Ciara’s Out of Surgery, but Ben’s Health Seems to Be Taking a Nosedive

Monday, March 15, 2020: On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Ben prays for Ciara, Sarah tries to get Kristen to let her go, and Xander begins to worry about his bride-to-be.

Xander wakes up on Alice’s sofa, hoping they didn’t get hookers last night. Julie finds him in his underwear and screams bloody murder. “Jeeze woman, keep it down.” He has a headache. “What is this nude neanderthal doing on my sofa?” Jack rushes down. It’s his wedding day. Last night’s bachelor party might have gotten out of hand and Jack wanted to ensure Xandy made it to his wedding on time. She’s shocked to learn Jack’s his best man and gets judgemental. She tells him to get his clothes on and go and then barks about needing to clean the upholstery. “I might as well just burn this one and buy a comfortable sofa,” she tells him. Xander drags on his clothes and smirks when he sees Julie checking him out. He goes to shower. Jack gets a text and learns Ciara’s alive. Julie is in shock and then thrilled. Jack says he’s holding off on printing the story until the family knows. He asks her not to tell Doug yet until Ciara’s out of surgery. Julie goes to the hospital and Xander reappears in Jennifer’s robe. He wants to apologize to Julie. He notices Sarah hasn’t texted him back and worries. Jack thinks Xander’s a hopeless romantic.

Kristen goes to Sarah in what looks to be another room in the DiMera tunnels. She has breakfast. Sarah tells her today’s her wedding day. She says to untie her and she’ll forget any of this happened. Kristen can’t trust her. She has too many scruples. Sarah begs. Xander is determined. He won’t give up on her. She asks if Kristen will kill her. Kristen says it’d be the easiest but she doesn’t deserve to die. “Neither did Haley Chen,” she points out. Kristen huffs. That was an accident. She thinks about sending her to some island. Sarah thinks she’s nuts. She thinks Xander would look for her but Kristen denies he would if she viciously dumped him before the wedding. Kristen texts Xander that she doesn’t love him anymore. She’s leaving town and asks him not to contact her anymore. Sarah says that won’t work. Xander calls and since Kristen realizes that Sarah won’t cooperate, she doesn’t answer. Sarah tries to reason with Kristen while telling her that unless she’s in front of Xander, he won’t ever believe she doesn’t love him.

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Claire makes some calls about Ciara and then Theo arrives and embraces her. He explains he’s there for the christening and asks if it’s true that Ciara’s alive. Claire tells him all about Evan almost kidnapping her. They catch up. She hasn’t written any songs, she admits and asks about his girlfriend. They broke up, he tells her. She thinks it’s because the girl wasn’t Ciara and he looks down as if that’s not what he was thinking. She talks about falling for a sociopath in Charlie. They hold hands and Theo’s glad Charlie didn’t hurt her. When Theo asks about possible suspects, Claire looks around awkwardly and decides to ask about Ciara. Meanwhile, Ben is at the chapel to pray. Marlena appears. They hug. Ciara’s still in surgery, she tells him. They talk about how Evan has been arrested. Ben starts to cough. She urges him to get examined. He did and tells her all about finding Ciara in the glass room which had been exploded. Afterward, he gets emotional and Marlena comforts him. She’ll come back to him. Marlena talks about her connection to John, which is the same as his to Ciara. “I know she’s feeling your love.” Ben worries about Shawn, who Marlena says is fine. Ben starts coughing up a lung and Marlena’s worried.

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Julie arrives at the hospital and hugs Theo. She learns Ciara’s still in surgery. Meanwhile, in the chapel, Marlena continues to comfort Ben. Claire rushes in. “Ciara’s out of surgery!”

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