Bo Attacks Steve and Knocks Him Out Before Reuniting Him With Kayla, as Marlena Hypnotizes Stephanie

Days of our Lives recap for Monday, April 10, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Bo attacks Steve and knocks him out while Hope and Harris search for Kayla, and Kayla cries as she reads letters Victor wrote to Caroline and Tripp heads to Seattle when Joey has an accident. 

In the last Days recap, Andrew transferred custody of Megan to Shawn at SPD and sparks flew between Harris and Hope in Greece, while Kayla stumbled upon a locked box that had her interest in the cellar, and Steve ran into Bo.

Marlena reads her Margaret Attwood book on the sofa at home when Chad turns up, smiling.

He heard she was alive and needed to see for himself. She’s glad to see him and invites him in.

marlena reads margaret attwood

They talk about Kayla being alive and he wishes Kate had the same fate. He mourns Kate a little and asks after her.

Marlena says that she was alright while she was at the lab they were being kept at.

She kept going after Megan to ask what she was going to do with them.

marlena sees chad again

Doc fills him in on Kate going missing and that they don’t know much else. They heard a gunshot and believe someone shot her.

She knows there was another person there other than Rolf and Megan, but is sorry she doesn’t know who.

Chad thanks her for everything. He’s glad Kate was with her in her last days. They embrace.

chad asks marlena about banks

At Tripp’s place, Stephanie’s on a call and learns Joey’s been in an accident.

He’s fine but banged up.

He cracked a few ribs and broke a leg in two places.

He’s in surgery so she needs to go.

tripp going to seatttle

Tripp decides he’ll go. He has medical expertise.

Steph leaves and Wendy turns up. She sees his luggage and questions him.

wendy learns joey hospital

He explains he’s going to Seattle to care for his brother and fills her in on the rest.

She’s sorry to hear. He kisses her goodbye.

tripp kisses wendy before leaving salem

In the cellar in Victor’s place in Greece, Kayla finds letters to Caroline from Victor that were never opened and returned to sender.

She finds a pair of Harry Potter-style reading glasses by chance, inside the box.

Kay uses them to read Victor telling her mama that he left Salem after what happened between them because he thought it was for the best.

kayla reads letters from victor to caroline

He didn’t want to give away how he felt about her. The desire and love.

Kayla cries as she reads that he was a ticking timebomb that could go off and destroy her life but he couldn’t hurt her family.

He dreams of having a child with her.

Sometimes it’s a boy, sometimes it’s a girl. He writes he wishes she could come to Greece to be with her. Kayla cries.

Victor had invited Caroline there to visit and wished she’d become his wife one day.

kayla reads victor's love letter to caroline

In the Greek police station, Steve runs into Bo and grabs him in a bear hug.

Bo purses his lips as Steve asks why he’s alive, in Greece and posing as Shane Donovan.

Bo lies that he’s working undercover for the ISA and needs to get evidence before he goes.

He tries to leave and Steve stops him. Bo can’t talk.

steve and bo meet again

The operation is sensitive. Steve says to screw that. Kayla’s missing and he’s trying to track Thomas Banks who he and Hope think took Kayla.

Bo refuses to let him call Hope. He confesses he took Kayla. Steve starts yelling, asking where she is and how she is.

Bo says she’s fine. “You think I’d hurt my own sister?”

Steve yells that he didn’t tell anyone she was okay or that he was alive?

bo tries to cut steve on days of our lives recaps

Bo sneers. He doesn’t have time for this. Steve says he can trust him. He grabs him and Bo yells to get off him.

Bo whips out a knife and Steve reminds him they’re best friends.

Bo in turn reminds his old friend he took Steve’s eye.

Bo would never hurt him. Steve asks if he’s sure about that.

bo stabs the wall

He grabs Steve and thrusts him against the wall and stabs out at the wall, then pulls out a gun.

Steve laughs. He’s confused and doesn’t know what happened to him.

He’ll always be his closest friend in the world. Bo knocks him out with the butt of the gun.

bo whips out a gun on steve days recaps

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Bo, pretending again to be Shane Donovan, brings a half out of it Steve to the cop and asks for the prisms. The cop wants an award.

Bo puts a stop to that and the officer hands over the prisms and asks “Shane” what’s with him.

Bo says he was pretending to be his associate. He calls the man a con artist and drags him out.

bo tries to do a brit accent

At the Greek restaurant, a man approaches Hope and Harris with a baseball bat.

He remembers Harris’ face from a tourist’s American newspaper.

He was arrested for multiple crimes. Harris tries to explain things but Constantine tells him to stop it.

constantine tries to hit harris

He thinks Harris is holding Hope against her will and raises the bat.

Hope shows him the more recent news that Harris was found innocent on all charges.

Constantine apologizes. They ask if he’s seen Kayla and show him a photo.

He hasn’t. He’s seen Banks a few years ago.

hope asks constantine if he saw kayla

The man invites them to dine and recalls them being there a year ago, dancing and having a wonderful time. 

Constantine tells them that everyone in the restaurant fell for Hope’s beauty.

Later, he gives them food and Harris tells her Constantine was right about everyone falling for her that night.

Harris loves hope

They eat and some men come and dance for them, and eventually call Hope to the dancefloor.

She dances with them, reluctantly and starts smashing plates and saying, “OPA.”

Harris gets out there with her and they dance and kiss.

hope dances

Chad leaves Marlena’s townhouse and bumps into Stephanie, who explains her mom called her yesterday.

She wants to be hypnotized in case she can remember anything from the call that will allow them to find her.

Marlena puts Steph under and she remembers Kayla saying a name and when Chad asks how it was, it seems to take Stephanie out of it a little.

He feels bad. Doc lifts the hypnosis and Steph remembers her mom saying Victor Kiriakis’s name.

steph wants to be hypnotized by marlena days recaps

Back in Greece, Kayla finishes the letter when Bo drags Steve into the cellar. She gasps. “Steve!”

kayla sees steve for the first time

Bo holds her away from her husband before tossing him on the floor and leaving, letting Kayla kiss Steve and reunite.

steve and kayla reunite

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