Belle’s startled. She’ll help in any way she can.

Downstairs, Chanel’s mugshots are taken.

Shawn returns to the women and Belle explains that they’re going really fast with this so that Melinda will scare Chanel into talking.

chanel booked days

In the interrogation room, Chanel is about to spill the beans when Belle barges in and asks if she wants representation.

Chanel’s disoriented but says yes.

Trask tries to strong-arm her but Belle tells her it’s enough. “She’s my lawyer now,” Chanel says. Trask leaves, reluctantly.

Belle assures her client she’s not alone. Chanel was blindsided.

She says they must have the file which means they’ve everything they need.

Belle tells her not to reveal what’s in it to her just yet.

She relays that in a court of law, it’s about what they can prove is true not what is true.

Outside, Trask starts in on Allie and Shawn asks her to relax. Allie says, “My girlfriend is not a murderer.”

Trask calls it misplaced loyalty.

Allie gets a call from Paulina who tells her to let Chanel know to hang in there, she’s on the way.

Trask returns. Belle wants to see the evidence but it’s too late.

belle talks arrest days

Chanel has to stay in lock-up overnight.

Chanel fights tears as Shawn comes to get her and takes her outside where Allie hugs Chanel.

Trask gets nasty, calling that inappropriate. Allie and Chanel profess their love.

allie and chanel profess love spd DAYS


Back at their table at The Bistro, Steph says she may be ready to date Alex.

This is the best news he’s had this year.

Steph ignores Chad’s call, saying she has something more important to focus on.

Chad shows up, apologetic, but Steph needs to check her phone.

chad interrupt date DAYS

She does so and realizes Chanel’s been arrested. Nearby, Sonny realizes Leo’s being serious.

Leo admits he enjoys scandalizing people because it keeps them at a distance.

Sonny slumps. He’s sorry.

Back at the other table, Chad accuses Leo of doing this to Chanel so Alex jumps up and grabs Leo, demanding the “rat” give him answers. Who does he work for?

Confused, Leo says Paulina Price.

alex call leo rat DAYS

Steph gets Alex to let him go and they question if Sloan was at her office today.

He says yeah, he owed her money.

He explains he opened the safe and counted the money to give to Sloan and closed the safe.

She must have grabbed it when his back was turned. Leo feels bad. Sonny believes he didn’t do it on purpose.

steph asks what leo did days of our lives

 Back at Paulina’s office, Sloan arrives to gloat. Paulina calls her a miserable, heartless cow.

She barges past her to leave.

sloan rubs in her win to paulina Days of our lives

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